My one and only hero

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just something in the way i feel about someone who means alot to me :)

Submitted: August 30, 2008

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Submitted: August 30, 2008



You are my superman

My one and only hero

And i cant explain how

I cant explain why

But i love you

Maybe , its the way

You're the painkiller

I dont overdose on

The only one

I can truly count on

To take the pain away

Or could it be

How you sweep me off my feet

SO easily

And all it takes is you to

Get me right back up

But then the way you get me down

And how i simply could care less

Because all i need is you

To overcome the rest ; of

The way it makes me smile

Even on my downest days

Because you're there

It simply goes away

I love it when you laugh ;

Even if at me

I just love the attention

Which you give to me

I love you at your best

Alos at your worst

Your quick wit makes me smile

But your stuborn ; it makes me

Want to BURST!

What we had was sacred

Nothing can compare

The way you were so sure ,

It made me want to care

Without you ,there would

Be no "me "

I live for you

And i would die for you

I cant add no more

To that

I really , truly, honestly

Forever love you


Even more ........

I completely adore you!

In every possible way

I simply just


Thats where i'll leave it at.

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