A Glimpse of Heaven

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Sometimes, we are given a small glimpse of heaven.

Submitted: June 07, 2007

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Submitted: June 07, 2007



A Glimpse of Heaven

“If you have finished stuffing your face with pasta, come join me on the porch! I wanna show you something,” Bob screamed as he tediously put another pinch of tobacco in his pipe. He smashed it inside till it just crept out of the top and started lighting it.


Beverley scooped up the last bit of pasta left in her bowl. I am actually full, I could leave this mouthful, but then who will eat it? This is not enough to give to the dog and too tasty to throw away. There is something about bacon, mushroom and chicken smothered in a creamy sauce that brings out the glutton in me! What the heck, can’t let good food go to waste. She slowly brought the last bit to her lips, savoured the smell that filled her nostrils and then opened her mouth expectantly as the last morsels entered them. She sighed as the delightful fragrances played havoc in her mouth. Heaven!


“Beverley, aren’t you done stuffing your face? I have something to show you!”


Beverley slowly took the dirty plate to the kitchen. She rinsed it under hot running water and then put it in the dishwasher. Silently she contemplated what she should say to Bob. She finally decided on a course of action and shuffled to the porch.


Bob looked up towards the door when he heard Beverley’s shuffle behind him. With his left hand he patted the place next to him on the wooden bench.


“Now Bob, I have had enough of your constant bickering and innuendos over my weight! I am not the shapely thirty year old girl you married anymore. Not even you can claim that time did not change you. I am a plump fifty year old woman now, the mother of your three wonderful children and I deserve to be treated with respect! If I decide to stuff my face now and then, I think I deserve it. Lord knows, you are one hell of a cross to bear!” Beverley said before all her bravado fled her completely.


“Just sit on the bloody bench Beverley. I want to show you something,” and he patted the seat next to him again.


Beverley just gave him a ‘if looks could kill’ glare and sat on the open space next to him. Bob pointed to the setting sun. The sky was filled with fragments of blue and orange and a tainted red. On the horizon the lush green of the plantations below almost united with the blazing yellow of the setting sun. Even Beverley’s raging emotions could not compete with the wondrous panorama that blossomed before her eyes.


“Look there my wife. I was looking at this magnificent scene and I remembered that sunny dress you wore the first time we met. I remember thinking to myself that you must be the loveliest creature ever to grace my presence. I knew at that moment that God sent you to me. Do you remember the first time we kissed?” and he took her hand into his.


“Yes I do. You were wearing silly green trousers with a yellow shirt. Such a geek! I thought, but when you walked over to me, all I could see was that look in your eyes,” she sighed as waves of remembrance washed over her.


“Well, I love you now more than I ever loved you before. As Tom said, ‘you complete me’ my love. I cannot see myself growing old with anyone else, but you. You are the promise of spring in my winter, the budding rose on my stem. When I look at you I see my sunrise on a cold, stormy night. I love you more than heaven my sweet,” and he gently lowered his lips to kiss her gently.


Beverley leaned into his body and the sweet taste of tobacco filled her nostrils as she delightfully answered his questioning lips.


“Oh Bob,” she sighed, “you always knew the words to my heart.” She held his hand and put her head on his shoulder.


“Beverley, what I just can’t fathom is why you always have to bloody stuff your face when I have something important to tell you? Damn woman, can’t you leave the fridge closed for just one day?”


Beverley just laughed and said, “Oh Bob, you’ll never change! But I love you just the way you are.”

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