My Incandescence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a poen in response to Alice Oiseau's challenge..
it's about.. erm.. wel letting go of your safety net,(be it, a parent.. of a boyf/gf.. anyone you rely on really..) and learning to stand on your own two feet..

my subject:~ oil lamp
my setting :~ cave
i also had to iclude a couple of words~:

I'm not very good at poetry.. so please comment & let me know if it even makes any sense to you.. xlolx..xoxox

Submitted: June 23, 2008

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Submitted: June 23, 2008




Blind, ignorant and unaware

I was abruptly plunged into the unfathomable depths of the cave.

My sight, obscured by the blanketing darkness,

I padded across the unstable, incongruous pathway

With nothing to guide me but the sliver of light

From my you, my oil lamp..


Naïve and ignorant of how to navigate my path through

This interconnected maze that is the cave,

That is my life

I rely completely on your guidance, my small oil lamp.

To shepherd me through to the end..

To the blessed relief, of leaving behind the cave

I have journeyed through for my lifetime.


As I near the culmination of my cave,

I stumble upon several obstacles.

My numerous, egregious mistakes coming back to haunt me.

Each of them eminent against the stolid, placid rock surrounding me.

They blaze, fiery red against an inky, smoky backdrop.

Causing me to stumble and lurch in the darkness


And now I have fallen,

I need you, more than ever…

But I find there is no illumination,

emanating from you, my small oil lamp.

I find you shattered on the ground..

I need you to lead me to the end..

But you have dissipated into a million pieces..

And not even my dextrous fingers can re-assemble you


So I am forced to rise on my own,

Without your light,

I falter and stumble in the shadows

But soon I find I am adapting,

Learning to survive without your faint glow

And slowly, I find a radiance beginning to emanate from me

A beam of light so strong,

The darkness surrounding me is eradicated,

And I can see..


Behind me, I can see my slovenly past,

It’s safety and familiarity enticing me..

But before me, I can see a path

Aglow with hope

Stretching into infinity

Into an enchantingly beautiful chasm of the unknown

I turn back, but I do not drift back to you

I utter a small suffrage on your behalf

Then turn to face the rest of my cave


So I step forward..

Continuing my journey through this cave,

through my cave.

Within me, I have found a strength I did not know.

Incandescence I was not aware I possessed

Because I’d been holding on to you

My small, fickle oil lamp

Clutching you, and holding you close

so afraid of relying on myself

But I’ve grown, and I’ve learnt to trust in my own light


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