The Oldest As New

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This is a creepy poem about vampires, in case you don't find that out while reading the poem. : ))

Submitted: May 17, 2010

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Submitted: May 17, 2010



Unexpected killers of ageless bodies

The old that died new

With blood that could resorect the dead

Happiness came with the first vicious plunge

But a death of life came with the second

Hunger keeps these souls moving further and further from the living

Yet hunger also brings them closer

Crosses, garlic, and stakes do not scare them, nor put them at bay

The light that falls on them from the heavens is tinged black from fallen angels blood

Only the good kill the bad

Others don't care, a human equals a fiest

Tales of the old resonate with death shrieks and black cloakes whirling in the night

These beings are the rest stop between life and death

Fear for your life force, your never dying engine

Lock locks, click bolts, softly close shutters

The white beauties will beckon to you from your fogged windows

But in your seat, you should remain

Do not connect, don't even give a half moon glance

They will disconnect your heart

Empty you like a jug into thier waiting burning throats

All that's left of you by the end is a new hunger

Blood swishes and sings in the bulging veins of innocents

A lunge will give you release from the wildfirew in your throat

They have no idea, not a clue, what is waiting for them

Death is waiting impationtly for them to arrive

There are consequenses for those that delay

Bright eyes dim, skin pales, teeth sharpen, there is much pain

Blood is the life.

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