The Thorns Of a Rose: Chapter One

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Lillan May lives with her drug addicted mother. One night a drug deal went wrong and now lillan must pay the price of finding her mother dead.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



My body was shaking under his touch, as I stood there wondering how I could have done this. My knees were weak, as I got mesmerized by his scent. My mouth was trembling under his touch, the touch of a lovers kiss. The beat of my own heart thumped wildly in my chest. We kissed like lovers making sweet love to one anothers mouth.

I laid on the forest floor forestalling ideas about life. The thoughts about life stewed me worse than anything. The floor of the forest eased my mind, the feel of the cool grass a little warm from the afternoon sun, and the dirt so rich and soft. Red roses grew here more than anywhere I had ever seen, their soft petals so lovely with their dark red color, though their stem's hold the thorns that could prick even the hardest of hands. The sky was not blue and full of white clouds you wished to jump upon, but more of a gray color with swirls of whitely tan marks as if someone had painted it to fit this non-perfect world. The sun began to fade down behind the hill. I picked a rose and headed home; taking my sweet time, breathing in the warm air having natures scent come to life around me.

"Awake, arise, pull out your eyes, and hear what time of day. And when you've done, pull out your tongue, and see what you can say." I sang over and over again, as I walked home.

I knew that my time for peace would be limited and would end once I stepped out of the forest. At that moment I wish I could have frozen time, just long enough for everything to be right again, but knew that would not happen no matter how much I wished upon a shooting star.

"Mom, I'm back!" I called out into the house as soon as I opened the door.

My mother and I lived in a house with three floors; the basement, the main floor, and the addict (also known as my bedroom). The outside was green, not bright green, almost a black green, though when the sun hits it just right you can tell that it is green. It looked like a perfect home to live in, the perfect family of mother-daughter bounding. It was a nightmare in the house with the doors closed, shades on the windows pulled down, and the lights out.

"Mom," I had yelled again a little louder. I walked into the living room to find what I see every day, her passed out on the couch from doing to many drugs. ", great." I sat the rose down and cleaned up the drugs.

My mother has done: Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Fontanel, Methamphetamine, and other drugs for many years now. To me it was normal to come home and find her passed out on the couch, table, floor, or chair. She said she only does them because of when my father left her; he was the love of her life, her high school sweet heart. At first it was a missing person’s case, though the police couldn't find him so the case went cold. I think he was the only one to put up with her and finally had enough of her drama.

I left to go to my room taking my rose with me; I sat my rose down on my table and went to go take a shower. I had the water so hot that the second I turned it on the steam took over the bathroom. The water felt so good against my skin, like little kisses, I leaned against the shower wall after I washed and everything so the water could cover me like a warm blanket.

When I got out I wrapped a towel around my body and one around my head for my hair. I cleaned the steam off of the mirror to look at myself. My mother and I did not look alike in anyway, she was skinny with long black hair half way down her back, vary tan, tall, hazel eyes, and high cheek bones. I am on the bigger side, short brown hair to my shoulders, white with freckles, grey-green-blue eyes and sometimes an orange color. Plus I am shorter than my mother.

I got dressed in my red-black dragon boxers and purple bat woman tank top ready for bed. It was 11:11 pm so I went to see if my mom was awake yet. Going down stairs to find her still passed out on the couch, I sat on the little table in front of the couch and shook her.

"Hey, mom it's time to wake up," no answer so I shook her some more ", dude, mom get up!" then did I noticed she wasn't breathing. "MOM!!" I shook her more and more hoping to get a response but nothing happened. My next option, the phone.

"Hello, Covington City Police. What is your emergency?" A woman asked.

"My mom's not breathing, I tried waking her up but she won’t wake up!" I almost screamed into the phone.

"Ma'am where are you calling from?"

"Hot spring’s it's about 40 or so minutes away from ya'll."

"I have to transfer you to Bath County Police. If you will please...” I didn't let her finish.

"Listen here you milieus, spiteful, and domineering woman don't you dare transfer me! Now ya'll can put down the coffee and donuts and get your butts here! You understand?"

"Help is on the way." I hung up.

I turned to go back to the room my mother was in but came to face with something hitting me. I only remember a tall dark figure standing over me. My body felt as though it was falling, my mind was slowly going blank, until my head hit something knocking me out cold. Out until I was in complete darkness.

I awoke to be on my back. Trying to move was hard being as rocks and dirt had scrapped across my back, sending pain threw my body. Looking around there was no light to be seen from inside the room, only light could be seen from under the door that was up the stairs. Sitting up the rocks dug into my hands as if it was piercing my skin with every move I made to get up. Hearing footsteps above me had me stop in my track of getting up. Though when I heard the voices of men I couldn’t stop myself in the urge to see what they were talking about.

“Please, explain what could have gone wrong! I don’t see a reason why you would have brought a teenage girl here!” A man had said with a dark voice that could send chills down the back of the devil himself.

“If I hadn’t done something the police would have found me in the house! I didn’t have time to get out, not with her standing where I was hiding!” This time it was a sweet voice with an edge of fear as he spoke.

“You’re explaining this one to Boss I refuse to go down with another mistake, because you can’t handle a job right.” You could tell he was grinding his teeth together as he said the words.

The conversation had stopped and silence filled the house with the truth of me being in trouble. I pulled my arms around my stomach as my head was pressed against the door waiting to hear something more, something that would give me hope. Footsteps started for the door, a heavy footstep, the kind to say I don’t care what others have to say I am mad and I will show it. Getting up I went to sneak back down the stairs. Though the sound of the stairs cracking with each step, even if my step was as light as a feather the sound echoed, and the door was jerked open.

A man of 6 foot 3 inches looking to be in his early thirties stood at the opening of where the door had once been. The light from upstairs had shown his ice blue eyes. The eyes that many believed to read into ones soul, eyes of a man who got a job done even if it had to end in a deadly way. His hand grabbed my arm tensely as he dragged me up the stairs. I tried to keep up though my feet had come out from under me. The man had a sickened look upon his face as he looked back at me.

“Bill relax, Boss won’t have to find out.” This was the voice of the other man I had heard.

Though this man was younger, but was around the same height as the man who was digging his fingers into my arm with anger, the man known as Bill. This younger man had looked to be Bills’ twin if it hadn’t been for his hair (which was short brown hair) and his eyes (being a grey color). As Bills’ hair was short and black and the eyes of ice blue that rested upon his face.

“That’s easy for you to say John. You don’t have a wife that comes home every day. She doesn’t know that I do this, now I can’t hide it! If my marriage ends because we have this little wimpy teenager in my house, I promise on everything you will wish you never crossed me.” Bill had said looking at the sweet looking man, John.

Bill’s hand loosened on my arm a little letting the blood flow easier, though the deadly eyes still remained the same. He half dragged me to a light blue almost gray color couch, with white pillows with lace around them.

“You won’t get away with this. People will start looking for me, it won’t look right when I called the cops and vanished.” That was first time I had spoken, my throat was dry and sore, and talking came out as a scratched whisper that no one would have heard if it had not already been silent in the room.

“What makes you so sure that we will leave you alive? You are no use to us. As I see it you’re already dead in my eyes.” He was in my face saying the words with a growl, sounding powerful. His voice was the voice that put fear in many people, though I never give into fear. For fear is like cancer if you give into it even for a second it takes over and destroys you, slowly and painfully.

“Yes, because you can kill a pregnant girl without living the thoughts that you killed an unborn child. All because you are a controlling, over acting powerful man. Someone who has no fears no regrets. Though I believe if you killed my baby you would have that hanging over your head. Every night before you go to sleep with your wife, the images of blood around a small human, blood that covers the body. The same blood that will slowly destroy you, when your wife brings up having kids, you can think about you killing someone else’s child. Could you imagine the trust she would have around you as she carried your child in her stomach? Knowing that you killed a baby, which could have been hers? Stop and think about it. Your marriage would fall apart because of you. Not me, not John, not my mother, only you.” I could not look into his eyes as I spoke the words.

“John call Boss, tell him we have a problem.” Bill demanded John to do.

John walked into the other room to call Boss as Bill stood in front of me. Breathing deeply and slowly, as if each breath would be the last breath he could ever take. Nothing was said because he knew what I had said was the truth. No matter how hard he wanted to deny the words I had said to him he knew there was no way around them. John came back into the room, in a hurry.

“Boss said he will be over in a few. He said he will deal with it when he gets here.” John’s voice had calmed the room of anger. At least it did for me.

Silence screamed its way back into the house. All three of us sat there, all in our own minds. Nothing more was to be said between us. As I was sitting on that light blue couch looking up upon the two men who held my life, I noticed that something was nothing right. The hint of fear was seen threw Bill’s ice blue eyes, as they looked at the door waiting for that knock to scare the silence away. John was nibbling at his nails, or so it was to look like if you never done this before. He was chewing on the dead skin around his finger nails, fast and rough.

The silence was a never ending time into the mind of a crazy person. It screamed the truth, it screamed the thoughts we pushed away. Silence is harder to hear above than noise, especially when your mind goes wild with thoughts you dreamed never would come back. Though the silence didn’t last as the knock of the door broke the thoughts, broke the screaming, and broke the faith I had.

Bill opened the door to a man of the same height as the other two. His eyes were dark brown that had a shine to them. His long red hair was to his shoulder blades in the front and lower in the back. He was the pimp, the boss, the one people feared to mess with but loved to be with. This was Boss.

As the door opened it did not take long for him to find me. To find that I was real, to find I was in trouble. I never feared from anyone. He understood I was hard headed even when I said nothing. He understood that I was not going to be easy to get along with. Knowing I was not giving in to anything that he had to say to me. This man was smart, and fast to read people. Boss was the man who could get you to do anything. The one thing he did to me was put fear into me. Send chills down my back, as if someone lightly brushed their fingertips down my bare back. Then he spoke the words I knew would change my life forever. The words that would soon destroy who I ever was, and who ever I thought I would be.

“So, are you ready to start paying off your mothers debts to me?” He said looking straight into my eye, showing me I had no way of getting out of this.

My mother’s problems were now my own; my mother’s problems were now my life. I closed my eyes to imagine the red rose thorns the ones that had pierced my skin many times. I longed to feel that again at that moment it was like stepping out of the woods into the real world. Only this time I had no place to hide. I could never run away from this. My dream of a life to live by myself was gone with the dealing of my mother and these men. Nothing was to be said to the question that he had ask, we all knew the answer. My thoughts has slipped back to reality, I could not run from this life. All I could do was open my eyes and live with my new life. The life my mother had pierced upon me.

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