Sugar Coat

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Coming from a background of crime and violence, Myah has always been protected by her older brother by keeping her off the streets. Between staying loyal to her friends and family and facing danger outside of home, Myah learns that not everything can be sugar coated...

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Sugar Coat

Submitted: September 01, 2012

Coming from a background of crime and violence, Myah has always been protected by her older brother by keeping her off the streets. Between staying loyal to her friends and family and facing danger outside of home, Myah learns that not everything can be sugar coated... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 03, 2012

Sammy immediately let me go. “Hey Mikey,” he said in a nervous tone. It was the club owner. I had never seen him out of his office or... Read Chapter

Interesting Night

Submitted: September 04, 2012

I met up with the girls at the mall and helped Jessy pick out a dress, shoes and some jewelry. We went to my house to have a few drinks a... Read Chapter

My Sister

Submitted: September 06, 2012

“Oh my God Jessy,” I swung the door open. “Are you ok?” She busted out crying. Her hair was a mess and her dress was ripped. Make... Read Chapter

Lunch With Mikey

Submitted: September 08, 2012

I rushed around my room looking for something to wear. I felt like a girl in high school going on her first date. What the fuck? Why do I... Read Chapter

She's Staying Here

Submitted: September 10, 2012

"Now, now Myah," he smirked, "that's no way to answer the door to a guest." "You're not a fucking guest Ray and you'll never be one a... Read Chapter

Be Mine

Submitted: September 12, 2012

"Do you mind me asking where we're going?" I asked. "I know this little restaurant not too far from here that I want to take you to," he ... Read Chapter

Jodi's Birthday

Submitted: September 17, 2012

"Bitches, let's party!" Jodi shouted before knocking back a shot of Jose Cuervo. Tonight was her birthday party. Mikey let us have the VI... Read Chapter

Time With the Guys

Submitted: September 20, 2012

"Dr. Martin's office, how can I help you?" I answered the phone. It was Monday, early afternoon and I was at work filing some papers and ... Read Chapter

I'm Falling for You

Submitted: October 02, 2012

Mikey untied the top of my bikini top, then the back. I shuddered and goose bumps formed on my skin as the material slid down my chest an... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 05, 2012

I pulled into the driveway and killed the engine. All the lights were out so I imagined Jessy was probably knocked out in her room or on ... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 10, 2012

Jessy pulled the gun out quickly and pistol whipped him hard on his temple. Ray rolled off the bed and held the side of his head. The ban... Read Chapter

Looking Out

Submitted: October 12, 2012

At the club Jodi and Jessy sat in the office overlooking the entire floor. Ozzie was working the entire club. Occasionally he would pop h... Read Chapter

Not Everything Can Be Sugar Coated

Submitted: October 20, 2012

I stretched out in the bed and wondered what time it was. Mikey had black curtains in his room so it was always dark. I sat up and looked... Read Chapter

Happy Birthday

Submitted: November 06, 2012

"Happy Birthday dear Myah, Happy Birthday to you!" Everyone cheered and clapped as I blew out the candles on my birthday cake. Mikey ... Read Chapter

Moving Out

Submitted: December 08, 2012

Author's Note: Hey guys, Thank you all for reading my first novel ever! I would really appreciate it if likes/comments are left. Even... Read Chapter

He's Back

Submitted: December 12, 2012

I felt my heart pound as I turned around and ran back up the stairs. Sammy was literally on my heels as he grabbed me by the ankle and ya... Read Chapter

He Can't Hurt Me Anymore

Submitted: January 02, 2013

"Thank you for all your help Miss Santana. Here's my card if you have any questions. We'll be in touch," the officer said. "Thank you... Read Chapter

My New Toy

Submitted: January 05, 2013

"Baby," Mikey whispered in my ear. "Hmm," I grunted still very sleepy. The sun was spilling in through the cracks in the curtains. "Wake ... Read Chapter

My Other New Toy

Submitted: January 11, 2013

"SURPRISE!" There were a bunch of girls from my job and Jodi's job gathered around the living room. There were white balloons everywhere ... Read Chapter

Wedding Bells

Submitted: January 12, 2013

"Fifteen minutes before the photographer gets here Myah!" Jodi shouted from downstairs. This is it. I'm ready for this. Why the hell am I... Read Chapter

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Submitted: January 12, 2013

We landed on the rooftop of a hotel in Hawaii about 3 hours later. There were girls in straw skirts with flowers in their hair and guys p... Read Chapter

Share With the Family

Submitted: January 12, 2013

"Room service," there was a knock on the door. "We didn't order any room service," I said groggily. I looked over at a sleeping Mikey who... Read Chapter

Our First Christmas

Submitted: January 14, 2013

The smell of new furniture and Pine Sol consumed the entire house. Jodi had been helping me clean out my old house and get new furniture ... Read Chapter

Ten Years Later

Submitted: January 15, 2013

Author's Note: Thank you all for being so supportive of my first Novel. A special thank you to my girls who encouraged me to keep writing... Read Chapter

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