My Ladder Finally Fell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes I write down phrases of my own that mystify me. Other times I hear the sentences people say, and view them poetically, because they make me curious, and frankly inspire something inside of me. This lyrical poem is a combination of two separate entities that I have put together to form something that personally means something beautiful to me, telling it's own story. Enjoy =)

Somebody said to me

-didn't really speak it to me:

"I hate this place,

everybody has the same face,

everyone is the same,

this place is so lame


And I'm so ashamed to be here right now.

It's so boring, right here.

I wish I was glowing ear to ear,

But instead, I'd rather be at home sleeping.


She was looking out her window

to the happy world below.

If she'd let only the ladder down,

and just let go,

things would be so different now.


As it lies at her feet,

she thinks how happy she would be;

But the darkness pulls her

from the window's light


She cant sleep at night,

no, no not tonight.

The angry storm has left

and come again


As she battles against this force

that she cannot see, she says:

"It was slowly taking over me"


She thinks that she's alone

-maybe they've given up on her in this town,

maybe all her friends will leave and let her down

maybe this life just aint what she needs

maybe her life was never meant to be


And she tried to fight it.

Honestly could not hide it.

Everyone saw her will die down.

It nearly brought her to the ground.


The boy

so ashamed for what he did

went home, buried his face in pillows

all alone, he crunched his fists

-pounded them against the sheets


This happened tonight

This happened tonight

This is the bed that he made;

he is sleeping in it tonight.


-With the mistakes he made,

the words he said

the promises, the lies;

The women laid

the bed he made

and then he said:


"I cant sleep at night

no, no, no

not tonight

I still think of you at night

I love you,


My angry storm has left.

I promise it wont come again,


I've been battling against this force

that I cannot see,

It was slowly taking over me,


And I swear

I tried to fight it

You know I couldn't hide it

People, they saw my will die down

and it nearly brought me to the ground"


But I know that you're alright,

completely fine.

Dont sweat it,

I completely understand

how all you know how to do

is perpetually lie.

My once loved man.


So yeah,

I've been doing fine

I'm actually completely alright.

That's why my curtains are closed,

but I still keep on my light.

I actually love my life.


I love the way that my boyfriend makes me feel

You know, now I've been dating him for over a year.

It's been pretty hard to tend to my wound you cut

But I think that it has finally healed


Because I cut your ties

and finally realised

that this ladder is mine

and it is probably wise

to drop it.


I know now, that you never had the right

To dim out and stomp anything that is bright

Your darkness will never pull me away from my daylight

My happiness is something that will always be mine.






Submitted: August 24, 2014

© Copyright 2020 xox imagination xox. All rights reserved.

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Over and Out,

Thu, August 28th, 2014 11:21pm


thank you so much for reading this! Amen :) Have a great day

Wed, March 4th, 2015 12:02pm

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