my so called sh*t life

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5:31 pm
a shit saturday afternoon

a page frm my life

Submitted: August 07, 2010

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Submitted: August 07, 2010



it's not fair it never is.

i thought mayb this once.but whatevai dnt

care, i hate it,it's just not fair!

i refuse to break,it'll jst make them win!

i refuse to show the my emotions,so i simply hide behind a blank facade.

lifes nt fair,get used to it,but this i cant,i cannot accept it!

this unjustice makes me wnt 2 scream,to sob,to break down. but i cnt, i cnt even wallow in solitude.there's even a problem with that.

my hand shakes,my lip mind refuses to comprehend.

i'll jst be silent,then maybe everything will be alryt?

i pause i wait,i listen waiting for their doesnt cum,it never does,

still i dnt knw y ders a faint glimmer of hope in me

i want to cry,i'm close to it. jst as a thread hangin in a strm is goin to b blown away.

i wnt 2 scream, i wnt to shout,i wnt to bang my head against the wall. i swallow dwn my insanity,bt the wolf in me still howls.

y?? i wnt sumone to answer.though i knw no-one will.

i feel my own weakness,fall out in a single tear.i dnt knw y bt,

my heart breaks again.

even as i type this my tears blur my vision,so for now i fling them away!

i feel a lump inside my throat,threathning me. i try to breath,to control myself.

i stare out my window...the passing clouds,the darkning sky...

i also wnt to b passing through.

a bird so still ,lo0ks so strng.

i hate them,i wish 4 them to feel this pain.

i cannot control the tremer in my voice as i speak,the filling of my eyes,

i feel my nose clog.

i put my head back,nt wnting the tears to fall.i try to breath it doesnt work.

i try to be strng..never mind its already dun

no super-glu cn put back the pieces of my heart.

i wish my feelings away... were's my music,

were's my s0ng

i need to listen to sumone else scream,instead of me.maybe i'll be calm,

mayb i wnt feel lyk crap

bt wtever it doesnt matter


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