Life is good, it's never been better.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The longest road trip turns two best friends into something much closer than they expected.

11 long hours had passed, we were lost; the tension between us was unreal.

We had been arguing over playlists, directions, air-con and whether or not it was even legal to drive barefoot (editors note: it is - told her so!).  Not all was lost, even if we were - we decided to keep going wherever the desert road lead us.

As a warm pink glow filled the horizon, we decided we would take a stop at the nearest motel and call it a day. Miles had gone by; emptiness, the barren landscape though beautiful, was getting darker by the minute and the cold shooting straight down my shine.

I pulled over, she placed her head on my shoulder and took a deep sigh. "Leneh, it's been a long day... take a nap and I'll find us somewhere to rest." She nodded slightly and started to breathe softly on my neck. I knew I couldn't keep driving and I should rest but she was leaning on me, how could I move her like that? *Click* - I locked the doors, "love you" I mumbled as I started to drift off.

... something... what is that?

I felt a warm tingling sensation where Leneh rested her head; it was relaxing yet... pain seared through my neck. I felt her hand slowly move down towards my chest, was I dreaming? I've had dreams about her every night without her by my side, surely this is just another one? I thought to myself.

I squinted open my left eye to see her kissing, no, sucking my neck. The pain was real but pain never felt so good before - I didn't know what to do. Paralyzed, I peeked down, she wore a short skirt today... surely it was intentional? Those perfect legs were making it unbearable for me to stay this way - she had even unbutton her blouse to show her bra... I was about to lose control.

She started to softly moan as she slid her hands under my jeans - my limit had been reached.  I pushed her back onto her seat, pushed the seat back and went down on my knees between her legs. She screamed out of sheer surprise then started to giggle, "Take me now, I've been waiting for the longest time..." she moaned with the sexiest twist.

I felt my body heating up, blood rushing up and down I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I stared blankly at her thighs between her skirt before she brushed my cheeks with her knee. I placed my hand on her inner thigh and softly, slowly moved up and down while I started to gently place my lips against her right leg. I knew I was tickling her, she would kick her legs every few seconds but didn't care to complain... I slowly moved my head up and underneath her skirt - it was so euphoric; a warm fuzziness took over as I felt slightly dizzy... it was finally happening. I placed my lips over her panties, it was wet, I poked my tongue and she yelped, "more... I want more" she moaned. I moved my hands out of under her skirt and placed them under her blouse, her smooth, flat stomach was such a turn on - she grabbed my hands and moved them to the side of her breasts, even with her bra on I was getting so hard it was beginning to hurt in my jeans.

I used one hand to pull away at the left side of her panties, she was smoothly shaven and the smell was so enticing - I kissed the top of her slit and slowly started to roll my tongue around. I could hear her breathing get faster and faster, she begged me to keep going as she pushed my head into her, I started to make out with her vagina like a teenager on their first kiss - I couldn't control myself. Out of nowhere she unlocks her door and opens it, stands up - "Get on the fucking seat" she demands, I'm not one to argue, with my mouth covered in her juices, I get off my knees and sit where she was not a moment ago. She grabs my legs and pulls them out of the car door; we haven't even checked if anyone is around us but we don't care, all we know right now is badly we want each other... she unzips my jeans and tries to pull out my cock - it hurts so badly from being tucked away for so long and she can't get it out! I unbutton the top of my jeans and she pulls them off in a single, strong swoop.

She squats down on the ground outside, half naked in the dark and grabs a hold of my manhood and starts to lick the shaft slowly before placing it in her mouth. I can't help but to moan, it feels so good, nothing has ever felt this good before. She starts to suck harder and faster, I need to please her - I MUST please her - I softly grab her head and pull it up to mine and we start to make out, tongues at war with each other while she strokes my cock and I finger her pussy. "I'm going to make you feel so fucking good" I say, I reach over to the headlights and turn them on - good, nobody around and not a sound to be heard. I get out of the car, grab her hand and push her onto the bonnet of my car; her arched back perfectly fitting the shape of the hood like that straight out of a car magazine. She looks so hot it's forcing my hormones to take control over me, I take off her panties and rip off her blouse while she unhooks her bra. My tongue is all over her body like a ravenous beast, I softly play with her nipples as I spread her legs apart - her moaning is turning me on more and more. I kneel down beneath her legs a second time with full access to her slit, I place two fingers inside and slowly penetrate her as she screams in pleasure. "Put it inside me, just fuck me already!" - she knows exactly what I want to hear.

I take off my shirt, turn her over and tease her pussy with my cock from behind, she starts to move her ass up and down begging me to put it in. I slowly start to push it into her as she gulps - the pain is clearly there, but she keeps whispering "fuck me, fuck me" - I keep pushing until it's all the way in. "Ahhh" - she lets out a huge sigh of relief as I feel her body shake... It's time for me to take her to Paradise, I lamely think to myself. As I move in and out of her with the car shaking and making noises with each thrust, I keep thinking of how lucky I am to be screwing the hottest girl I know - it's insane! She begs me to go harder so I go harder, faster and I go faster - I pull my dick out and turn her over, I lick her breasts and we kiss some more. "Do me in the backseat", Lenah moans... "Now!". 

We run to the back of the car, almost tripping over in excitement, I help her lay down as her pussy is exposed to the outside of the car door as I start to penetrate her again. We're both climaxing, I don't want this to end but I know it must sooner or later. I struggle to bend over while I'm fucking her to kiss her neck and she starts to scream louder and louder - suddenly her pussy forces my cock out and I can feel her squirting all over me, I did it! I made her squirt, I feel so happy... I must do it again, I think to myself. I put it back in and start to change how I thrust, pushing my penis down towards the roof while inside of her and she's screaming again - this time I preempted it, I pulled out and put my face between her legs to take it all , in the spirit of the moment that felt like the best thing to do - she loved it, I started to lick her pussy more - she's so wet I can't believe it. I put my throbbing cock back inside her, I'm about to cum. "Cum inside me" Leneh moans, I know I can't do that, I really want to but I'm sure she's just saying that and doesn't mean it. "I want to, but it would look better over your body" I joke, she laughs - phew. "Cum on me, cum all over me so I can squirt one last time" - that pushed my hormones beyond what I thought was capable, I pulled out and as the most insatiable feeling strikes me - I ejaculate all over stomach and breasts with even more reaching her lips and cheeks. I feel so warm and good all over when "Put your dick back in" is yelled at me, I'm still rock hard, so I put it back in and give her even more until she squirts a final time.

I lie down on top of her, we move all the way into the car, close and lock the doors and pant uncontrollably - it felt like I had just won a marathon in the best tag-team duo ever. "I love you so damn much" I struggle to say out loud, "I love you so damn much more" she says back to me with the most beautiful smile. I grab a tissue to wipe her face and lips as we start to calm down... we swap over so she could lie on top of me, fluids + sticky everywhere, we didn't have a care in the world bar each other.

Life is good. It's never been better.

Submitted: May 03, 2015

© Copyright 2021 xodiuu. All rights reserved.

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