Black and Red =[

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Ever felt like the whole world is against you? Like you have no other way out... And just turn to a knife....

Submitted: June 08, 2008

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Submitted: June 08, 2008



The darkness started to creep over me. The lights, slowly fading from the palest blue to deep purple to burning crimson, eventually resting at the deepest jet black. Thoughts ran through my head at that point. Not ordinary thoughts. No. They were disturbed, distorted, disfigured thoughts. Voices? Only my own. Resounding throughout the empty room. Out of pitch to slow beat depressing music. Another thing I hated about myself. "I cant sing". I stood abruptly of the bed. My head was spinning. A gentle sound of the chink of glass sounded in my ears. Half a bottle of pills lay on the floor. "Save them till later". I glanced towards the door. On the back of the door was a full length mirror. Shattered. I looked down and a smile spread across my face as I saw footprints across the carpet. Red footprints. Leading from the remains of my shattered reflection to the edge of the bed where my feet dangled over a puddle of blood. I couldn’t feel it. I slumped backwards over the bed and thought. I thought of all the bad things in my life. It edged me on as a drum does a soldier in battle. I sat up, using most of my energy that remained. My hand was shaking as I picked up the small bottle. One, two, three, four….. How many will I need? All of them? No five will do. In my mouth along with a swig of vodka from the bed side table. As I put it back onto the table I spotted a glimmer of light. Like the sun dancing of the waves of the ocean. I picked it up, hand shaking more than ever. The knife fitted perfectly into my hand. Almost like it was meant to be. The pills weren’t working quickly enough. I looked at my wrists. Already scarred. One more wont hurt. I laughed out loud at my own stupidity. Of course it would hurt. But I wouldn’t feel it. I pressed the cold metal blade up against my wrist. Pressed slightly. Little beads of red pushed up though my skin. Then more and more. It trickled down my arm. I pushed deeper and then I saw stars popping before my eyes. The knife dropped. I lost all feeling. My eyes blurred as if a film were being placed over them. Then I saw darkness unfolding before me.
Red and black merged into one, and all of a sudden, the pain was gone.

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Black and Red =[

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