She Wolf After Dark

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Another night for Serena Martinez filled with lust, hunger and the growls of her inner animal finding an escuse to escape. Another night for her of seducing, luring in and teasing her prey but will one man change all of this when she finds he is not under her spell?

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011




My deep red strapless top clung to my body, fitting my curves perfectly. I slipped on a pair of tight black skinny jeans then completing my outfit with black stilettos. I looked myself over once in the mirror smiling to myself satisfied with my appearance. I walked out the door grabbing the keys to my black Vanquish. I exited my large condo and stepped into my Vanquish.

I turned the key in the ignition hearing the car roar to life. I revved the engine and stepped down on the gas pedal sending the car flying forward. The wind flowed through my hair as I sped down the streets making sharp turns deeper and deeper into the dark parts of the city.

I came to a screeching stop in front of a place near the back alleys with neon lights above the entrance. I stepped out slamming the door behind me hearing gasps and snippets of small conversations stop mid sentence. I pressed the small red button locking the doors of the car with a loud beep of the horn and a flash of the head lights.

I walked along the sidewalk hearing my stilettos click clack against the cold hard cement. I heard cat howls and whistling, I whipped my head around and met the eyes of one of many men in the direction the sound was coming from.


“Hey there, Beautiful.” He called out to me. I whipped my head back around, ignoring him my auburn waves falling against my neck. I heard him sigh and the men around him chuckle in response. I passed by more men who shot vulgar comments at me and women staring in envy with tight tops and short skirts leaving—to put it delicately--- not much to the imagination.

The bouncer allowed me in gesturing a hand inside. I smiled up at him and I heard his heartbeat quicken. I snickered and walked into the club. The faint smell of sweat and cologne hit me along with the distinct smell of liquor. I walked over to the bar where a man in his late thirties stood polishing the counter. “A strawberry martini please.” I asked.

The bartender chuckled “Honey, you sure you’re the legal age?” I smiled up at him and licked my lips.

“Of course I am.” He looked at me suspiciously.

“Hun, let me see some I.D.” he asked. I looked at him from under my eye lashes smoldering him with my metallic yellow eyes.

“Now may I please have a strawberry martini?” The bartender cleaned his hands against his shirt and nodded staring into my eyes.

“Yes of course I’m sorry miss.” He said in a dazed tone then turned around and started preparing my strawberry martini. I smiled to myself as he placed it in front of me.

“Thank you.” I said taking a sip of the martini. I heard beer bottles clacking together, yelling, laughing, snippets of drunken conversations. I swiveled around in the bar stool to face the dance floor. I held the glass lightly in my hand feeling the wet condensation dripping off the glass into my palm. I watched the bodies swaying side to side to the music. I could smell the sweat coming off the bodies as they danced wildly grinding against each other.

I drank the last of my margarita savoring the taste for a moment then swallowing. I swiveled the stool back around and slammed the glass against the marble counter. The bartender looked up at me from underneath the counter. I shot him another smile. I needed something stronger, something to really get me going. “Vodka.” I demanded. The bartender stared into my eyes and he then scurried over to a shelf filled with bottles of beer, rum and vodka. He then came back with a glass of vodka.

I took it from the counter and swallowed down a mouthful. It burned on the way down but the burning felt exhilarating like the wind against your skin as you run through the forest, the dirt beneath your feet …like your first kill. I trailed my tongue along my teeth as I thought about my prey laying there before me, lust filled in his eyes, in nothing but undergarments before me as I close in and then go in for the kill.

“May I join you?” asked a husky voice with a slight British accent. I whipped my head around to be met by a pair of deep charcoal black eyes. He had bronze hair, tousled and slightly covering his eyes. His scent was unique not terrible nor intoxicating but different from the others. I slowly looked up at him and smiled. He sat down in a stool next to me and ordered a beer. The bartender glared as the man spoke to me. His breath smelt of beer, rum and an indescribable sweetness. “So what is your name?” he asked his words slurring a little sounding oddly attractive.

“Serena Martinez. And yours?” I asked as he chugged down a mouthful of beer. I tossed my hair to the side revealing my neck. I smiled seductively and watched as the man seated next to him squirmed in his seat. The man in front of me was smiling sitting perfectly still. I was surprised my looks had no affect on him.

“Blake Delisle.” He said flashing me a bright white smile, any woman would melt at the sight of but to me it was a friendly attempt at attracting me. His teeth were a surprising milky white color, perfectly straight almost like mine except whiter. I flashed a smile back twirling my hair around one of my fingers. “Are you here alone or did you come with friends?”

“Alone.” I laughed lightly. “I am more of a loner and my friends that I have are…they would not fit well to this environment. They prefer quieter places.”

“I know what you mean. My friends are…not so friendly especially in an environment like this.” He agreed. I laughed and chugged down the rest of the vodka in one swallow. I ordered another one the man glaring at Blake the whole entire time. I smelled the envy coming off the man as he glared at Blake. I looked between them as Blake looked into the man’s eyes setting him cowering into a corner stepping backwards slowly. Blake looked back at me. “He was getting affably annoying.” I nodded in agreement.

“But now who will serve the drinks?” I asked laughing lightly. He called over a girl with dirty blonde hair who smiled enthusiastically. I recognized my friend Melanie more of an accomplice really, who always came to the club. She was nice, very useful I would say she knew all the little spots in the back of the bar away from everyone. She was just like me, here for the same reason. Me and her I guess you could say were partners in crime.

Blake whispered something in her ear and looked into her eyes she stared into them as if she were under a spell. She walked over behind the counter and pulled out another beer for him. She stood there in a tight top squeezing the top of her chest a zipper visible in the front dipping low and revealing her stomach where she had her navel pierced along with a small skirt ending just below her butt along with a design of zippers dripping down the side. My lips turned down slightly in fake disgust as I saw Blake’s eyes follow her scanning down her body. He turned to me.

“I have it covered.” I smiled up at him as I drank more of my vodka. I licked my lips tasting the vodka on my lips. He chugged down more beer flashing Melanie a small smile. I heard her heartbeat quicken and smelled the sweat on her body. Melanie shot me a glare and I smiled back.

“Thanks.” I said staring into his eyes which I felt oddly drawn to. I looked away and looked toward the dance floor where lights were bouncing off the walls and people still danced.

“Would you like to dance?” Blake asked chugging the last of his beer. He flashed me a smile. I bit my lip and looked at him from under my eye lashes. Oddly enough I could not hear his heartbeat but I did hear his breath falter. I hid behind my hair and breathed lightly a gust of air my breath fanning across his face. He closed his eyes taking in the scent then his eyes snapped open and he shook his head, his hair falling in his eyes.

“C’mon dance with me.” He said staring into my eyes.

“Okay.” I whispered. I took one last sip of my vodka before Blake pulled me out on the dance floor. His hands were cold probably from the beer he was holding and his skin glowed underneath the strobe lights as we both started moving our bodies to the beat of the music. He placed his hands on my hips as I started swaying my hips side to side to the music. I put one arm in the air and the other lay against his shoulder. He looked down at me scanning my body and a small humming noise erupted from his chest in response. “Like what you see?” I yelled over the sound of the music gripping his shoulder tighter and trailing it just slightly underneath his shirt. He grabbed my hips tighter bringing me closer to him.

“Very much, yes.” He whispered into my ear. His body grinded against mine and his breathing became uneven as I grounded harder into him. I laughed sending chills run throughout his body. My hips moved slowly side to side and all around. I felt him slowly grinding into me in response. My hair stuck to the nape of my neck as sweat dripped down my neck. I looked up to see it was the same case with him his hair sticking to his forehead although his body looked so nice and cool. I moved closer and closer towards him grinding my hips into him. I looked up at him as another humming sound escaped his lips. People were looking at us now women envious of me and men envious of him. I saw Melanie at the bar she smiled at me and winked signaling she had everything ready and I giggled. Everything is ready she thought.

“Then why don’t we see what else you might like.” I suggested leaning over and whispering in his ear almost kissing him. I pulled him away into the back of a club where I was met by Melanie who stood in the hallway near a large white door. She opened the door and I pulled him in he looked behind him at Melanie who giggled. As soon as we were in the room I closed the door behind me locking it with a click. I placed my hands on his chest leading him to the giant gold bed behind him in the center of the room.

I unbuttoned his shirt and slowly slipped down his shirt off sneaking my hand under his white wife beater. He chuckled his breath uneven and he tore his wife beater apart leaving his chest bare. I dragged my hands along his chest down to his abs where I unbuttoned his pants slowly. He took my wrists into his hands stopping me and slipped off my red halter top nearly ripping it off. He started trailing kisses along my collar bone and chest.

I pushed him down on the bed and laughed darkly. I lowered myself on top of him hovering. He rolled both of us over and started trailing kisses down my neck and I shivered. I shook my head and rolled us over so I was hovering over him. I snuck my hand down between us unzipping his pants. I slid them down his legs and felt him shudder as my fingers slid down his legs. I slid back up the length of his body and started trailing kisses along his chest listening to his silent heartbeat. He flipped us over so he was hovering over me, pinning my wrists over my head.


He immediately dipped his head down into my neck where he kissed, pulled and sucked at the skin there. This one’s feisty I thought.

He’s different I know that. Did you see him when he looked at me? His eyes were black and his scent is so very odd. I’ve never smelt anything like it. I mean I almost really felt like I was under a spell. Melanie replied in her head reading my thought.


  It’s never been this difficult to actually kill my prey. He’s something I’ve never dealt with before. I thought.

  I bet you it’s because he’s British. All British people are weird. There must be something in the water that they drink. I giggled and tossed Blake off of me as I felt his teeth grazing my neck.

  “Ooh feisty.” He purred standing in the middle of the room. I smiled licking my canine teeth. I walked up to him and pushed him back against the wall grabbing his wrists like he did with mine. He raised his chin, he was breathing uneven. A humming noise like before escaped his lips, I pushed him harder against the wall as he tried pushing me back. “You play rough I see…”

Damn, even I’m not that rough with them. Are you sure you want to kill this one? Melanie thought. I laughed.

  Of course, what else are they good for other than two things? This one is…might I say just a challenge. I thought.

  Ooh harsh, ice queen. Even I know there’s more than that. I’m not so harsh. She thought.

  I let out another laugh and kissed his lips which tasted of liquor. He kissed back his cold lips moving with mine. I forced my tongue into his mouth and glided it across his teeth. His tongue wrestled with mine, I glided my tongue against his lower lip feeling a shiver run through him. He fought against me lifting himself off the wall. I broke the kiss taking his head in one hand and pulling it to the side revealing his neck. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck and grazed my teeth along his skin. A growl passed my lips. I started nipping at his skin with my teeth. He hissed.

  “You wanna play rough? Ooh I’ll show you rough.”

  He looked into my eyes and I fell into a daze slightly before I snapped out of it. He pushed me forward sending me flying across the room in front of the bed. He appeared in front of me in seconds. That was odd. He was absurdly fast for a human. He lunged at me knocking me on the bed my head hitting the head board. He ripped off my jeans—literately ripped it apart tearing it to shreds in the process— leaving me in my bra and underwear. He pounced on top of me pinning my arms down. I looked into his eyes which turned dark amber. He laid his body against the length of my body. I felt him everywhere, every muscle in his body, everything.

  I pushed against him arching my back. He pushed me back down with his hand against my stomach. I squirmed underneath his body attempting to get free from his grip. He pushed me down harder on the bed trailing his hands down my arms. Chills ran down my spine making him push me down harder. He ducked down and started kissing my chest trailing down to my stomach. His teeth grazed my skin making me shudder. He kept hold of my hips and trailed up to my neck placing frantic kisses there. My heart beat sped up as I felt his teeth pull at my skin, sucking. Then suddenly he bit down breaking the skin and I felt his teeth dig in. A buzzing noise erupted from both my chest and his. I felt light headed feeling him drain my blood. He moaned as I did. Serena. Serena did you kill him yet? I hear nothing. Melanie thought.

  I snapped out of it and threw him off me. The buzzing in my chest erupted into a loud growl. “What are you?!” I growled. His bloody lips pulled up at the corner smiling wickedly revealing two sharp canine teeth. I growled again and lunged at his throat knocking him down. He chuckled.

  “Very nice and what are you exactly?” he asked licking my blood off his lips. I scowled at him.

  I transformed in front of him and knocked him down on his back. “So you’re a mutt. No wonder you smelt so different.” I bared my teeth. I would say the same about you but I don’t think different would be the correct word to use. I thought sending it to him. He held his hands on either side of his head. “How’d you do that? Get out of my head.” he growled. He he. So you don’t like this? Me being inside your little blood sucker mind? A buzzing noise vibrated through my chest. “Get out of my head.“ he demanded looking into my eyes trying to compel me. No. No. That doesn’t work on me now. He closed his eyes in frustration.

  He tried pushing me off and grunted. “Stupid mutt.” And we’re not mutts. “We?” Yeah, Melanie out there is the same as me. “There’s two of you? But she didn’t smell like you I mean.” Because she knows how to mask her scent that ability helps us hunt. She’s done this before she knows what to do already. He growled. I nuzzled my snout into his neck.

  He pushed me off his nails digging into my skin and sending me flying across the room. I fell against the wall I let out a howl. Serena! Are youokay? Melanie thought.

  Stay outside.

  But what’s happening?

Stay outside! I ordered her. I heard a faint growl outside. I raced over to Blake head budding him I the stomach hitting him against the wall. He grunted and placed his cold hands on my back pushing me. The touch made my skin crawl and I ran into him once more making him fall to the ground. There he lay again in only his red plaid boxers and nothing else, his bronze hair sticking up in different directions. You know you do look kind of sexy when you’re defenseless and stripped of your dignity.

  He chuckled. “Funny I thought the same thing about you about five minutes ago.”

  I pushed him up against the wall and he grunted in response. I trailed my nose along the length of his body smelling his uniquely odd scent and the arousal coming off him. Turned on? I asked him. He growled. “Not at all. Disgusted really.” I smelt his arousal grow stronger and listened to his uneven breathing. I nuzzled my nose into his neck smelling his sweet aroma and his sweet arousal. Doesn’t smell like it. A buzzing noise erupted from my chest and I transformed back into my normal form.

  I was now sitting on his stomach bending over so my face was by his face. I was once again in only my bra and underwear. I laughed darkly, the sound booming across the room. No man can run away from me. I thought.

  He tried running away? Melanie thought.

  Key word tried but failed. I thought. I lowered my mouth down to his and kissed him one last time. Running my tongue over his teeth. I tasted the venom dripping off his teeth. It had no affect on me of course except that it sent my head spinning and sending chills through out my body. I felt him beneath me and smiled impishly. I sat up straight on top of him and placed my hands on his chest. “I like this.” I said rubbing circles on his chest. I dipped down low so my lips were at his ear. “Blake Delisle. If you weren’t so sexy and…mouth watering maybe I’d keep you— “ I pondered at that thought. “No I wouldn’t It’d still be this way no matter what.” I whispered seductively in his ear. He squirmed underneath me obviously falling underneath my spell.

  “Stupid mutt.” he said between his teeth.

  “Ooh you don’t mean that.” I said false sorrow I my voice. I flipped my hair to the side. I traced my fingers along his cold pale lips coming across a drop of my blood still on his lips. “You missed a spot.” I said wiping my blood off. I wiped it along his chest leaving a small trail of my blood. He shuddered from my touch. I knew to him my touch was scorching hot almost burning his skin and my nails were as sharp as his teeth. A buzzing noise passed his lips. “Like it?”

  “No each second is torture.”

  “Really? I’m that bad? Because a second ago I believe you were purring.” I emphasized the word purring blowing air into his ear. “You know you like it.” I brought my mouth down to his. “I know you like this.” I mumbled against his lips. He grunted in protest then slowly kissed back eagerly and hungry for more. I kissed him more passionately and deep. I trailed kisses along his neck and opened my mouth as I grazed my teeth along his neck softly biting him. “And this. I heard your kind loves this.” I bit him a little harder but not hard enough to break through the skin.

  “Yes.” he purred. “Yes.”

  “See I know you like it. Don’t deny it.”

  “Yes,” he said under my spell. “Yes I love it. I love you.” I giggled and bit harder. He cried out in pain but I kissed him muffling the noise. I dipped down slowly and my teeth bared as I ripped through his granite like skin. He let out a groan and I laughed as I dug my teeth deeper into his skin. He let out another groan louder this time. I kissed him once more muffling the noise and blood and venom started flowing out of his mouth. His eyes turned a soft grey color. I kissed him one last time on the cheek then sat up. “I’m not a mutt. I’m a she - wolf. Get it right, babe.” I smiled impishly at him and his eyes grew wide and I ducked my head back down kissing his chest and all along his neck tasting his blood. I heard soft moans coming from his mouth in gurgles. I ripped through his skin tasting him, his body, his blood, everything.

I saw his memories and his thoughts in his blood. I saw his life human and after he was changed I felt everything. I saw what he went through. I saw faces of people who were close and dear to him. I saw men and women beautiful women almost as beautiful as me… Almost. I knew all his secrets, everything he saw. I saw what had just occurred through his eyes I saw what he saw.


I saw a beautiful woman pulling me into a room with a large gold bed. She smelled differently intoxicating really. She pulled off my shirt and pushed me on the bed. Now was my chance. I stopped her and ripped off her top desperate to feel her soft skin underneath my mouth. Her touch was like fire sending my head spinning. I could smell the arousal coming off her I smiled wickedly at her and pinned her wrists above her head kissing her frantically all over. Her skin smelt like the air after a rain storm, like the aroma of flowers and strong cinnamon. It tasted of sweet, sweet butter cream, honey and sugar, all things sweet. She wrestled with me and my was she a feisty one. She was so seductive and mysterious, hard to figure out. When she spoke I felt as if she was putting me under a spell. I dove in kissing her neck then widening my mouth and biting down feeling her blood pour into my mouth. Her blood was the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted I had very, very sinful and erotic thoughts of what I could do with just her small slender body and her blood. The combination of both would certainly bring unbearable pleasure that no other woman could bring.

  She threw me off yelling at me and in seconds she transformed into a dark black wolf. This form disgusted me and I fought her reaching for her neck each time to end this. I wanted to bite her once again and feel her blood flow from her body into my mouth. Oh, the sweetness of her blood was worth fighting for. I fell into a daze as her seductive, sweet voice called to me. Her body and blood called to me all at once sending my head spinning and I felt as though any moment my frozen heart would start up again.

  "Yes.” I spoke wanting nothing but to pleasure her and give her what she wanted. “Yes I love it. I love you.” I could not believe what I was saying until I remembered all I wanted was to give her whatever she wanted. She was in her human form now. And she was trailing kisses all along my body doing things to my body that are indescribable. I felt things I haven’t felt since I was human. Her slender body sat on my stomach. She bit me and at first it was pleasurable but now she broke through my skin.

  I let out a cry of pain and she kissed my lips then returned to ripping my skin. Each time I let out a cry she would return to my mouth kissing me with her soft, hungry lips covered in my own blood. Animalistic she was but beautiful, a dark goddess of death I believe or even the angel of death sent to me. I let out moans and groans feeling the pleasure of her lips on my mine and her body against mine. Venom and blood poured out draining me, I was dieing I knew but at least I was dieing happy. I was dieing happy in deed. To be in the presence of this…this goddess, this angel, this beautiful, sexy woman, this woman who now held my heart in her bare hands…


I stopped drinking his blood and lifted my head brushing my hair to the side. I stared at his un moving body, his eyes were still wide and I knew he could still feel and he was hanging on a limb. He was still alive. I bent down next to his ear on my hands and knees. “You’re still alive aren’t you.” he let out a moan in response. I looked at him cocking my head to the side pondering at a thought. He wanted my blood and my body. I laughed. “I know all your thoughts and secrets.” I whispered bringing my face down to his and biting his lower lip. He let out a weak moan. I kissed him exploring his mouth with mine wanting to taste every inch of him head to toe. I bit down on his tongue feeling blood poor out along with venom. He moaned again.

  Whoa. Okay what’s going on now. Didn’t you kill him? Melanie thought.

  He’s still alive so for now I’ll have my fun. I thought.

  Ooh kinky. Of course you would do kinky. Kinky is your thing. Melanie though and I laughed in my thoughts.

  And I’m good at it too. Don’t forget that. I thought.

  His blood poured into my mouth and my eyes closed as I tasted his sweet blood. I drank his blood and felt my senses strengthen. I suddenly heard everything and I mean everything. I heard the heavy breathing of someone outside and heard booming music which became softer and softer like the lowering of a radio. My eyes snapped open and I saw the small dust motes floating in the air around me. I could still hear my heart beating and to me Blake still felt ice cold. Thank god, I was still myself. I heard the booming music drum through the walls. He could probably here the same. I slid my body on top of him trailing my hands along his body feeling every inch of him while not breaking the kiss. I kissed him more passionately more venom pouring into his mouth then to mine. I pulled away and bit my lip which was full of blood. I saw a hint of lust in his eyes. “When will you die?” I asked him. He breathed a heavy uneven sigh. I laid my hands on either side of his head and spread my legs apart resting my knees on either side of his hips.

  “Because the way I foresee you should die soon very soon. Even the strongest of all men die when they meet me.” I whispered seductively looking down at him. This time he brought his weak arms up to cup my face with his hands and brought my face down to his. He kissed me digging his nails in my neck. I giggled as I felt blood slowly slip out. I let him bring his mouth up to my neck and drink some of the blood there.

  “Mmm.” the sound escaped his lips and I laughed again as I pushed him down and still hovered above him. His mouth was full of my blood and I kissed him tasting my blood then swooped down to his neck tearing apart the flesh with my teeth, hungrily. I dug my teeth in deeper creating a huge gash opening his neck. I turned my head to look at him and saw his eyes slowly closing. I moved away from his neck and trailed down to his chest, smearing blood. I bit down ripping the skin there and tore at it opening his chest. At last I saw his silent heart cold and frozen. I felt pity for him for a second thinking he had to pick this horrific way of life, cold, beautiful and frozen forever never moving forward then laughed. I’m the same except I’m warm not cold. I am beautiful and frozen at this age forever. I moved my mouth all along his body tasting his skin the sweetness and feeling his cold limp body beneath me, tearing at the skin once in a while tasting his blood.


I wiped my mouth as I finished him off leaving his body limp and torn. I walked over to the closet where Melanie and I had our own closet reserved for only us to use. It had dresses, tops, skirts and jeans all hung along with heels scattered on the closet floor. I picked out a short dark blue dress with a low cut neckline, open back and zippers running down the sides along with black strap open toe heels. I opened the jewelry box on top of the top shelf of the closet and pulled out my Sapphire blue gem pendent and slipped on my matching ring. I looked in the full length body mirror, I fixed my hair and checked for any blood on my face or teeth. Once I was satisfied with my appearance I walked out the door. I looked behind me and saw Blake’s body disappear disintegrating into dust.

  Melanie was waiting near the door by the back of the bar talking to a man with dark Castagno hair, deep blue eyes and muscles ripping along his arms. I could see the lust in both his eyes and hers. She flashed him a smile that was used to lure in prey. He smiled down at her and she looked up at him from behind her eyelashes. He stared into her metallic yellow eyes identical to mine. She whispered something in his ear and started dragging him towards the white door I just came out of.

  “This one’s safe. I checked.” she said giggling. I moved aside so they could enter the room and as soon as they did they locked the door shut. I heard clothes ripping and the flirty comments of both her and the man. I heard a loud bang of the headboard and laughed. And I’m the rough one. I thought.

Shut up. Melanie thought.

And he’s only human. Damn! I thought.. I laughed and heard Melanie giggle in response.

Have fun! I thought.

  Ooh I will. Melanie thought and I heard more moans coming from the room. I walked away from the door and headed out to the dance floor. A man sitting alone at the bar caught my eye with reddish hair and coal black eyes. I walked over and sat down next to him. His eyes lingered on my body and I saw lust in his eyes. I smelled in his unique scent, mouthwatering now that I thought about it. He turned to me.

  “Can I buy you a drink?” he asked with a Irish accent, his eyes lingering on my legs. I crossed my legs and swiveled my chair towards him.

  “Yeah, thanks.” I said with an impish grin. He stuck out his hand for me to take.

  “Connor O’ Riley.” I slowly took his hand and grasped it lightly feeling his cold, granite skin. I saw him squirm in his seat a little and he smiled revealing milky white teeth.

  “Serena Martinez.” I said licking my lips and placing my heel on the bar beneath his stool, stretching out my leg. He chuckled and laid a hand against my leg sending chills up my leg from his cold touch. This is going to be fun. I thought to myself giggling darkly as I drank from a glass of Russian vodka the red liquid passing my lips and into my mouth. I swallowed a mouthful feeling the electrifying burn. It’s only the beginning though.


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