Native Deen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Long ago in a time unknown, tensions between opposing nations brought about a great war which plagued the planet for decades and wiped out a large percentage of the human population. Large portions of the planet were left uninhabitable by the disastrous effects of the war. Further worsening the situation, the planet was struck by a barrage of powerful solar flares that destroyed another large portion of the planet. All possibilities of defense from the harmful rays of the sun were lost as the nations dedicated their greatest minds to finding ways to annihilate one another.

And so it was that the people of earth became nations divided and scattered, with no relations to one another. Technology was wiped out and all the human advances were erased from history, leaving only myths and legends. The divided world was returned to a more primitive time.

In present day, the divided nations have begun to rediscover one another. With essential resources scarcer than ever, the tensions have built once again and the remaining nations struggle to survive. Larger nations have begun conquering the smaller to expand their empires and resources. The largest and seemingly most powerful of these empires is one under the iron rule of a man known only as Kwaade. As his kingdom grows, so does the blackness of his tyrannical heart.

Kwaade rose to power by preying on the people’s ignorance. Starting out as a charismatic leader of an underground cult, Kwaade lead a small band of survivors to many victories in tribal wars over resources. Soon his followers amassed to a nation all its own. With his successes, his arrogance grew until he came to firmly believe that it was his destiny to rule all the nations and attain power through whatever means necessary. Having developed the only fulltime military, Kwaade’s nation has met almost no resistance in its goals of expansion. That is, until today.

Table of Contents

Az-Zubayr Ibn Abdul-Hakim

19 Jumada Al-Awwal 1663 "Zubayr ibn Abdul-Hakim, sir, I’m sorry to disturb you but one of the soldiers has spotted a source of wate... Read Chapter