Oh sweet sweet love

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This is how mine and my Boyfriend's first kiss was. This also tell's you a little bit about our life and what we go through but we never and never will let out love die

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



Oh Sweet Sweet love. How your eye's shine bright. When you kiss me it's like i'm alive for the first time. Your heart beat matches mine as our lip's move closer and closer, Our faces drawing near.

I love your sweet arm's around me while you whisper in my ear, "Oh my sweet sweet love, Your eye's hold your fear's but don't worry my love, I will always be here." He hold's my face as our lip's sweetly touch. The way he moves his mouth agaisnt mine makes me almost want to cry.

The way he hold's me close as if he'll die if he let's me go. It's sweet when he talk's about me like i'm the only one.

Were young and people say "Your to young to understand love." How do they know? How our heart's feel inside? There just upset because we found what they have to hide. There eye's our blind because there heart's have gone cold. They hide the love that they have once known.

Were always together forever and always. I'll soon be his Wife and he will soon be my Husband. Oh sweet sweet love, The kind that young people know because the older you get......The harder it get's to find. So there for i am blessed to find my one true love :) Oh sweet sweet love.

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