#2 Beast

#2 Beast #2 Beast

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


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Submitted: October 16, 2009

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Submitted: October 16, 2009



The clouds fell into an eerie pattern of this late summer afternoon. Something wasn't right with the world. Tension crackled in the air, almost as if nature itself was bracing for what was happening. Somewhere, deep within the southernwoods, an ancient force began to stir.
Power was pulsing through his veins once again. The ground began to shake, threatening to swallow everything above. He started to move for the first time in centuries, stretching his limbs, flexing his muscles. He roared suddenly, a fierce, frightful thing to witness. It could be heard for miles, scaring birds from trees and animals into their burrows. It really was too bad that no one was around to hear. Select few rays of sun prodded the entrance to his cave. Looking up, he smiled a wide, toothy grin. He paced back and forth on his claw tipped paws, tail lashing, awaiting nightfall.
He had been dormant for too long, it was time to take what was rightfully his. The sun sank slowly; it made him anxious to wait. Soon, everything would be right again. Nothing could stop him this time; this world was nothing else but doomed. Despite the clouds, he knew the sun had set. His blood was pulsing with intensity too hard to ignore. Bracing himself, he snarled as spikes protruded from his spine.
His claws and teeth grew to dangerous lengths, while his fur grew shaggily down the length of his body. Saliva dripped from his jowls, his bloodshot eyes clearly visible in the growing moonlight. There was a small town not but 30 miles away, he could make that easily. He could smell the people there, sitting at home, tucked safely away in their houses. For now.
Slinking to the mouth of the cave, the entire valley opened before him. The fog-inlaid alcove was quiet. Every animal knew what was happening, and didn’t want to see it firsthand. He grinned again, in wolfish delight, and screamed, sending everything into a frozen fear. He was free. Free to do whatever blind acts of murder and destruction he wanted. One question ran through every witness's mind; who would be first?

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