The Battle of Undying Love

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this is a romance for emma's challange!
a sort of retake of Romeo & Juliet, but in my form!

Submitted: May 16, 2009

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Submitted: May 16, 2009



I stared intently through his milky eyes, frightened to embrace the feelings that were secretly bestowed beneath my heart. It was this feeling of pain-a hunger of the heart if you will-and intense happiness.

The feeling of boiling water, being so hot, that it felt freezing cold. My heart was simmering, on the verge of disintegrating into a shattered mirror. But, yet, I stood my ground, our bodies an inch apart-so close that I could sense the heat radiating off of his vanilla skin.
He looked at me, with the eyes of a mad man-so hurt; but yet so unsatisfied. What was it in me that he found such satisfaction? Was I the hunger that his heart craved? Was I his drug substance that his heart couldn’t pump blood without?

And most important-was I, myself, in love with him?

His hand slowly caressed my waist, and his breathe gently blew to my lips. I could hear the racing of his heart, and the blood pumping now more vigorously through his body-a rush of adrenaline. And I felt the same occurring to myself.

My face turned into a red beet, my cheeks flaming fire. His lips slowly brushed mine, and I could feel the pinch of gasoline that he had spilled into my firing heart. The feeling was beyond any other, the churning and grinding of my stomach, the light headedness that was making me unstable, and the tear that was now streaming from my eye.

Our lips slowly unmet, as his thumb wiped away the sheered tear.
His hand slowly brushed the back of my hair, gently being tangled in my golden curls.

“What is it?” he spoke lightly to my ear.

I closed my eyes, another tear escaping my emerald eye. The tear slowly poured down my cheek, and almost to my chin, but Felix’s lips stopped it, as he kissed my tear away.
“We…we have no future, you know what is to become of Me.” my words barley being tangible.
He let out a slow sigh, as our eyes met and held a strong fixation. I searched deeper into his mystifying blue eyes, wondering what about me that held his undying passion.

“We alone cannot decide our faith, but destiny is our course that leads us to it.” His words felt like a wave of cool water hitting my steamy skin, calming the insides of me, as too the outside. I got a held of my words and tried to speak clearly now, and with the passion I truly felt.

“You have saturated my heart with love, and so there will always be your name engraved where no other man may steal.” The words seeped from my lips, letting the passion alone control them.

A grin spread on those delicate lips of his, making me smile in the process. His eyes slowly turned grim as a thought preceded its presence in his mind.

“But, your father…he wishes for you to marry another…not a peasant like myself.” His eyes turned sorrowful and deep in doubt. “What ever shall we do?” he looked up to my eyes, pleading my thoughts.

Before I could speak, the door to my parlor sprung open, my father standing in the presence of my lover and me.
His eyes played with emotion, and his throat let out a snarl. He briskly approached Felix, his hands clenched in fists.
“No!” shouted Felix with despair. “Let us fight in the mists of the sun, and not here. But in the Ball room, where your people can see.”

A challenging grin danced on my sinister Father’s lips.

“Boy, you wish to die by my hands in shame do you?” his horsed voice croaked in anger. “Then, Rosetta,” he looked to me with intimidation in his eyes. “Kiss your ‘prince’ goodbye! Battle to death, one who lives wins the kingdom.”

Satisfaction spread on my Father’s face, as he scratched his unshaven beard.
Felix turned towards me, passion burning in his eyes.

“This might be our only way, Rose…if I’m not back in an hour, you run! Run, and never look back, Rosetta.” He whispered to my ear, so my Father wouldn’t over hear. Our lips intertwined as fear sprang to me that this would be out last kiss.

Felix bed me farewell, as he went off to duel with my Father.

I sat on my bed, peering out my window. The sun was setting now, and when darkness would fall, it would be an hour. I stayed gawking at the sun, counting as the minutes past, my anxiety getting stronger as every second trickled by.


The time of when the hour had passed came, and I kneeled on the floor, sobbing of my love, Felix. Was he really dead? He had told me to run, so why wasn’t I? What could possibly be stopping me?

The answer I knew deep down; I just simply couldn’t live without Felix. What life is to be had, if it is not to be shared? Not a life I could bare.

Over an hour had passed, and I was looking out my tower’s fair eye. The dimming light slowly crept over the sea bellow, as a shadow of musk bestowed its waters. My eyes leaked with the thought of Felix, wondering if I did, in fact live, where would I go? My Father would surly find me, and marry me off to a man that I possessed no feelings towards. It would be a life worse the Hell.

I soon heard creaking footsteps from my door. They were heavy and shuffled, surly my Father’s. He had won; and Felix was dead.
I looked to the door, the footsteps getting closer, as I looked frantically around the room, searching for something to fight him off.
But if Felix had died by his hands, I surly had no chance of winning the battle. My life was creaking towards me with every heavy footstep.

A life that I couldn’t bare.

I looked down the tower, and to the clear sea, it’s waved hitting harshly upon the tower’s stone. I would not live without love, the only love I ever had, and I will never have another. Felix’s name was and always will be engraved upon my heart, and nothing, even the waves I looked to, could erase it.

I took my last deep breathe, bracing myself for a fall.

My eyes were now dry, for the fear of death had disappeared. A life is meant to be shared with one whom you love, and if I could not, then I would not live.
I let go of my grip on the widow frame and let myself fall-just as I heard Felix’s worried voice.
But it was too late; I was already drifting towards the sea. The last image that I saw was of Felix leaning out of the window, his face smudged in blood, calling my name.

He had won the battle of our undying love, but I had lost.

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