The Thorns of A Rose: Chapter 2

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This is the second chapter to Lillian's mother problems. Things get deeper with in time.. If you don't have a strong stomach then please don't read this.. I had to put personal experience within this chapter.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



Bill had put me into John’s room, the room with no windows (so I could leave you know). John’s room was a faded white color. No paintings, nothing, there was only: a bed, a clock, a bed side table, a lamp, a closet, and a dresser. His room was very simple. I leaned against the cool wall and put my hand over my stomach because my stomach began to hurt.

My thoughts had come upon me. I did not want it to be real; the idea of doing (paying) off “deeds” for my own mother’s problems killed me from the inside out. The ideas of my life, the life I worked so hard for just taken from me. My thoughts must have made me go into a daze, because I did not hear Bill come into the room, until clothes came and hit me out of my daze.

“Put these on. Boss’s order.” With that he left the room.

The tight jeans whoever picked out hugged my body just right enough to make the muscles in my legs and the lining of the hips and the crease between my legs noticeable for a little tease. The black shirt hugged at my body showing my curves, it made my cleavage almost look as though it was ready to spill from the top. Just then the door opened to bill standing shocked.

“You are straight up insane if you think I’m going to wear this!” I said raising my voice just a little with each word to him.

“You have no choice in the matter. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way you pick.” Bill came back with no emotion in his voice.

He stood out the way of the door so I could walk by. Nobody said anything as we got into the 2011 mustang. I did not ask were we were going for I knew talking would do nothing to help me leave this nightmare. We rode for almost 45 minutes until we pulled up onto a huge five story, white, rich house. This was the party house.

“I have to get money from some people. When you get in here stay with John.” Bill said looking into the mirror right at me as if I was the child.

“Whatever.” Was all I could say to him, because whatever was how I felt right about now.

Walking in to the house showed me how much I has regretted getting out of the car. Everyone was looking at John, Bill, and I. Though, they didn’t stare long enough to notice I needed help to get away from here. John grabbed my arm and went through people.

“I need to find someone. Stay near the bathrooms.” He was gone before I would even say anything back to him. Not like I cared to anyways.

Many people were looking at me funny when a few boys walked up to me.

“Hey, what’s up Shorty?” One with dark black hair and hazel eyes had asked. I said nothing. “Yo! I’m talking to you!”

“And I’m not. What do you want? Huh? I have nothing to give you.” I put my hands around my stomach, because it calmed me down a lot, and tried to walk away.

Since I was near the bathrooms the pushed me into one. There were four of them: black hair guy, ginger, brown head, and a blonde hair guy. I went to push them away but couldn’t. the black hair guy had the blonde hold my hands, while the ginger watched, as the brown head went to put a gag sex toy in my mouth, then he grabbed my legs as I went to kick.

All four men looked to be within their 30’s. Though, the black hair guy looked much older than the others. I tried to scream and move my body to get free though I could not. The black haired man’s hand ran over my chest and down my shirt. I tried harder to get free. This only made him smile, as he went to take my shirt off. He unhooked my bra as soon as my shirt was off and had landed onto the floor. Then he took one of my nipples into his hand and twisted. I screamed in pain and went to kick again but got gagged from the sex toy and help down so hard I thought my legs started to go numb. He dug his fingers into my stomach, cutting my skin with his nails as he went to my jeans. The pain from that alone could have killed me, as it left red marks and was bleeding some.

The blonde took one hand and twisted my nipple, causing more pain. The black and brown heads got my pants and underwear off. I was now naked and scared for my life. The black hair guy already had his cock out, as well as the ginger. My legs got spread as he entered me rough and painfully. My vagina got stretched and I screamed and cried and moved as much as I could. Though he dug his fingers into my sides and went as deep as he could.

The blonde had my wrist under his knees as he bent over me and bit my nipple. I could do nothing but scream and cry out in pain. He kept doing this until he went to the other side. Then he was twisting one and biting the other. By this point I wanted to die.

“Damn, baby you’re so tight but I know a fine ass whore looking girl like you aint no virgin.” The black hair growled as he started to pound into me.

I could not breath, my stomach had pains shooting through it, I gagged more, and I cried more. All I could do was feel fear and pain. I could feel the cum from the guy shot into me, feeling me up, as the ginger went to get ready for his turn, the black hair hit me across the face.

“That was for making noise.” The ginger said, as he grabbed me and pushed me against the sink.

A sharp pain shot through me, I could feel a bruise starting to form. The brown hair guy was now behind me holding my hands, so the blonde got to watch along side with the black hair guy. The ginger had called me a dirty little whore as he shoved his cock into me. My vagina was already sore and bloody. When we had entered I felt a sharp pain with in my stomach. Tears started to form when I looked down I seen a bruise starting to show, as his hand was help up to hit again.

“I want you to scream!” He yelled as he hit me again.

I screamed from the pain and from fear. Now I was getting a beating because I could not protect myself. Pushing and screaming trying to get away was not doing anything to help me get away. The ginger had his fingers dug into my thighs breaking the skin as he pounded more into me, harder and faster. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle anymore, the brown head entered me. He shoved his cock into my ass so hard and deep that I screamed so loud from the pain I had felt that someone from down the street could hear my screams, even with the sex toy being in my mouth. Both men were pounding in and out of me with so much force both wholes were ripped. The brown head had both my nipples between his fingers pinching and twisting; though this was no pain compared to them both being in me. I wanted to cry though my tears had all been cried and both pulled out and slammed into me with so much force I lost all air within me and screamed louder. This is when I felt the punch across my face.

“Shut the fuck up you whore!” The brown head said as he put one hand over my mouth pushing the sex toy more in so I started to gag more. “Take it!” He screamed into my ear.

I did as much as I could. Then he started to moan along with the ginger, the two that were watching were breathing hard and heavy. I closed my eyes taking it like they said though I could not ignore the pain as the brown heads cock swelled in my ass coming so much I could feel it run out. All of the sudden I heard a thud and the blond was on the floor. John was in his place holding a gun. The black head went after John, though, John drew back and hit the man across the face knocking him out. Then he held up the gun to where I was.

“Get the hell off her now or I swear I’ll blow your brains out!” He yelled at them the brown head listened to him and let go of my chest and pulled out, which hurt worse than going in.

“This is for my friends.” The ginger said as he slammed into me one last time and came deep in me, as my back hit the sink and my head the mirror. Then I heard the loud gunshot sound and the gingers blood was on me.

“That was for touching my girl.” John said holding the gun he just shot. The brown head ran out only to run into Bill standing at the door, and whatever Bill did to him could be heard from a mile away with the boys screaming.

John came over and pulled the sex toy out of my mouth which let me breathe easier. I could not find the words to say thank you or anything. John said nothing but held me close. Bill had come back with a towel and had put it around me. I could not walk, I could only cry. So that’s where we stayed until I started to fall asleep, and john picked me up and carried me to the car.

“I’m sorry.” Was all I could get out before blackness took me away from my living night mare.

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