Two Stories One Ending

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Follow Rebecca and Richard as they try to confess their love for eachother.

Submitted: June 06, 2009

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Submitted: June 06, 2009



Richard’s POV

It was around 6:50, and I was arguing with myself whether or not I should ask out Rebecca, a girl I’ve liked for almost a year. There were some very minor signs that she liked me but, I wasn’t sure with her very interesting, unexplainable, unpredictable and always changing personality. At around 7 o’clock I finally made up my mind and began to dial her number, my hands shaking with nervousness. “Hi, can I speak to Rebecca?” I said. “Yes, one moment please.” Rebecca’s mother said. As I waited for Rebecca, I thought of a hundred ways I could ask her out and a hundred ways I could get rejected. “Hello.” Rebecca’s voice came through the phone sounding as sweet and calm as always. “Hey.” I managed to say without my voice shaking. “It’s Richard.” “Oh, hey, wait, Richard?” Rebecca sounded happy, confused, nervous and excited at the same time. “Yeah um, I was wondering if,” Come on, “you would um,” come on, “ let me borrow your social studies textbook.” I finished quickly to save myself from embarrassment. “Oh,” Rebecca said quietly. There was a touch of disappointment in her voice. “Sure come by and pick it up.” “Thanks Rebecca.” I said. “You’re the best.” I added nervously and hung up. Why was I such an idiot around her?

Rebecca’s POV

It was around 7 o’clock, I just stepped out of the shower and I heard my mom call me. I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. My mom was sitting at the table, flipping through a magazine. She saw me and pointed to the phone. I took the phone from the table and went back to my room. “Hello?” I said into the phone. “Hey.” The person on the other side said. “It’s Richard.” “Oh, hey, wait, Richard?” I said. I felt excitement run through me, but it turned into nervousness. My heart began to race. Why was he calling me? “Yeah um, I was wondering if,” *pause* “you would um,” *pause* What was he trying to say? Was he trying to ask me out? EEP! “let me borrow you social studies textbook.” Richard finally finished. “Oh,” I said quietly. I thought this was going to be the first time a boy was ever going to ask me out in my short 13 year-old life. “Sure, come by and pick it up.” “Thanks Rebecca.” Richard said. “You’re the best.” Richard added and hung up. The words “You’re the best” echoed in my head. “I was wondering if,” echoed in my head too. I could ALMOST hear him saying “you wanted to hang out sometime” after it. Why didn’t he like me? Why was he acting so weird?

Richard POV

As I approached Rebecca’s doorstep, my stomach filled with butterflies. I went to her house a MILLLION of times before to return her sweater which she left in my locker a lot, but for some reason I was nervous. I rang her doorbell and it made a chiming sound. A few seconds later she opened the door, looking as great as ever. She was wearing a baby doll dress and shorts, her brown hair combed and fell along her shoulders. Rebecca handed my her textbook and told me to return it to her at school. I nodded and left silently. Why was it so hard to ask her out?

Rebecca’s POV

As soon as I hung up the phone, I changed out of my house clothes, a baggy shirt and pants, and into something nicer. Even though he was only coming over to pick up a textbook, I still wanted to look nice. I combed my hair then went to prepare the textbook. I saw pieces of loose-leaf on it and shoved them into the book not bothering to look at it. Then the doorbell rang and I went to get it. I opened the door and saw Richard. He was wearing a sports jersey and shorts, the only thing her ever wears, and his blonde hair looked the same as always. I ended the awkward silence and handed him my textbook. I told him to return it to me at school. He nodded and left. Why wasn’t he talking?

Richard POV

I opened Rebecca’s textbook, figuring I might as well use it. Pieces of loose-leaf fell out. On it was written in Rebecca’s beautiful handwriting.

Rebecca W and Richard M <3 A letter I would never send

Dear Richard,

I really like you. I know you probably don’t have the slightest feeling for me other then a friend, but this feeling has been bothering me for almost a year.

Rebecca W

I couldn’t believe what she wrote. I wrote a note back.

Rebecca's POV

The next day at school, I waited at my locker for Richard to give me back my text book. When he finally arrived he handed my textbook and smiled and left without a word. I went to put it into my locker, then a note fell out. It read:

Dear Rebecca,

I have never had the slightest feeling for you more then a friend because I have a HUGE feeling for you more then a friend.

Love Richard M

I stared at the note in disbelief. My legs started to feel weak and I fell, into Richard's arms.

Richard's POV

The next day at school I approached Rebecca, waiting at her locker patiently looking perfect, I handed her textbook to her and smiled. Rebecca nodded and I left. As soon as she turned to put her textbook in her locker I turned and watched her. The note I wrote gently fell out of the textbook and Rebecca went to read it. She stared in disbelief, her mouth open in a perfect O. Her legs began to shake and I ran over to her and caught her as she fell.

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