Dark Poems

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These are just some dark poems for people that like to read them. Don't read these poems if you don't like dark stuff. You've been warned.

Submitted: August 01, 2010

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Submitted: August 01, 2010



Poem: After I Lost You

In a bat of an eyelash, the shadows you left behind are gone

Now I have nothing

There's nothing left to grasp onto

I am sinking










I float away

Into the midnight blacks and reds

I have been released...

Poem: Another Suicide

The black eyes of determination peer at you from under dyed black bangs

You can't win, so you back away, slam the door of your broken heart

The girl knows how to go, how to disapear permanently

Tonight, at midnight, she is not in her meaningless bed

She stares at the moon shimmered waters below, from her last bridge

The bridge is the girl's own special platform

Soon she will step happily onto the train of death

As the girl takes the plunge, the train come rushing into the station

The girl arrives just on time

With one last sad smile, she is carried away

On the journey of death

Poem: Questioning Ghost

Why do I see when the world is dark?

Why do I follow paths that disapear into the night?

That don't exist at all...

Why does the moon glow red on my face

And dark angels caress my feathered back?

Why must I seek food, emotion, love where there is none?

Why do I see with clouded black eyes

Yet never am decieved by shadows and ashes?

Why does my body hang forgotten in chains, off a bridge, over a muddy, sluggish river?

Why does my body drift back and forth in the slightest breeze that whispers death?

What did I do?

Why is the sight before my eyes, that of a ghost town?

Because that's really all that's left

Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, and more ghosts...

Poem: The Undead

They howl in the night for what they never had

A grief so soaked into their souls from tears that were shed inside

Though the dark blood ceased flowing through their veins long ago, they still feel

An awful blackness blankets their minds into insanity

That's why they appear so ugly

With scratches and bruises that taint the face

And ghastly grey skin that barely hoilds in slowly crumbling bones

Their graves mean nothing, they are abandoned

Undead souls peer at you from foggy windows, pleading for justice

Their screams tell of murdurs, lost love, madness, and death

They don't even have each other

They don't know the others exist

The light will never shine on them

So, forever they roam by moonlight, pulling madly at their stringy hair

Crooning and screaming their betrayels for all the world to hear...

Poem: Death

I am from the belly of hell and the blackest thoughts of the gods

I am from desperate trys from the victom's family to win

I am from always winning in the end

I am from coming in the night, victom's dead by first light

I am from AIDs, cancer, and all killer diseases

I am from the non existing "after life"

I am from a darkness that stretches on forever, not one chink of light to be seen

I am from being known as inevitable

I am from the proud knowledge that I am forever and a second rolled into one

I am from not caring for the living, but never misleading a soul in the resulting darkness after I've finished my part

I am from being life's enemy, yet not caring at all, since I win every battle

I am from death, for I AM death

I hope you feel positively happy now! LOL! : )))p I crack myself up....or am I just cracked up? Who knows?!

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