Yelling and Screaming

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When I yell at God...

Submitted: March 25, 2008

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Submitted: March 25, 2008



I just keep yelling and screaming
But you seem to take it in
You face i just always beaming
like the sun you placed in the sky.

It doesnt seem to phase you, your daughter shows such anger
but im hurting so bad how do you not shed a tear?
this pain inside of me just seems to linger...
but somehow you know things will get better and there will be a happy ending

Things seem to be a bit more calm now
and you just look at my life ahead and smile
but i seem to keep asking how? 
how is it that when i yell at you, you take it in and make things better for me?

Shouldent i get punised?
I yell and you comfort
obviously you are like no human and you never say your finished
You never let go even when i yell

You know its better that i did not run
You saw the hope when i felt there was nothing left
and God i now know that you are the one
the one i just needed to yell at and get out those feeling

For you forgive if i yell
and if i would have taken it out on the world...
i would have been headed for hell
but you pulled me out and showed me heaven was the path to walk on

And if i can survive this place
whether i yell and scream or have peace and quiet it will be ok
I just need to make sure i go at your pace
for you are always holding my hand and if i let go I need to know your right there!

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