Hope's Story

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This is a short story based off of my life. I did change names and some of the events. Most of this is true though.

Submitted: April 07, 2014

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Submitted: April 07, 2014



Once there was a girl named Hope. Hope used to be happy and cheerful. She used to be able to go to school and not care about what people thought or said about her, and used to not worry about everything. Now Hope worries about everything and she is constantly being made fun of. She's almost never happy anymore.

When Hope was in sixth grade, people began making fun of her. They called her ugly, stupid, and fat. She felt like no one cared and like she was all alone. But she still got through sixth grade. She was still somewhat happy and she was okay.

In seventh grade, things got worse. People started calling her a slut, whore, worthless, fat, ugly, skank, and stupid. Her dad was very suicidal and she would go to school crying because she was worried about him. People at school would find out what was going on and make fun of her for it. They called her a cry baby and told her that she was the reason her dad wanted to die. She was pushed in the hallways and sometimes tripped. There was never a day that she could go to school and not be made fun of. She started to fear going to school. She started to feel so alone. One day, on her walk home from school, she decided to take a different route. A lot had happened that day and she was really upset. While walking,she found a piece of glass. She decided to pick it up. When she got home, she went upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom. She took out the glass and cut herself. She didn't tell anyone, and no one found out. It was her own little secret and her own little coping mechanism. She thought that no one would ever know. She only cut that one time in seventh grade. That summer, Hope's family moved to a new town. Hope didn't want to leave her friends and family behind, but she had to.

When Hope started eighth grade, things were very difficult for her. She was having problems at home, and at school. People would make fun of her and call her a lesbian, a guy, and would mock her in the halls. Hope and her mother were not getting along at all. They had multiple arguments and her mother would often threaten to put Hope up for adoption. Hope began cutting herself a lot. Even after she made started making friends, she still continued to cut herself. Very few people knew about it. One day, Hope came home from school and logged onto Facebook. She had a friend request from someone she didn't know, but she accepted it anyway. The guy had tricked her into believing that he was her friend and that he would always be there for her. But he lied. One day he just started being really mean to her. he called her a slut, a liar, and dirt. He told her to go kill herself. That day changed her forever. She was so upset that she didn't know what to do.

That night she laid awake thinking about every thing that has ever gone wrong in her life, and about every name she's ever been called. She couldn't take it anymore. As soon as she was sure that everyone was asleep, she got out of bed, grabbed a pen and some paper, and locked herself in the bathroom. She wrote her suicide note and cut herself for the last time, this time going deeper than every other time. Then she went into her room, tied a rope to a hook on her ceiling, and put it around her neck. She took one last look outside and whispered, "I'm sorry". Then she kicked away the chair.

That night Hope took her final breath. She lived for 15 years. She was bullied constantly during the short years that she had lived. If only someone had stood up for her, then maybe she would still be here today.

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