My Queen in my Deen

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Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



I've got my mind on my deen, Imaan in my heart

I seek a righteous queen, so that we never part

My goal is Jannah up above

Happy, successful, with Allah's Love

To have Gardens beneath which Rivers flow

To build the best home a person could ever know

Me and my wife, just living the life

We'll have beared through all the strife, our wits and decisions sharp like a knife

What I want is a helpful girl, that's who I want to marry

One that can help me to success in both worlds, not one I have to carry

So when Insha'Allah we're in Jannah at last, I can turn to her with a smile on my face,

Knowing full well our troubles have passed, that together we've reached a Blessed place

This is who I seek to fulfill half my deen

And I'm praying Allah will make me worthy of such a queen...

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