Putting It Together

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So, if you know a good amount of Christian songs then you may really enjoy this, and even if you dont know many you still may enjoy it...but what i did was put a bunch of my favorite christian songs together into my thoughts. All the song names are in quotations.
This song is mostly dedicated to the recent death of my Grandfather that i loved dearly.

Submitted: January 19, 2008

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Submitted: January 19, 2008



Sometimes I just "wish you were here", like you never had to leave.
Only thing i can do right now is "Only Imagine"
You came and you "lit my world" but since you are gone it feels like my light is getting dim...the light i had of hope and courage.
So now we are left with this "space in between us" and i can't stand it. It feels like "A million miles away".
Sometimes i just feel like our dream could come true of, "everybody wants to go to heaven". But since i can't right now i just feel 100% "homesick". When i saw you or even talked to you "I saw the light" and the light is still there i just wish you could help me re-light it like you used to...
I'm afraid and i begin to ask the question "what if i stumble"? I try so hard to be "undignified" for you but its so hard. I know i have to wait becuase the "beauty from pain" is always prettier than before the pain you had to endure.
I stress and worry about all the pain the pain of this world and i try to be a "jesus freak" but sometimes it can be just so hard with out you...you were a true "jesus freak" not only in my life but in everyones life that you were in along with in Gods eyes. I dont want to get "caught in the middle" like i always seem to. I'm trying so hard to be more "undignified" for you and i am doing better..but sometimes it seems like "in the blink of an eye" i fall back in it. And let me tell you i can't stand thinking about how much happens to me "in the blink of an eye" I wish i never had to blink again.
"Here i am to worship" you God..I am trying my best for you and for my best buddy that i feel is now gone for ever. But i know that by "The wonderful cross" i will meet him again...my buddy that was always there no matter how much i realized it or not.
I know for a fact "you will never let go" but sometimes i get scared and i loosen the grip...but i know no matter how loose i may make it you will still be holding on with all your strength possible.So all i can ask is that you will "hold me jesus", becuase you are truly "my desire" and I want you to be on the top of my priorities.
"Who i am hates who i've been" and since i have had to "stand in the rain" I know there is a reason for it, he will pull me out because he "NEVER LETS GO"

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