Just Call Me...

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It speaks for itself

Submitted: November 18, 2008

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Submitted: November 18, 2008



Just call me an optimist, go ahead say it, it's true!

I hear the world around me and process my own views.

Listen to the winds as they tickle brown-leaved trees

Don't miss an opportunity to feel the soft, cooling breeze.

Are you really paying attention to the palette that surrounds us.

Each hue an open invitation to layer over our worries with a brush.

Feel the air of restoration, breathe it in, please, fill your chest.

Exhale the sounds of expectations, your words can bring the best.

Grasp the earth, all it's gritty, stony soil.

Grind it, shape it, mold it, do not flee the toil.

Sweat out your frustrations and exert your inner pain.

It's fuel for the fire, forging all life has for you to gain.

It's squandered if it goes untouched, just rotting out your soul.

Employ each piece of brokeness to propel you towards your goal.

The world is just a template, a canvas, an empty page.

So just call me an optimist

as I create life day to day

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