a fuck is just a fuck.

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A really bad day. and sex was obviously on my mind. idc where this came from...just kinda happened.

Submitted: July 02, 2011

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Submitted: July 02, 2011



We had another fight.

He's gone.

I'm all alone.

Yet it feels Right.

Ill sit and listen to the same song.

Sitting in this damned place most of us would call a home.

Slipping into the past.

I kept telling myself it wouldnt last.

But if i keep saying this....why is it like a smack everytime something comes to an end...

Re-opening scars that really will never mend.

Sex is a game.

And some by it are slain.

Some say you can fuck the pain away.

With a hard cock.

A Thrust and a Rock.

With a moan of pleasure.

And a squeal of pain.

They say its the best.

And it makes you forget.

I forget nothing.

I remember.

Going through with it all im numb.

Just a fuck.

A fuck to stay alive.

Not for me.

A fuck just to fuck.

A thrust just to thrust.

A moan bcuz my body says its right.

Some say its a mistake.

You can sit here and watch.

Sit here and listen.

Only to realize your eyes they glisten.

Fucking a past lover who found a new.

They fuck in the trailer, the pain i knew.

The music wont play and nothing drowns out the noise.

Theyre up there.

While i cry down here.

If its so im not alone ill do anything.

But this, this is just like being alone.

I cant find my razor.

They say its okay.

Its really not.

to hear him fuck a past lover,

Just makes me remember...

All those nights way back then.

Now i dont care.

the memories leave me blank, and numb.

Coming here makes me numb...

I want to leave but i cant.

It only lets them know the truth.

Now im okay.

And with them ill stay,

one day ill give up.

And ill bleed so much.

And with the blood ill write a letter.

apologising bcuz i wasnt better.

No one really knows my problems.

It sounds like im sad over a lover.

But im not.

memories threaten to swallow.

now i sit and wallow.

Why am i writing this?


Fuck everything.

Bcuz the blood that now runs Crimson down my wrist

Silences me so you can have your bliss.




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