Escaping the Shadows

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Alessandra's parents weren't very good people. They were promised money and riches on one condition, they had to give up their only daughter. They sold her to Adrian; one of the most powerful vampires in the U.S. He turned her at 18 and forced her to be blood bound to him. Now she is trapped as his personal slave and lover forever. All Alessandra wants is to be free and there still might be some hope left for her but Adrian isn't willing to let her go without a fight. But who is willing to go up against one of the most powerful vampires in the country?

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Yes Master...

Looking myself over once more in the full body mirror, I smirk. I look presentable enough...revealing dress that squeezes my body in all the right places and shows off my curves; check. Heels that make my exotically tanned legs look longer; check. Smoky eye make-up and daring red lipstick; check. Hair done and down in loose curls; check. Irresistible perfume; check. Most importantly my dark brown contacts to hide my blood red eyes; check. Adrian is already sleep, good for me because I don't feel like dealing with his bullshit right now and I need to feed.

I hastily grab my purse, heels and tip-toe pass Adrian's room, with my light weight I'm able to walk across the floor without making any noise. Once I'm safely past his door using my superhuman speed I'm in the car and putting on my heels. Time for dinner. I start up the car and slam my foot down on the gas. Not really worried about any cops, hell I hope they pull me over I could use some appetizers before my main meal. It only takes me 15 minutes to get to the club; as usual. I park the car , leave my purse and walk right past Ronald; the security into the club, many people protest at my action. I give them all the finger and keep walking.

People here at Seduction know I'm a regular here now, I don't need an ID or anything. Let's just say the owner is in debt to me for sparring his life. The second I step into the club music blasts my heightened hearing and the smell of fresh blood fills my nose. My body immediately goes into a frenzy my teeth ache, it takes all my strength to keep my fangs from extending. I scan the crowd for a new victim, there are a lot of scrumptious looking people here. Then I see him, he's perfect.

He is very tall at 6'7 in height and he has a lean, well-built, muscular physique, chocolate brown eyes, brown chin length hair, and a deep tan. His smell is by far the strongest and most intoxicating. He's dancing with some overly dressed, clown faced slut.

Before I head over there and make a meal of him I decide to go get a shot first...just to get in the mood.

\"Hey Dave, get me a Blow Job please.\" I purr.

\"Are you sure you want to do that now? We can go in the backroom...\" he teased giving me a wink, I roll my eyes. Dave is a very strange human that I've managed to come accustomed to since I stared coming here, he's a...friends of mine if you will. He may be a huge flirt but he's harmless.

\"How about not, just go get me the damn drink.\" I say, punching him on the shoulder with my strength; that I didn't bother to hold back on, his hand flew to his shoulder as he hissed slightly in pain.

\"Alright, alright. No need to use brutal force.\" he says going to make my drink. I laugh, not one of those fake cold laughs I use to please Adrian either, a real genuine laugh that doesn't come out often.

\"Here you go Alice.\" Dave announces returning with my drink, \"One Blow Job.\"

\"Thanks Dave.\" I say reaching for it, he stops me.

\"Ah, ah, ahhh Alice. Take it the usual way.\" he scolds, I roll my eyes but don't go against his wishes. I put my hands behind my back, grab the glass tightly between my teeth and drink it all down. I remember the first time I tried that the glass slipped and exploded into a million pieces on the counter.

\"Happy?\" I ask wiping whipped cream from my top lip.

\"Very.\" I hop off the bar stool and follow the smell of Mr. TallDark-and Sexy. I close my eyes and gracefully weave my way through the constantly growing crowd. Many smells fly past my nose, arousal, sweat, blood and something else I don't really want to mention. However none of them compare to his drug-like scent. The closer I get to him the more my mouth starts to water. Soon enough I get close enough to the point where I can hardly breath. Opening my eyes I see he's right in front of me, still dancing with that floozy. Smirking I tap her on the shoulder, she turns around giving me a death glare.

I simply push the flimsy girl aside and give him my \"man-eater\" smile.

\"May I cut in?\" I purr trailing a finger down his chest, he shivers at my touch.

\"What! No way, you whore!\" the stupid girl growls behind me, I whip around and give her a devilish smile showing my fangs. She cringes and cowers away from me.

\"On second thought, take all the time you need.\" she says and scurries away from us.

\"Now...where were we?\" I ask turning to the mystery man once again.

\"You were about to dance with me.\" Even his voice is sexy! Dance For You by Beyonce comes on and I smile to myself. This is going to be fun. His big, calloused hands are tight on my hips and he pulls me back against him. I grind my hips and ass back against his manhood and he immediately perks up at the very intimate contact. Got him right where I want him. We dance for a little while then he leans down and whispers in my ear,

\"How about we take this somewhere more private?\" he whispers planting kisses down my neck.

\"You read my mind.\" I grasp his hand in mine and pull him out of the massive crowd, to the back of the club and out the back door which leads to an alley.

\"This isn't exactly what I had in mind but it's kinky...I like it.\" he says pushing me up against the wall. I take in a deep breath, inhaling his scent. Time to get this over with. I forcefully push him off me and over to the other wall, his back hits the solid brick hard.

\"Oh I see someone like's it rough.\" he growls erotically. I give him a seductive smile and attack his throat with hungry kisses. He moans as I run my tongue along the smooth delicate skin right above his veins. I can hear the blood running through them. He grabs my hips again and grips them tightly. Not being able to hold back any more I put my hand over his mouth and sink my fangs into his neck. As soon as the pain sinks in he starts to squirm and puts up a good fight too.

Annoyed I drink faster till I've had my fill then rip out a chunk of the flesh from his neck. He stops fighting and I release my hold on him, his right hand flies to his neck while the other just hangs limply. Slowly his body slides down the brick wall and he lands in a heap on the hard concrete ground. I kneel down to his level, grab his chin and force him to look me in the eyes while he dies. I do this to all my victims, bring them out here, drink their blood and then watch them die. I don't know why but I like to watch the light fade from their eyes as they pass away. Something I've probably inherited from Adrian.

Looking in his eyes they hold fear, great pain, sadness and regret. Blood starts to flow from his mouth and I smile, an evil, sadistic smile. Slowly his bright green eyes fade until they're empty and soulless. My job here is done. I lick all the blood from my fingers and head back around to the front of the club where my car is. Suddenly a cold shiver does three laps up and down my back causing me to stop dead in my tracks. Adrian is calling and he is incredibly pissed. I launch myself into the air and land right in the drivers seat of my car. I start the car, wasting no time getting back to the road and on my way home. Hopefully Adrian has had a good rest and isn't in that bad of a mood.

It takes the same amount of time to get home as it did to arrive at the club, I park in the driveway next to Adrian's Lamborghini. I can sense through the bond that he is furious but will still be a little understanding; which is good. I dash up the stairs to the front door and unsurprisingly it's not locked. As soon as I walk in my eyes are met with Adrian's burning red ones.

\"Where the hell have you been?\" he growls, even though he already knows the answer.

\"You know where I was, I was out feeding.\" I say not able to look away from his eyes.

\"At that whore house again?\" he asks, I slowly nod. In a flash he's in front of me, pale fingers locked tightly around my throat.

\"Damnit Alessandra I told you I don't want you going there! I don't want some filthy humans hands all over you, you are mine and no one else's!\" he snarls giving me a full view of his fangs.

\"I don't care! You don't own me, it's my life and I can make my own damn decisions!\" I snarl back pushing him away from me. It doesn't do much since Adrian is over 3,000 years old, frozen at 22 and I'm only almost 1,000, frozen at 18. A sharp pain flashes across my cheek and my head snaps to the side, the burning acid taste of my blood fills my mouth.

\"Have you forgotten that I made you...that I'm the one who took care of you for all those years until you were old enough to receive this gift? I DO own you, your blood bound to ME and me ONLY. You are under my possession until you die, which will never happen so looks like your stuck sweetheart.\" If I could cry tears would be flowing down my cheeks right now. He's right I'm his slave for eternity and will never get to have a life, to have any freedom. He can control all my emotions and actions towards him with one snap of his fingers. I didn't choose to be blood bound to him but he's much, much stronger than me so fighting is useless and my parents could care less where I am right now so no help there either. I'll never get to marry the man of my dreams, or have kids, or live a real life because my parents \"sold\" me to the devil's little helper.

\"Your right I'm sorry.\" I say defeated.

\"Your sorry, what?\" he pushes.

\"Master.\" he pulls me into a hug and kisses the top of my forehead.

\"See was that so hard? You need to learn to listen Alessandra...I don't like punishing you but I have to. I know your still young but you'll get it eventually. I love you so much and I just don't want anything to happen to you.\" he says, voice dying down to a whisper.

\"I love you too.\" I reply half truthfully. My mind's telling me that's true I do love him, he's my everything but in my heart I know it's just all fake. He's just controlling my emotions through our stupid bond. I also know that he doesn't really love me, he just wants me. He sees my as a prize he's won and that's it, he loves to show me off to all his little rich friends as the perfect \"wife\" when really he just loves the fact that he has me as his own.

His cold lips meet mine in an emotionless kiss.

\"Now why don't you head upstairs and start a nice bath for us.\" he commands in his \"sweet and caring\" voice. I of course have to follow them, I simply nod, smile and reply with a curt,

\"Yes...dear.\" I quickly climb the stairs to get as far away from him as possible for the moment. I just wish there was some way I could leave and break this bond. I tried before, numerous times but he always finds me because of the bond and I get punished. I gave up trying to escape decades ago, frankly I don't like getting hit. I would give anything to be free and escape these shadows I'm forced to live with haunting me wherever I go.

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