Always expect the unexpected

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Alexandria was your typical teenager until one day the one person who changed her life drasticaly comes back, trying to take back the one time she once cherished, her life.

Submitted: April 13, 2008

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Submitted: April 13, 2008



I closed my eyes and threw back my head, finally feeling relaxed as I heard running water, and birds chirping in the background. What better place to feel relaxed then at the ravine, on top of a boulder, right next to the stream. Weird right?

Most people would say 'at home' or 'at a friends house' but let me tell you what's wrong with those two. My house is some-what of a living nightmare, my dad died from cancer when I was 12, welcoming the step-father from hell into our family. My 18 year old sister is Ms. Perfect, you wouldn't think that was bad, but try being the younger sister. At first my mom would nag me about being more like my sister but when I complained or just did the opposite she eventually forgot about me. Yeah she'd make breakfast on Sunday mornings and gave me money for clothes and stuff, but she paid so much more attention to my sister that she didn't really bother with me anymore. Not to mention the fact that she's a big time doctor who works 7 days a week, so really, where does she even have time for me. Now I could go to a friends house because I have 4 of them. Elisabeth Rose, or Liz, who by the way is the only friend I have that’s a girl. She's your typical, crazy, optimistic chick with a blunt attitude. She's about 5'8, which is pretty tall considering the fact that I'm one inch shorter. She has lengthy brunette hair with piercing green eyes and a model figure. She's the rich one of the group but her parents are never home, great right. Wrong.

Her house is always out of control, especially since she has 2 hyperactively 6 year old twin brothers, and one 20 year old brother who brings home a different girl every night. So that’s not a house you'd want to 'relax' at. Then you have T.J Stone, and Ryan Highland, the girl fanatics of the group. T.J's a center forward but mostly the striker on the soccer team while Ryan plays basketball as the point guard. T.J is about 6'0 and has neck length brown hair with some red highlights and hazel eyes. Ryan is 6'1 with black hair, spiked at the top and ocean blue eyes. Finally you have Kale Moore. The best friend. He stands about 6'2, above everyone, with flowing neck length black hair, gray eyes and a tongue piercing. He's the quarter back on the football team and some-what of an A-student. He's literally to die for, one problem.

My sister likes him, its incredulous how she can't stand me yet likes my best friend.

He's my true friend and her so called 'true love'. I've known him since 2nd grade and she's noticed him since the second day of school. We share the same interests, and they share the same English class. So you should see my point, they don't belong, but she thinks otherwise, and its tearing me apart about how she's trying to take him away from me, like she did everything else, hence the reason why I ran out of the house this morning, needing relaxation from all this stress I'm harboring inside.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard a faint voice calling my name but decided to ignore it. Until I was shaken repeatedly with the person screaming my name in my ear.

I groaned and sat up to see Kale grinning in my face, "What do you want Kale?" I asked.

"I called your house but your mom said you weren’t home" he said gently grabbing my wrist and pulling me off the boulder. I'm surprised my mom even noticed I was gone.

"And I knew you'd probably be here so, I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with the guys? Seeing as you need cheering up." He continued, dragging me uphill, onto the dirt path that lead to the forest. "You know me all to well" I sighed, "better then anyone else, including my family". "C'mon Alex, stop thinking your family doesn't care about you. They love and adore you, who wouldn't" he said, pulling me towards him, hugging my shoulders. I rested my head on his chest and immediately felt relaxed. I guess you could add 'Kales chest' as a place of relaxation. "So, you up for it?" he asked, wrapping his hands protectively around my waist.

I shrugged "Yeah, I guess" I mumbled, slowly drifting off to sleep, and the next thing I knew, I was swept off my feet in Kales hand. I winced from the pain on my side but tried to hide that from Kale, as he smiled down at me and took off, out of the woods and into his car.

"To Ryan's!" he sang loudly, making me laugh at his sad attempt. "His mom finally decided to get a pool so he wants us to get the first look with him" he added as we hit the road.

I turned on the radio and "Numb" by Linkin Park played, I loved this song, and most of all I could relate to the song. Eventually I began singing to the song, not knowing that by the middle I was crying. Kale interrupted me by placing his hand on top of my hand, saying soothing words, but I blocked him out, now yelling the lyrics. He seriously didn't know what I went through when I got home, the violence I experienced as soon as I walked though the door, the hurtful words that were always thrown my way, the lost of love. Something everyone needs to go on with their lives, to feel happy with it. Kale stopped the car and got out, yanking open my door and pulling me out.

"Alexandria, what's going on, what's wrong with you!" he exclaimed, tears building up in his eyes. I felt even worse knowing that I was hurting my best friend by inflicting this on him also. But all I did was continue to cry, my words caught in my throat which was now sore from yelling. He looked at me for a while, giving me time to respond but when I didn't he wrapped his arms around my shaken body and in some way, comforted me. We were standing there in silence for a while when I finally stopped crying and got in the car, both not saying a word until we got to Ryan, where I knew I had to change my mood.

Ryan came running out the house with a huge, toothy smile plastered across his face, holding two blindfolds.

"Finally!" he yelled "We've all been waiting for you too, thanks for making me wait" he added sarcastically. I gave him an apologetic look also sending one to Kale, and followed Ryan into his house.

"Here put these on when we get to the living room" he ordered, throwing the blindfolds to us. We did as he said when we reached the room and had someone lead us to the back yard where the pool was.

"Okay, take them off now kids" Mrs. Highlands said excitedly, clasping her hands together in accomplishment.

", did you buy one for the dog too?" Ryan asked, now looking at the small blow up pool in front of us.

"No, that’s yours RyRy, don't you love it?"

"Mom, I can't fit in it!" Ryan shrieked, demonstrating as he stepped in the tiny pool.

We all fell into a fit of laughter resulting in Ryan sulking.

"Oh calm down child, your pool is under that huge tent over there, it was just a joke" his mom replied, leaving the back yard mumbling something. He quickly ran to the covering and pulled it off to reveal a beautiful, large in ground pool decorated nicely with stones, it looked like a river in some way. It was about 10 feet long and up to 10 feet deep.

"Wow-" I started.

"This is beautiful" Liz shrieked with astonishment, dipping her toes into the cool pool.

" All the more reason to have a pool party" Ryan answered, smirking.

"When?" T.J asked jumping up and down, "Tonight" Ryan said, mimicking T.J.

"Well lets get to planning"

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