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I found myself waiting anxiously in the line. Almost unable to contain the zeal in my eyes. What was I getting?

Submitted: May 26, 2007

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Submitted: May 26, 2007




I found myself waiting anxiously in the line. Almost unable to contain the zeal in my eyes. What was I getting?

A young dark haired boy passed by. The look of absolute serenity  on his face almost made me wanna cry, "I got compassion, I got compassion, please don't cry!", he says as he watches my mournful eyes. The line is getting smaller now. I can almost see the front if I strain my eyes.

The dark colored boy in front of me starts fidgeting, "I can't wait any longer,  why don't we both join the other line."

My eyes fixed on the goal in front I say, "The Lord is waiting for me, no matter how long I take to get to him." He looks at me impatiently and then joins the other line.

A pretty blond haired girl joins me in the line. Now I am not the last one anymore. She pats me on the shoulder, "Why don't you join the other line? It is much shorter and you wont be the last one anymore."

I smile at her and point to the front, "Being last, does not mean that I won't get my gift. The Lord keeps it safe only for me." Disgruntled she leaves and joins the other line. 

The other line keeps getting shorter even with all the kids joining it from the first line. But I stay in place, moving forward at a snail's pace.

A gorgeous brown eyed boy in front of me asks, "Why don't we join the other line? They get more gifts than we do in this neverending line."

I look at him and say, "Just one gift from the Lord is enough for me. The Lord alone knows what I will need." He eyes me peculiarly, and then walks over to the other line.

More and more join the second line, and still it gets shorter and my line gets longer. Yet I am not worried, my gift will be magnificent, this I know for sure.

I finally am able to see the front. There is only a wooden, almost broken, worn-down old chair. In it sits a very old man, with a gray beard and very old clothes. He looks like the beggars you find on the road. No presents are around Him, only grass surrounds His throne.

And in the front of the second line there is a glorious throne. A king sits on a golden chair that sparkles in the light. The road to the throne is embedded with diamonds, and all around him is boxes and boxes of gifts in all shapes and sizes. A magnificent sight it was to behold.

The only remaining blue eyed girl in front of me says,"Don't you want what they are getting? Look at all the gifts sparkling in the light! I am sure they are all worth a lot, why don't we join them", and she tries to pull me out of the line.

I remove her hand on my arm and say, "All that glitters is not gold. What the Lord has in store for me is far greater than any gift anyone could ever give me." Astounded she just looks at me and joins the other line.

Finally I stood before My Lord, "My child, you could have left this line numerous times. You had many temptations brought before you, why did you stay in line? What if there was no gift left for the last one in the line?"

I smiled contentedly and said, "Just standing in the presence of My Lord is all the gifts I need."

He cries and says, "For you I give Patience and Perseverance and above all else Love."

I turn and see my four friends standing in the corner. I walk over to where they were standing and talking to each other.

"So what was your gifts", I ask.

The dark colored boy kicks the ground with his shoe and says, "I got Impatience and Wrath."

The blue eyed girl says, "I got Envy", and already she turns to admire the other kids walking by.

The pretty blond haired girl says, "I got Sloth."

The gorgeous brown eyed boy says, "I got Greed and Gluttony."

"And what did you get", they ask in unison.

"I got Patience, Perseverance and Love", I say as I lead them to the newborn light.




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