My Life-Changing Helper

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This is basically a thank-you note in the form of a poem. It's to all the people in my life that have cared enough to help me when I was scared I was going to drown in my feelings. They understand and accept me for who and what I am. Without them, I probably would be just another suicidal emo/goth girl. BTW, not all those people are people I've met. Some of those people I've only written to on the web. But they helped all the same.
I love you, all you helpers!

Submitted: December 05, 2009

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Submitted: December 05, 2009



I was lost in the fog of feeling,

Tripping over every root until I was just kneeling,

My heart was blacker than the blackest ink,

I felt like I was an old,rusty boat; I was ready to sink,

The air had left my lungs long ago,

And there was no heart left to sew,

Then, I saw a hand extend my way,

It scared me more than I can say,

I'd been silent for so long, I didn't trust it,

But I also knew something had changed and no more could I stand to sit,

So the words made a river from my unwilling lips,

You gave me a long drink of help and I didn't take a breath between sips,

I never looked back, once I knew someone would listen,

The love and caring you showed me that day still makes my eyes glisten,

My gratitude for you is endless,

Next time, I'll be there for you when YOU'RE heart is a mess.

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