All I Want For Christmas

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I love Christmas!!!

Submitted: December 17, 2008

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Submitted: December 17, 2008



All I want for Christmas is to make you smile
To bring joy to the world, and a love worth while.
Fill your cups with the warm comfort of goodwill towards men
While sharing stories of your younger days well spent.

Days when Christmas was a feeling inside
Spawned from family and friends
from giving and from life.

Not from holiday specials and store front displays
Not from Santa or reindeer his elves or his sleigh.
Forget all the lights and the trees, the hanging mistletoe too
Christmas is a time where there should be only one thing to do.

Appreciate each other for the love and life we share
Be thankful for the people who have always been there

Spread peace and joy
give with every breath
love at every corner
Do it all with at your very best

But most of all this Christmas be sure to make it known
That the reason we can have such joy and peace
is because Jesus descended from his throne

He was born on earth
in a manger so they say
the details aren't that important
just the message brought that day

The message of hope to all mankind
that every single promise made
was to be fulfilled, as is its purpose
God bless you all and good day.

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