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I got rid of the computer, TV, and other media that distracted me from God for 3 weeks,just to see him and dig deeper into his word.

But I felt like I got NOTHING from it...
"Today is my first day back":

Submitted: February 12, 2008

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Submitted: February 12, 2008



I've tried everything...
prayed for it all
had the strong faith
threw out the distractions
gave patience and love a try

But it just felt like nothing, nothing happened it was just an empty emotion and love that i had.
I wanted to open my eyes to God. maybe for once hear his voice and know his love.
but there was no feeling, no emotion.
I felt i failed..i slipped a coulple times and maybe that was it?
That one news station iwatched took me off track, that one song i heard pulled my mind out of focus, sending a simple message hurt more than you would think?

So im back and now i have realized that once its back, once you view the world again and you've devoted yourself to it again that is when you realize things.
It takes fasting and trying to getyou connected, but it takes coming off of that to open your eyes.

I thought i had nothing, thought i was done and it was over and a waste.
now, it is all back and would seem like i no longer have nothing but have everything...
well that would be a lie!

Im back to the world and i feel it, i feel the pain it is causing me.
now is when i see that in those three weeks i had everything, and that everything was nothing becuase it was God giving me peace.
once your in peace you feel nothing, may not feel God at his strongest, but feel that it will all be ok.
In the time i thought i had nothing its true no stress no pressure no "what if's" no world pulling me in no more being jelous...
just me in peace and once you have peace and feel like you can make it that is when you have everything you need.

*when the world pulls you down let it...realize what you had when you were free in him and once you have realized your surrounded by the world and need to go back push it away, need a wake up call? look at the world with out God, put the distractions in your life after they wernt there, feel the difference, feel the world and push as far away as you can.*

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