Voice Runs Dry

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uhm.. i really dont know. i just kinda took a meaning of a song, and some feelings i was feeling, and something i was talking about to my friend. and put it into this. and there ya go. hope you like it.

Submitted: November 12, 2009

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Submitted: November 12, 2009



My mind is racing, searching for
The words that can't seem to form
And every time I open up my mouth
Nothing seems to want to come out

I can't write a single word without
Second guessing everything
And everyone around me thinks im crazy
But I guess they're right

We can talk but not say anything
Maybe I should let my tears speak
As I lay here and I sob
And grow oh so weak

My heart is shattering as I stand
Here with you in the fog of
Tension sitting here between us
Like a game of tug of war

Open mouth, breathing in the air
Breathing in the heart ache as my lips
Try to form around the words,
So tired of this

Walking like the living dead
Around the hospital, around the bed
Where she lays, so cold and blue
And he whispers 'I love you'

But the lights are on and
Nobodys home anymore, not me
And not you so what is a
Girl to do.. now?

Something deep down inside is yelling
'Say something! Anything!' But I can't
And I wonder why that is,
Wonder why I just can't do this

And I see your face and the
Face of many others as I sit here and I cry
Like a thousand times before, I'll let the tears speak
Until their voice runs dry

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