Life from Darkness

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rain, gotta love it ;)

Submitted: April 28, 2010

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Submitted: April 28, 2010




Heavy clouds roll across the sky,

Shutting out any trace of light,

The blue ceiling disappears as if it never were.

Our world grows darker every moment,

And every creature runs for shelter,

Fleeing the oncoming chaos.


Rain torrents toward earth,

Drenching everything instantly,

But is it really chaos?

Or is it a pristine beauty,

Unlike any other in the world?


The grass awakens from its winter sleep,

The most radiant shade of green.

Trees give birth to new buds and blossoms,

Exploding with happiness and youth.

And the smell, oh, that wonderful smell,

The scewnt of sodden earth and pine,

Feeds the essence of everything alive.


The thick clouds part ever so slowly,

A Tiny stream of light forces its way through,

And a brilliant ribbon of colour shines across the sky,

Filling my soul, letting it grow.

Such awesome power in something so simple.

So let it rain.

Let it rain.

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