The Darkness Of My Soul

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Submitted: January 16, 2010

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Submitted: January 16, 2010



My soul has darkened over the long years

It has been stained with many tears

I was once light-hearted and young

But then the harsh bells of reality rung

I could no longer ignore the many pains of life, like I once had

Now all I could be was angry and sad

I gradually started making my life resemble what I felt

It was like I was on a glacier that I knew was going to melt

As my life crashed down around me, people worried for me

But they didn't know the full extent of it, a pained emo was all they could see

I turned inward and hid myself from prying, confused eyes

I could only snap at them; I believed that they were spies

I was a wounded animal that would bite anyone that got near

Everything and everyone filled me with great fear

Then...a kind face showed it's self to me

Happiness and kindness was the only thing on the face that I could see

My desperate heart betrayed me and I immedietly trusted that kind soul

The sweet soul led me to a great bunch of loving friends that spoon-fed me happiness and love until I was full

I have not rid myself completely of my deep hate, despair, sadness, and anger yet

But the internal black scars will someday fade to a distant threat

Until then, I only live and love for my friends, those wonderfully loving, sweet souls.

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