Never whole again

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How someones actions against you can scar you forever.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Dark hair fell to her shoulders,

Constrasted against her white face,

Big blue eyes shone innocently,

Her naivity firmly in place,

Excitement bubbled within her,

Curlers in, make up on, getting ready,

When shes out her vision starts blurring,

Her heads spinning, on her feet she's unsteady,

Heart racing, pulse quickening,

As she returns she's aware,

Of a noise from the shadows,

The unnerving feel of a stare,

Her mind just says paranoid,

But she's no longer questioning,

Power and pressure come hard and fast,

To one who isnt expecting,

A large hand covers her protesting mouth,

As she desperately tries to scream,

Her begging falls upon deaf ears,

Her eyes close to pretend its a dream,

Pain sears through her imobile body,

Violated in every way,

Devestation crashes in waves around her,

Embaressment, fear and shame,

Though her wounds will heal slowly,

Her mind is scarred forever,

Innocene gone, naivity forgotten,

Will she be whole again? never.

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