she's the answer to my silence she's my sound

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entry for SONG competition, i 0we my sis "soulcandygal" for editing this for me, the credit goes to her! i love you sis and i appreciate all ur help!!

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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Submitted: December 14, 2010



13. Let’s write our ending together.

19. she's the answer to my silence she's my sound


My heart was unsettled, my mind was unsure.

I was shaking from all the worries racing through my head.


Uncertainty mocked me

"its too late for regrets"

Today was the wedding, MY wedding


 Yes or no? The question of a life time.

I didn’t know what choice to make,

whether I’d live to regret my decision


Doubt overwhelmed me.

There was no place to run

and the only person I would run to was no other then

he who stood infront of me on the altar.

the guy I was to marry, the love of my life


My past was a barricade that slashed my hopes away.


at that moment every thought left me,

 as he faced me,

understanding my conflicting emotions,

he nodded once then,

 with a shaky voice

he began reading  out  from the page gripped  in his hands,


“she's the one, she's the one  I have searched for my entire life:


she's there for me when no one else will listen

she's there for me when no one else cares.


shes my happiness,

 my laughter,

 my joy.


she lessens my burdens

 she shares my pain

she carries my worries on her shoulders


she's my life,

 my being,

my haven.


she's the one I want to cook for me,

she's the one I want to grow old with,

she's the one I want to walk alongside the park with.


she's the one I want to bear my kids with,

she’s the one I want to be the mother of my children.


She’s the one i reach for in my sleep,

she's the one I see in my dreams.,

 she's the one I want to wake up next to.


 she’s the one I want by my side day and night ,

she’s the one I turn to when the world gets too tough.


 she’s the one I find relief in.

She’s the one I seek comfort in.


she’s my balm. she soothes my worries

she calms my anger ,

she cools my  fire,

she’s  the one I turn to when I’ve had a bad day.



she’s the one I smile at ,for no apparent reason.

she's my best friend, my confidante, my lover.


she’s the only one that can see past my facade,

she looks past my face and simply understands


she's the rainbow in my life,

 the shine for my sun.


She’s a rare gem , a treasured find

 She’s mines only, for all eternity


she's my soul, my other half.

she's the one I turn to,

she's the one that captured my heart.


 she's the one for me

she's the one, the only one

 she's the one, the only one.........”


 Then with that he turned to me eyes filled with emotion and with a shaking voice he finished 

“She’s the answer to my silence: she’s my sound”

My heart which had stopped beating suddenly began thumping deafeningly.

I swear I could hear music in the back round,


”She’s the answer to my silence she’s my sound” 

I could hear his words echoing through my entire being.

 his words enshrouding me with warmth and colour.


”She’s the answer to my silence she’s my sound” 


The music volume picked up and then I blinked amazed to find this a reality

when I looked up all I could see was his face,


“give me a chance Mel, give US a chance”

 He begged me on one knee, a ring in his hand and a promise of infinity etched on his face.


"lets write our ending together".


He stretched out his right hand, offering me the world and more.

I took a step forward,

reaching out and sealed the deal for all eternity...

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