Traveling Monk

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A very short story of a young monk hiking in the mountains

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013




God it’s cold.

That’s all Farov could muster in his cloudy head. Up on Mount Reev there was hardly any mercy to the unprepared. And unprepared he was. With his light coat and cotton pants. 

Nothing greater than wool, he thought.  

A late spring snow had caught him unawares in the night leaving a new, clean, blanket of whiteness all around. He wished he could pitch his tent and wait for the winds to blow it off. Alas the Monks had little patience. Being as old as they are. Trudging along the path. Step by miserable step. Higher and higher. His boots soaked right through making his feet feel 100 pounds each. Miserable work indeed.

The Mountains are as cruel as you make them to be.

The words of his master. Monk Ebner. One of the most known in the Hargret Range. Old. Wise. Pain in the ass, thought Farov. Good man all in all though. He’d sent Farov to one of the villages far below First Steps. All to get a small sack no larger than small bird. He had no clue to what was inside. Truthfully he didn’t care. This small package had got him out of the Monastery for a few weeks. 

Farov grinned. Just enough time to have fun with some women

The Monks only accepted men into their Temple and they had a strict rule against bedding a woman. Something he despised. Many years of being cooped up with a bunch of men can make one irritable and restless. One needed to release some steam every now and then.


There was less and less snow as he climbed. A good thing about the winds on the open paths. Although it bites into you like a rabid dog. Still he lumbered on. Annoyed.

It’s fucking cold

The rocky winding path up the mountain continued for a few miles until it reached 

the Great Rope Bridge. Spanning a half mile across an Enormous Ravine. Connecting Mount Reev to Mount Vluu’d. 

Shit my favorite part.

Truth be told Farov had made this journey five times since his Apprenticeship. Each time he dreaded the rope bridge. The Monks have said that it had been there for a hundred or so years. Which didn’t make him feel any better about crossing it. Luckily however, the wind were favorable. There had been times where he had crossed with the wind howling and the snow blinding. Frightening times. 

He took his first few steps onto the bridge, trying his best not hurry. If he hurried the wood planks made a unattractive noise. No. Best to stay calm and and slowly meander across. Many of the Monks choose not to cross the bridge. Instead they take the long path all the way down to the Ravine and around the mountains. A three day extra walk. Farov had not the time or patience for such a extension to his journey. 

The trick was to look at the summit of the mountains around him. If you looked across, you would see how far you had left. If you looked down... He shuddered remembering the last time he had made that mistake.

Farov looked to the top of Mount Vluu’d. A few snow clouds were starting to envelop the summit. Pretty soon he would not be able to see it. Such is the Mountains. Weather changes in a blink of an eye. It could be sunny and brisk one minute then brutally cold and windy the next. He noticed he was about three quarters across now. 

Almost off this hellish piece of hemp

He looked to the northeast. There he could see some of the taller towers of the Temple over the hill. Still a half day away. A half day away from being warm and dry. Something that made Farov want to triple his pace. If it wasn’t for this acursed bridge he would have. 

He was a few strides from the end when he heard the deafening crunch sound. All to familiar to Farov. It came from the other side. Up on top of Mount Reev. An Avalanche. A large one at that. He turned to watch. Marveling at the sheer power of it. He lost sight a few times as it went over each of the rocky hills. The mass amount of snow ended up throwing itself over into the Ravine. Some of the snow landing in the exact spot Farov had been standing on the other side of the bridge. Luck had been with him today it seemed.

“Haha!” he screamed across, “You’ll have to do better than that!”

Farov smiled and continued his hike. Best not keep his master waiting too long.


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