The Insomnia

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"The door is locked. It is sealed tight. Glued shut. I checked over and over again. The door was exploded with noise. It mocked me. "I'm not really closed." It smiled. Every single time that poisonous whisper was heard, it started to spread in the deepest confides of my brain."

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012




The door is locked.

It is sealed tight. Glued shut. I checked over and over again. The door was loud and it mocked me. “I’m not really closed.” It smiled. Every single time that poisonous whisper was heard, it started to spread in the deepest confides of my brain, so I darted back to it. The only thing that I gained from checking was relief. After, I would retreat back to my couch, only to find that the cancerous thought was spreading again. The door was too loud. It was locked.

The door was the only thing keeping me alive.

The phones did a great imitation of my family. Dead. I shifted in the couch. My feet were awful cold, but I didn’t dare get up, unless it was to check the door. I have not slept in 2 days. I can’t sleep and if I do, even for a minute, I might die.

My bloodshot eyes scanned over to the corpses that piled near the T.V. They were starting to rot the house. It was frustrating. I had no one to cook for me or to provide for me. What a lousy family. At least I was alive, though. I don’t know for how long. Fear starts to wring me dry. The contents of my stomach are shoved out onto the side of the couch. It reeks. Suddenly, my stomach jerks. I vomit violently on the carpet again. The acidic contents burn my throat and as it left my mouth, the vomit laced it with bitter blood.

I get up, disgusted with my own bodily functions. Every ache in my body protested as I walked to the bathroom. Bitter disbelief ran rampant in my body as I stared in the mirror. Cold water felt like the nectar of the gods at this moment. Two days ago, I came home to find everyone butchered. My sister was the only corpse that sat on the apex of the corpses, like some kind of queen. Her eyes were cut out and placed neatly next to the pile. Two huge vertical slashes ran thick from her eye brows to her cheeks. To top it off, a crescent curve was carved on her mouth. It was a happy face. The tender flesh of her lip was sewn shut. Angry drops of blood were able to escape out of the corners of her severed face. A short note written in the most impeccable handwriting was presented on her forehead.

“Still laughing?”

It was Jack. Jack from sixth period. I made a joke about him the day before. I didn’t mean it. I was just trying to get him to say something, since he’s always so quiet in class all the time. I was the most popular guy in school and I just wanted some laughs. I looked down.

The image of my family’s bodies burned in my head. Butchered. Raw carnage. Massacre. It was etched in. Every single detail was thoroughly embedded in the darkest part of my memory. Oh god, it was so disgusting. I grip my short hair furiously, pulling out some red locks in the process. Blood comes to mind. There was so much in one body.

I shake my head furiously. My head spit the cold water all over the walls and speckled the mirror. I looked up, only to see my distorted image. I need to sleep. These past few days have been on and off. Sleep would embrace me, but as soon as I did, I made sure to push her off with no mercy. I was able to keep her at bay, but I know that I need her.

I walk back to the couch. The stench of my vomit and the bodies vibrantly destroyed any class left in the living room. I had to stay here and watch the door. The door. I need to check it again. It needs to be locked. Torturously, I walk up to it. My lips were dry, so I lick them. My short hair was greasy, so I run my thick fingers through them. My eye lids weighed a thousand pounds, so I blinked. My hands burned as they checked the knob on the door.

Locked. I was safe.

I crawled back to the couch. The odor was killing me now, maybe as much as sleep. Oh god, I can’t take it. It was the waiting. I knew I was going to be killed. I knew I was next. Jack was coming for me. When? Where? I barricaded all the other doors, but maybe there is another way? I don’t know.

Time became distorted. It stretched out like a thin man being ripped into two. I felt so weak. Every single part of my body cried for relief, down to the cells. I had to sleep. My head gave in to the pillow next to me. I collapsed on it and it didn’t fight back. The pillow engulfed my head. I caught sight of my hand. They were pale. My whole body shook. Everything has been diluted into a dull ache. My legs, my arms, my stomach. I was so close to my vomit right now, but I don’t care.

I felt myself dozing off. I closed my lids and gave in the seductress of sleep. Her charms were too potent. For a minute, a single minute, I rest. I immediately snapped my eyes open. I couldn’t let this happen. Jack can’t win. My first instinct was the door.

It was open.

“I know you’re awake.”

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