Vegetarianism: What it Means

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How vegetarianism goes beyond a mere diet.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




No one really likes to think about it. And, heck, who really knows the truth about the meat industry, about what goes down in the slaughterhouses – it’s not as though anyone’s come back to say the truth of it. But every hamburger, every rib basket, every ham sandwich, shares a common story – murder. An innocent death. There’s no way to defend the production of meat – it’s one fairytale story that will never have a ‘happily ever after.’
Don’t pretend that you’ve never felt a little bad – it’s only human to feel just a smidge of sympathy for the poor critters, as death will always be a ‘negative.’ But your life doesn’t have to be one of guilt, shame in the shadows, and a sharp desire to banish these feelings once and for all. The answer to everything, if you truly think about it, is vegetarianism. It’s really that simple.
The concept of vegetarianism itself goes beyond food – depending on your values and motives for taking the plunge, it’s far more than a diet. Vegetarianism is your way of expressing your distaste for society’s disgusting under-the-table treatment of animals. Becoming a vegetarian will ultimately, in just a few words, change your life and alter your views and opinions of this world.
But of course before making such a huge decision, you should know the full truth. You should know what it takes to create the meat for a few chicken tenders. You should know what a nightmare it is to be a ‘lab-rat’ in the lair of a cruel scientist. You should know exactly how that stylish leather jacket reached your local Calvin Klein’s store. You should know the truth.
Vegetarianism - a moral value, an ironically life-saving-diet, a great conversation-starter, a world-wide debate, and a fantastic way to take a huge step in your life, and live totally guilt-free.
So, enough about this whole ‘moral-value’ thing – it’s time to get down to the facts. What’s true and what’s fake? Well, here are the numbers from a totally unbiased party: 10 billion land animals are slaughtered over the course of a year in the United States alone (the whole human population on this planet plus another 4 billion) – 58 billion land animals are slaughtered yearly world-wide. And don’t forget sea animals – add another 51 billion deaths to the tally – for just America, of course. And yet one human death requires an elaborate funeral, an obituary entry, and the sympathy of all of whom hear of the crisis. That’s right – whereas one human death may as well be the end of the world, more than a trillion animal deaths are barely anything to hoot about.
With such huge numbers comes a story, of course. Beyond the fact that, in just three words, meat is murder (and the act of totally disregarding life itself) meat is also the best way to totally trash planet Earth. Firstly, an immense amount of land must be cleared for livestock to be graze – that’s countless trees hacked away, just for a herd of innocent beings about to hit the chopping block, anyway. Enormous amounts of water are wasted, as well – enough water for all of America to take a relaxing shower. And have you ever pondered the energy wasted? All that gas for the dumpy trucks that haul livestock to their deaths, the electricity required for their unjust executions – most prominently, the huge amount of energy used to cook and process the rotting animal bodies.
Compare that elaborate scheme resulting in nothing but waste and destruction, to popping seeds into the ground, watering, and having a totally cruelty-free and delicious harvest. (Definitely not to under mind farming, in any way, shape or form!) That’s right, call me a fool, but, in today’s world, different tofu recipes can taste like Texas Roadhouse steak. However, for myself personally, I wouldn’t care if, for the rest of my life, all I could consume were a few measly carrot sticks – flavor or no flavor, my values would still hold. So, its your choice: is a tasty meal worth the massacre of more than 109 billion animals?
Likewise, is a ‘flawless’ face worth the torture and unbelievable abuse of which rats, mice, bunnies, rabbits, and guinea pigs must endure? That’s right – whether you choose to believe it or not, most make-up products, body soaps, and perfumes – even your typical house cleaning products such as laundry detergents, carpet sprays, and dish soaps, could very well have been, at some point, injected into the eyes of a totally innocent and totally confused, bunny.
Animal testing is the greatest way to say, “I am superior to you. My life is of far greater value than yours,” to the victimized rat. You may as well say, “Should any harm befall you – why should I care? I wasn’t hurt.” Beyond the pain of countless, gruesome products being sprayed into the eyes, and other disgusting places, of the animals, their living conditions are absolutely horrifying –  cramped spaces, forced to eat their own waste – truly, how could any human stoop so low as to wish this terrible life on one of whom has never once wronged him. All of mankind is shamed to be of the same species of such disgusting, self-centered human beings.
Along the lines of animal cruelty for the sake of outwards appearances, have you ever once considered what went into the fabrication of your leather jacket? Your fox coat? Slaughter. Lies. Propaganda – for there’s a story far beyond those gorgeous models we all wish we could be, posing in the skin of the dead. Disgusting.
It may be cold in the winter – and fur coats may be toasty warm, but, truly, who needs their skin more – a cow – or you?
The most ironic thing by afar, in my opinion, is of how often humans will speak of how civilized we are, today. Death is never the answer – and yet it is, just because we’re a little cold. Just because that fur coat looks great with that pair of leather boots. The selfishness, the hate, of 21st century human beings will never fail to astound me.
With the information given to you, know that life is all about the decisions we, as human beings, make. We can make the decision to protect, and rebuild the lives of fellow beings of whom we care for – or we can tear down, destroy, fall back into our barbaric ways from countless years past.
Quoting Nobel Prize winner of 1925, George Bernard Shaw: “If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth – beings who  considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals – would you concede them the rights over you, that you assume over other animals?”

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