Bad Dream

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Short story about Silver(the trusted friend), Fang(the downtown gang leader), and Dia(his younger sister). It's good, though a bit sad...

Submitted: October 29, 2007

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Submitted: October 29, 2007



A young female lifted herself up out of bed, a yawn touching her pink lips. Bright blue eyes stared out her large bedroom window, a bit confused as to what she saw. Six dark figures, silhouetted by silvery moonlight, simply standing directly in front of the small, snow-covered house. Pulling herself away from the bed, the young girl slipped on her jacket, which hung on the doorknob leading into a short hallway, past her brother’s room and a small bathroom, to open into the living room and front door. The snug pink jacket with fur trim sipped easily, and she strode down the hallway. The sight of her brother’s bedroom door swung wide was quite unsettling, and stated that something had to be wrong. The young girl quickened her pace.


Young Dia stepped out into the living room, making a b-line for the front door. Throwing it open, she stepped into the night air, a blast of cold causing a shiver to trace her spine. Socked feet were instantly soaked in the snow that swamped the small wooden deck beneath her. Looking out onto the horizon, the driveway of gravel, on either side glistening pine trees stood stalk still. The young blond could still see the six figures, and in the time it had taken her to rush outside, two more had joined. Standing in front of the group of eight, a single figure stood tall; Dia recognized this one as her brother. A sharp call-her own name, she realized-echoed in the still air. The figures in the group stood still as the single figure dashed towards his younger sister.


“Dia, hey…what’s wrong? Why aren’t you in bed, sleeping?” The urgency in her brothers voice worried Dia; the girl looked up at him fearfully.


“Look, go back inside and wait for me in the living room. When I get back, I’ll make us some hot chocolate, alright?”


The young blond nodded slowly and curled up into his arms as her brother lifted her off the cold deck and placed her back inside, shutting the door behind him as he headed back out into the night, though before he left, he added:


“Whatever you do, do not look out that window, got it?”


“Okay.” Dia answered, standing silently, now by herself.


Instantly the blue-eyed girl slipped off her jacket and crawled up onto the couch, pushing aside the curtains that covered a large window, facing the front yard. Her brother was once again standing in front of the group. One of the group-probably the leader-stepped forward, holding out what appeared to be an empty hand. Her brother shook his head and spat something harsh; she could see his eyes, if only for a moment: they were angry and fearful. The man in front of him shrugged his shoulders and drew back, curling his hand into a tight ball. He threw a punch, fist connecting cleanly with her brother’s nose; Dia ducked her head, trying not to cry out.


“I told you not to fuck with me!” She could read the leader’s lips; the group, as if working with their leader’s words, tackled her brother to the ground.


Dia allowed herself to scream, her own words unheard to her ears.


“Leave him alone!”


But the moment these words left her lips, Dia pressed her hand tight to her mouth, looking to her parents’ bedroom door, only relaxing a few moments later when no one woke. Her eyes trained outside again, Dia noticed that the group was dissipating. A few of them still lingered, but only the leader was really still trying to do any harm to her brother. She watched as minutes ticked agonizingly slowly, until finally the entire group had left. Eyes blurred with tears, she failed to notice a solitary figure walking purposefully up to the sprawled body on the snowy ground. Blinking away these tears, Dia noticed the second figure, who held out a hand for her brother; he took this hand, and the newcomer hauled his broken body off the ground, draping an arm around his shoulders. Slowly, the two reached the door, and Dia recognized her brother’s closest friend as the one who had helped him up. Quickly, she raced to the door and held it open.


Said friend nodded in thanks to Dia, who looked worriedly to her brother. His face and clothes were bloodied, one eye was beginning to swell and darken. Slices, cuts and bruises marred the boy’s handsome face.

“Silver, make Dia a cup of hot chocolate, will you?” The older said softly as silver lay his friend’s body across the couch.


Dia’s brother rubbed the side of his face, wiping the blood onto his over-sized dark navy jeans.

“Why did those guys attack you?” Six year old Dia asked, moving to sit beside him on the couch; her brother winced, a soft hiss issued from his lips.

“Dia, didn’t I tell you not…” The older male’s eyes opened wide, then fell closed, his body slumped, his chest ceased to move with breath.

“Fang…Fang?!” Dia shook her brother’s shoulder, screaming now: “Brother!”

…Dia shot up out of bed, her throat sore and dry. Reaching around in the darkness, she finally found the water bottle sitting atop the wooden nightstand. Taking a long drink, Dia swallowed, recapped the bottle and threw on a robe. Out the doorway, down a small hallway, the young blonde entered the living room, which held a single, queen sized bed, one that Fang and Silver shared. Crawling up onto the bed, Dia gently touched her older brother’s shoulder.

The older male lifted his head lazily, looking half heartedly to Dia; one look at the girl’s tearstained face, and Fang was up out of bed, leaning over to lift his sister into his arms.


“Bad dream?” Fang asked softly, holding the girl in a gentle hug as she began to weep. “Shh…it’s alright…I’ll make you some hot chocolate.”

Setting the young girl back onto the bed beside Silver, who woke when Dia had first screamed, Fang strode tiredly towards the kitchen. Silver gently touched Dia’s shoulder; she snuggled into the covers and rested her head against Silvers outstretched arm. Soon after, Fang returned with a steaming cup of hot chocolate for Dia, and coffee for he and Silver to share.


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