You Are Forbidden

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This is a poem about "yours truly". : ) Another tough poem. But stay with me! I'm just going through some hard times right now. Hopefully, it'll pass. I wish....

Submitted: February 21, 2011

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Submitted: February 21, 2011



Don't touch me

I'm toxic

The subject of everyone's glares and foul thoughts

Sometimes I wonder why I am so hated

But then I remember

I am me

I am toxic waste


Fucked up shit

So don't touch me

You need not get sick because of your pity

I won't allow it

You are forbidden

Alone in a desert of a world

I hold the blame as much as you do

Someone strangled me when I was a girl

Now no hands can touch me

Armor surrounds my dying heart

Kids can tell I'm not right

Something shattered inside me, and now I resemble The Scream by that famous artist

I am a piece of one of Pablo Picasso's angrier, sadder works

So don't touch me

You are forbidden

Pain is my cousin

Hate is my father

Grief is my mother

Terror is my sister

One sick family, all twisted together

And I wonder who I am

An uncontrolled mix of girl, boy, bi, trans, pain, anger, grief, terror, extreme, murder

That's why they stare

Their unsaid words slashing my soul, along with my arms

Gashes dripping invisible blood

Tears come in the night

No one knows

All the while, as the world shakes, spins, blurs

I crave for a touch

A touch of a true, raw heart

You are willing to give all that

But the armor keeping my heart together will not go

I am not yours, fool, I say

Queen of ice

Burning to death inside

Emotions char my heart

No one will ever touch this scarred cover of skin

Not anyone, not YOU


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