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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
I had to do an assignment in English creating my own Utopia; a Perfect World, which i decide all the rules...mwahahahaha

dare to read the villainose of my ways...

BTW, readers, i did not write this out of arogance, i just wanted to make it a bit humourous, this isnt how i picture a perfect community, maybe because it would be imposible.

But anyways, this was an English project, and i just felt like making fun of the entire "Utopia" thing

Thanks for understanding! :D

P.S. tell me if you think its over the top, lol

Submitted: June 07, 2009

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Submitted: June 07, 2009



My Perfect Community

A place where every individual is treated fairly and respected with morality by which he/she deserves is Atopia. Atopia is an isolated island with satellite electric walls covering the land so no one may come in or out. In this community they speak Alexandrian, the language created by the Perfect Human.

The water supply comes directly from underground, and the citizens are the ones who fertilize the land and collect crops from trees and the ground. The people of Atopia live and breathe only for their community, and their dictator, the Perfect Human; Alexandra the Great.
Alexandra the Great has made the Perfect Community.

History of Atopia:

In the year 2012, Alexandra the Great had found a rare supplement in the treacherous volcanic forest of Vesuvius. This supplement was hidden in an ancient tomb, underground, near the volcano.
Alexandra the Great had uncovered a black diamond in the shape of a potion bottle. Inside this vial, was a reddish liquid; made from the exotic plants and fruits of the lost civilization of Pompeii.
Alexandra the Great believes (and therefore the entire community) that the civilization of Pompeii had created this mixture before their world was lost; and they had hidden it beneath the Earth’s ground layer. Alexandra the Great had tested this liquid may times, before she finally decided to drink it. The mixture tasted of all the goodness in the world, and it had given her immortality, and invincible powers.
With these new found powers, Alexandra the Great had managed to find deserted, yet rich land in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
She created Atopia by first finding one hundred almost perfect humans that resembled her, in the world, varying from different continents, and placing them on the land. Alexandra the Great used her powers to turn these special people into perfect beings like herself (except they lacked her invincible powers and immortality) and made them began the structure of Atopia.
These one hundred people helped Alexandra the Great build the Perfect Island, creating houses, inventions, and ultimate technology.
After the community was built, the humans started families, and began the birth of the Perfect civilization known as Atopia.


Alexandra the Great is the Perfect Ruler and the God of Atopia. There is no other superior besides her. She is the world, the being, the force, the Ultimate Power of Atopia.
Everyone must follow her words, or be sentenced to her wrath. Alexandra the Great is the protector of mankind, and the destroyer. Her word is law, her actions are nature.
Every human must obey her, or be sentenced to a punishment worse then death. When a citizen sees Alexandra the Great, they are to bow and chant “Hail Alexandra the Great”
There are speakers all through the island, and only Alexandra the Great may speak to the people, and tell them what she is to expect. The citizens have no word in Atopia; they must obey the Ultimate Human; Alexandra the Great; for she knows the past, present, and future, and what is good for the community.
There is a book in everyone’s home called “Atopia’s Ultimate Laws of Nature” Alexandra the Great had written it when she received her powers, this book is the Bible of the community.
This book states all of the laws that each individual must follow, no matter what. The laws vary, and get harsher by age.

The Three Unbreakable Laws of Atopia:

1.) Each citizen must follow Alexandra the Great’s words when spoken on the intercom. Who does not, will be sentenced to eternal burning in the Chamber of Elements.
2.) Every citizen is to love Atopia and Alexandra the Great with his/her full heart, if they do not, they will be sentenced to eternal freezing in the Chamber of Elements.
3.) Every child under sixteen is to listen to their parents, and the parents are to listen to Alexandra the Great, for she knows the Perfect way to raise each individual child. If the parents fail to raise the child properly, they are sentenced to eternal bleeding in the Chamber of Elements. The Judgment of Proper Raisment occurs when a human reaches the age of sixteen.


Alexandra the Great has given certain knowledge to certain instructors (no other human can bare ALL of the knowledge of the world that Alexandra the Great has) and has given them immortality using her invincible powers.
There are seven subjects:
*The History of the world
*The Science of the world
*The Mathematics of the world
*The Literature of the world (including all languages know to mankind, and some dead languages)
*The History of Alexandra the Great
*The Arts of the world (including music, writing, imagery art, and theatrical arts)
*The Physical of the Human being (commonly know as P.E.)
 Every child is to comprehend all assignments and understand them perfectly and on the due date the teacher requires. If the student lacks to get a perfect score, he/she is sentenced to a day of burning in the Chamber of Elements, and an ultimate disgrace.
For every child the teacher lacks to educate to a perfect score, he is sentenced to a week of burning the Chamber of Elements, after three students that have not gotten a perfect score; the teacher is sentenced to eternal burning in the Chamber of Elements, and a new instructor is selected by Alexandra the Great (which happens rarely).
There are 13 grades in school; the child is to begin school when he/she is three years of age, and end school when he/she is sixteen years of age. By the end of the child’s school career, he/she is to know all the knowledge that Alexandra the Great wants him/her to know.
At the Judgment of Proper Raisment, Alexandra the Great; and only Alexandra the Great, is to decide which niche the human is to perform in the community.
If at the Judgment of Proper Raisment the child is inadequate, he/she is sentenced to death, and the parents are sentenced to eternal bleeding in the Chamber of Elements. 


There are ten niches for Alexandra the Great to decide for each human at the Judgment of Proper Raisment:
Servant of Alexandra the Great: this is the highest ranking human(s) in the entire community, only the best of being are selected this niche. If you are the servant of the Perfect Human, you are to help, and obey Alexandra the Great. You are to be by her side at all times, unless she directs you other wise. You are the next hand of Alexandra the Great. A servant is only selected once in 24 years. Males/Females may be selected for this niche. (There is no training for this field; the human selected must already know everything there is to know)
Instructor: this is a rarely selected being with high aptitude and love for Atopia and its creator; Alexandra the Great. Once an instructor fails to educate students he/she is sentenced to eternal burning in the Chamber of Elements, and a new one is selected. This niche is for both male/female (there is no training, Alexandra the Great uses her Ultimate Powers to give this being immortality and knowledge in a selected field)
Military: a strong and courageous human is selected for this niche. Only males are accepted for this niche. This human must undergo intense training in technological safety, and physical safety. He must know everything there is about technology and weapons. He must be willing to be in combat when there are attacks of Atopia. (Eight years training)
Scientists: a human that has great aptitude is selected Scientist. This niche is for humans who are investigative and are hard workers. Selection of this niche has much to do with intellect. The human will be trained in the scientific field, technological, and mathematical. Both male/female are selected for this niche. (Eight years training)
Doctor: this human must be caring and patient, and ready to save lives. An intellectual individual with high aptitude is selected for this field. Both male/female are selected for this niche. (Five years training)
Law: this selected being must know all the laws of Atopia and its creator; Alexandra the Great, and enforce them. The lawyer is to send a paper argument to Alexandra the Great stating the problem and suggesting the punishment. Only when Alexandra the Great is to approve, then may the individual be sent to her temple for punishment. Both male/female are selected for this niche, but preferably female because they tend to have a higher memory for the Laws. (Five years training)
Entertainer: this human is selected based on how much time he/she has spent in the Arts of the world Club, and if the/she will go into Music, Imagery Art, Writing, or Theatrical Arts. Both male/female are selected for this niche. (Three years training)
Builder/Farmer/Food worker: this niche is selected to beings with lower aptitude, and high physicality. This niche is for males only. (Six months training)
Manufactory/packaging/seamstress/tailoring: this niche is for a human with low aptitude, but great skill with hands. This niche is only for Females. (Six months training)
Janitor: this is the lowest ranking human in the community. This being is to clean the community grounds and make sure food is clean for the humans to eat. Both male/female are selected for this niche. (Three months training)


Chant of the people of Atopia:

 Alexandra the Great; supreme ruler of all good and evil, the superior of mankind, the heart and blood of all existence, the Super being, the Ultimate Human, the oxygen of all.
(This must be chanted every morning at 7:00 am, if a member of the community fails to, he/she is sentenced to a week of freezing in the Chamber of Elements)


There is no money in Atopia. Everyone works together for survival, everyone is equal and everyone is treated fairly, no matter what niche he/she is selected to be in, every role is important equally to the community.



Everyone of the age of sixteen and above owns their personal devise called “Alexicle”
It is a transportation devise that runs on Alexandra the Great’s power (which is everlasting)
Minor consequences result in the non-usage of the Alexicle, and the force to walk, for a certain amount of time.

Life Span/Birth/Death:

*Every person is to be sentenced Respectful Death when he/she reaches the age of 40. This life span gives enough time to study in school, train, work, reproduce, and raise your child.
*Every human is to be selected to another and mate at the age of 24, and no later. The selection is taken by Alexandra the Great when a female/male reaches the age of 24. Females/males that are not able to reproduce are sentenced to Mercy Death.
*Patients that are in great pain and slow death are sentenced to Mercy Death.
*Mothers of children under three are allowed to skip three years of work to take care of their young until they are ready to go to school. Only one child is to be raised in each family unit.


*Children varying from the ages of 3-16 are allowed to play sports after school (soccer, badminton, rock climbing, track, and fire arm), join the Arts of the world club (music, writing, imagery art, and theatrical arts), or do excessive studying from the time of 4:00-6:00 on weekdays and 12:00 noon-6:00 pm on weekends.
*Adults (16-39) are allowed to visit the community plaza, theater, art gallery, or library on weekends from the time of 12:00 noon-6:00 pm.
Everyone in the community is to be happy with their niche and spend their life to the fullest, and love Atopia and its creator; Alexandra the Great.

© Copyright 2020 XxalexandraxX. All rights reserved.

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