I Live In Her Eyes

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A girl that has some really bad social issues. She has a hard time talking to anyone until she meets a girl named Jenifer. When they meet Scarlet the main character finally can open up her mouth and say hello. Then in high school they fall in love and when Scarlet goes off to college Jenny goes with her, but she has to bring along her brother who has epilepsy. As Jens brothers condition gets steadily worse they start growing distant. One night when they go out they leave him alone and her has a fit and dies. Jen is distraut but this and ends up taking her own life because she thinks that her brothers death is all her fault. Scarlet regresses and retreats back into her little shell. She quits school and goes back to not being about to talk to anyone until she meets someone that helps her see that Jen would never have wanted this for her. She starts to put herself back together again and live her life like Jenny would have wanted, like she is Jenny.

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I Live In Her Eyes

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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I Live In Her Eyes

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