Yumi (rev. 2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


It was three o clock in the afternoon. Yumi opened her eyes and squinted because of how bright the lights in the room were.

“Where…” she said as she looked around. Yumi realized she was in a hospital room.

“You’re up already… wow the recovery time was faster than we had originally thought” said a male voice.

Yumi looked at his ID tag that was on his shirt. She only got a glimpse of it but she knew it had to be staff at the hospital. After a few moments a lot of questions came to mind…

“Excuse me… uh… Why am I here… what happened to me?” she asked. The man looked over towards her.

“Good question… according to police you were found in a car that had crashed into a tree. You suffered a head injury we still need to do an MRI. However when you’re up to it we need you to take a test to determine the state of your mind.” replied the Doctor.

“Well can we do it now?” Yumi asked.

“Sure” replied the doctor. The doctor walked out of the room briefly and returned with a binder with a lot of paper in it. The doctor flipped open the book and looked at the index and found what he was looking for a flipped to the page. “Ready?” the doctor asked.

Yumi was beginning to get aggravated but she tried to keep her composure because she knew the people here were trying to help her. She saw the doctor was ready so she propped herself up.

“Ok first I am going to have you recite a ten digit number backwards. 4077044456” the doctor said.

“6544407704” Yumi recited it backwards as the doctor told her to do.

The doctor pulled out an Apple seemingly out of thin air… Yumi was aggravated to the point where she did not care where it came from.

“Yumi what is this that I’m holding in my hand?” the doctor asked while holding the apple in his hand.

 “An Apple” replied Yumi. The doctor was smiling for the sake of being nice Yumi did not want to be rude to him so she forced herself to smile.

“Alright – now that those are done… I am going to give you a form to fill out along with a twenty question test. Ok?” asked the doctor.

“Ok” she replied. Yumi was not fond of tests however it was better than naming random objects and other annoying tasks.

Yumi filled out the form and completed the test and gave it to the doctor when she was done. After two days the results came back and after various other tests the doctor determined she had suffered significant memory loss.

Friends came to visit her however she recognized none of them… her parents came though she remembered them she said that the memories were very faint. Yumi was able to recall everything since the incident perfectly fine but the rest was just a blur.



Submitted: April 14, 2012

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