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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is about how everyone gets so lost and dont know why. Sometimes we think that we have everything under control then we figure out we are not in the right place to have our life complete.
We need one more thing....just to take one more step...

I hate it...
everthing about it.
I dont like feeling like this
not at all...
not one bit.
Its not me.
wait, how do i know what "me" is anymore?
I dont think anyone knows..
The feeling i have is not a good one.
It kinda just all sucks
The joy can be there and i smile
but then its gone and i frown.
the tears come and its like they wont stop.
but wait......
am i feeling this for a reason.
maybe he wanted it that way.
its his plan right?
or is it my plan?
am i listening to him and letting him in?
he wants in so bad but i just feel so lost its like i know hes my only escape...
I see him through the peep hole but the picture doesnt seem clear to me.
Maybe im on the wrong side of the door...
Im thought i was looking through the right side of the peep hole...
nope im not, he is he sees me nice and clear.
but thats becuase he is on the right side...
Im out the door trying to look in the room, but i cant.its not possible.
I wont know whats in the room by looking through a little peep hole.
no it just doesnt work that way i have to actually turn the knob of the door.
He will help me and guide me to the right room...
not just a crapy little hallway like the one i am standing in; a room of silver, gold, and diamond,
I will see the one i desire.
The door is always unlocked...will you turn it?
or stand in the crapy old hallway..it seems so easy to turn one knob.
Oh, but you just try its not.

Submitted: January 20, 2008

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