Forbidden Beauty

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After constant ups and down in her love life after the sudden disappearence of her husband, Marcus, Lana feels love may not exist for her. But when she wakes up in a strange place she wonders is it true or is it just a dream?

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



Scorching hot skin was touching hers sending shocks all throughout her body. Needles prickled her skin and cut through the ivory smooth skin. She gave a cry and heard a wail as loud as her slice through the midnight air. Her screams turned into sobs and she heard whimpering beside her in her ear. She bared her teeth and curled her toes as another shock wave of electricity shot through her veins. A tremble rippled in waves underground and suddenly she began to whimper hearing a howl in the distance so loud it could shatter eardrums.

Then like she had died and went to heaven she felt feather like touches on her skin and feather like kisses on her arms, legs, everywhere. She felt as if she was floating or like she was sent to her own personal hell only to figure out her soul wasn’t damned. She opened her eyes and saw a handsome face in front of her staring down and hovering over her. The face was tan, gentle and warm like the rest of his body. His eyes were a chocolate brown like Hershey kisses a warm pool of chocolate. Common sense told her to throw him across the room and ask him what he had done to her before ripping his throat out but her body begged her to stay and something inside her told her she must be here for a reason, something about the way he held her tight comforted her as well. This could be heaven she thought.

The man stared down at her with worried filled eyes, watching her slowly. She stared back watching his eyes scan over her body slowly confusing her before she felt pain shoot through her sending her screaming before he muffled her scream with a kiss on the lips. His lips were scorching hot, burning her mouth but his arms around her dulled the pain and sent her into a hazy state. She wished for tears to come but as always they never did and she began to silently sob against his chest.

She felt needles again, breaking skin and drawing blood, she felt the blood, and she knew it was there. It dripped down her neck and off her shoulder, cascading down her arm in her palm to her fingers in a single droplet. She watched the boy carefully and watched for his reaction.Was he one of them? Did her thrive like the others did or was he like her leaving the animalistic past behind? Questions ran through her mind and she watched him as she clutched her arm to her chest.

The man pulled her arm away from her and panic rose in her throat but then she remembered what she had earlier which was that he was warm which meant he wasn’t as she…but his heartbeat was dead. So what exactly was he? He placed his hand over her wounded arm and a tingling sensation raced through her arm to the ends of her fingertips. She felt sweet bliss, like melted chocolate, like honey—it felt like magic. He removed his hand from the wound and she looked down to find her wound had sealed up leaving a pink scar line.

She stared at the scar on disbelief and turned her arms at different angles looking for an explanation to what had just happened. He smiled down and flipped over so he was beside her. She felt the ground beneath tremble as he did this but as soon as she thought it she realized they were on a bed. And for the first time she realized pillows scattered all around the room and around her. Her face scrunched up in confusion as her eyes searched the room. Gold curtains were draped around the room on bronze iron bars over the windows, over the bed creating a bed post and over the mirror.

She kept her eye on the gold framed mirror above the cherry wood dresser and stared at it feeling a sense of familiarity come over her. Gold handles glimmered from the little bit of sunlight peeking out from behind the curtains. She admired the dresser from afar catching every glimmer that bounced of the mirror until something else caught her eye, another glimmer, a gold band. She stared and looked at the beautiful detail of it, another wave of familiarity came, her wedding band. This sent her mind reeling. It just couldn’t be. It didn’t make any sense.

Seven years ago Marcus Santiago had placed the small gold band on her finger on their wedding day but too soon after…he left, the night after the honeymoon. Then she learned she was pregnant with his child— she called and called numerous times, stupid to believe he would answer but secretly hoping he would. She prayed and hoped he would return to her but she was stupid to believe that too.

In the end she had lost the baby and she was absolutely devastated. She now had no child, no husband and no body to help her. Her mother and father were both dead, her husband was gone and she was left all alone.

So when another man decided to walk into her life she let him in easily hoping this would help her cope and she would be able to start over. At first she and Bruce were happy together, with all the money they could spend together and all the time they spent together. Until she learned what he was truly interested in— her body and her blood. Not her. Once she leaned this and told Bruce she wanted to have a serious relationship he had dumped her, leaving her alone. She continued to date but no one ever came close to saying ‘I Love you’ unless she was drunk or naked.

She always knew it wouldn’t work out with Marcus, all her friends she once had agreed but she so desperately denied this and wanted it to work. But of course it didn’t. He was fire and she was ice. He protected, she killed. He was a protector and she was a predator. They were everything but perfect for each other. She gave up on him eventually and forgot him completely, or so she convinced herself the only thing that kept her holding on was the gold ring she wore. So why was it on the dresser while she was in bed with this man? She asked herself. He moved to put his hand on her face and she flinched away, somewhat disgusted with herself.

A frown appeared on his handsome face and she felt her heart clench. She nuzzled back into the crook in his arm awkwardly just so she could see his beautiful face smile again. He held her tight just as before but only the corner of lips turned up in a half smile. A frown stayed on her face as she saw his dissatisfaction. She snuggled in closer and kissed his bare chest feeling a surge of heat run through her from the heat radiating off of him. A rumble vibrated through his chest and she smiled feeling the warmth of his skin scorch her lips and warm her face and hands.

She raised her eyes to meet his and found a smile lighting his face from ear to ear. She smiled back and let him hold her close against his chest, enjoying the feel of his warm skin. He began to hum and she immediately realized the tune and began drumming her fingers in his chest, imagining they were the black and white piano keys she would play for Marcus. She closed her eyes and softly began to sing along.

“I’m holding on a rope, got me ten feet of the ground. I’m hearing what you say but I just can’t make a sound. You told me that you need me then you go and put me down and say…” She could feel the ivory keys beneath her fingers and hear the music flow from her fingertips, feeling as if she was in her living room playing the beautiful grand piano as Marcus stood beside her planting kisses on her head, her neck and anywhere else he could reach. “It’s too late to apologize…I said it’s too late to apologize…It’s too late…Oh—”

I felt my chest vibrate with every note, letting my voice flow with the music.

“I took another chance, I took a fall, took a shot for you. I need you like a heart needs a beat but it’s nothin’ new. I loved you with the fire red and now it’s turning blue and I say sorry to the angel heaven let me think was you. But I’m afraid.”

“It’s too late to apologize…It’s too late…I said it’s too late to apologize…It’s too late…” he picked up from where I left off and his voice rang through my ears like an angel’s voice—like Marcus.

She remembered Marcus used to sing with her all the time before he left and she swore his voice would make angels jealous. His voice was unlike any other. She felt her heart squeeze and felt the urge to cry. She squeezed her eyes shut knowing the tears would never come, upsetting her further. She listened to his voice feeling it flow through her like honey.

She continued drumming her fingers, feeling his warm hand on the small of her back. She pulled in closer and then something she never expected to happen ever…in a million years…surprised her. Tears fell, irregularly warm against her icy skin leaving a trail of red behind on her cheek. She let the tears fall, dripping off her chin and onto his chest in droplets.

“I’m holding on a rope, got me ten feet off the ground…” he sang the last line and lifted his hand wiping her tears away as more sprung from her eyes replacing the ones that were washed away. His thumb brushed over her cheek and electricity shot through the both of them. She looked up at the man and searched his eyes, searching for an answer, a clue—anything as to what or who he was.

“Who…Are you…?” I asked, my lips forming each word slowly as I stared into his deep chocolate brown eyes reminding her more of Marcus. “You remind me of someone…but no it’s impossible.”

“Well, what if it wasn’t impossible? Would it be too late to apologize…Lanita?” the man said holding her chin with his thumb and forefinger using the exact name Marcus used to call her. But it couldn’t—It had to be a friend of his…but…

“It can’t be…” and then he kissed her long and hard re-jogging her memory. Memories of his touch, the feel of him, his scent, when they first met, their first kiss…Their first night together…it all came back to her.

Her lips froze as his lips moved over hers begging for a response. He clutched her closer to him crashing his lips against hers as she threw her arms around his neck, her lips hungry for him. She almost forgot how nice it felt to be in his arms, to be his, too be loved—to be in love. Another tear escaped, running down her cheek and over her lips. He tasted her tears and ran his hand over her face brushing them away.

“I’m sorry— for everything.” He mumbled as he pulled away, she nodded and pulled away unwillingly laying her hands in her lap.

“But— how?” she asked staring up at him as he held her face in his hands.

“They were after me, Lana. They didn’t want me with you…They said the only way we’d be together is if we were both dead. They were going to hurt you if I didn’t leave. I got rid of them. I don’t know how they found you but they did and this happened…” he said gesturing to her now healed cuts. “But I got rid of them.” His deep brown eyes softened, turning liquid and his voice came out husky. “T-They were going to hurt you— I had to leave. I-If they would have got you— I don’t know what I would have done.” He stared into her eyes and at that moment she saw Marcus— the Marcus she knew sang with her, who would always stay by her side— she saw her husband. “I love you, Lana. I can’t lose you.”

These three words did it all. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again with hunger, lust and all she had been keeping inside since he had left. “You’re forgiven.” And they picked up where they had left off— their honey moon. They fell into each other all over again and found one another just as familiar as they had remembered. It was forbidden love but forbidden love is love that is truest.

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