February Second, 2011

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Just bored right now. I don't have a journal handy so I'll type instead.

Submitted: February 02, 2011

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Submitted: February 02, 2011




That's today, i guess.

I'm really bored right now cause It's 8:43 AM and school doesn't start until 11:05 today. I don't remember why, it's just one of those late-arrival days where all our classes are only like, 25 minutes long. It's great because then you never get bored with one subject. My favorite is Geometry. I have it sixth period- the last class of the day. I'm not great at it, but its something i can really get into when i DO actually understand it. Plus my teacher is really nice and dosen't think i'm dumb. Most people think she's mood-swingy but who could blame her? My school is filled with idiots and she probably gets sick of them. I know I do; they're annoying. Well not all of them, I have a lot of friends that i really like. Going to school is a drag though, there's so much homework and schoolwork... it's crazy. I have three projects going on right now all at the same time. I'm super stressed out. I think that's why I haven't been getting that much sleep. Plus I just had finals. I got a B+ on my Geometry final! :) 89%, hellll yes. hahaha. I don't know what i got on my history final but i think i did pretty well. Got 100% on my science test. :P I like science but it's too easy. At least i don't have to worry about my grade in that class, right? Right now we're learning about protons and electrons and covalent bonds and ionic bonds and such... it goes on and on.

I'm so tired right now. I could barely sleep last night. To be honest, i cried for like, two hours or so. It's been kinda rough i guess. Plus i'm just overemotional. My mom is having surgery tomorrow to get the cancer out. I'm scared and I can't be there with her because of this stupid band thing. Yes- i am a band geek. My sister likes it and i wanted to set a good example. I'm quitting next year though. But anyway, after the surgery my mom might have Kimotherapy or Radiation or something... I"m really scared. I won't hide it like i do normally. I'm freaking out inside. She might not have to have any of that stuff, it's like a 50-50 chance sort of thing right now. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

My grandma is coming to stay with us for a couple weeks while my mom goes through this. I think she's crazy, haha. I don't know. She doesn't like that i spend so much time on the computer but i tell her i'm writing poetry. So then it's okay. Most of the time, i'm just looking at the screen trying to think of something to write. That would explain why my eyes hurt so bad.

So that's basically what's going on right now.

At school it's a different story.

I'm having boy troubles -.- The thing is, i don't even LIKE this one guy, and i've made it clear (politely). Yet he continues to ask me out. And i continually say no. And he continues to make me feel guilty about it. And i dont. Is that bad? I barely know the guy- and he's like this rich dude who thinks he's all that cause his parents have a lot of money. You can't buy love, you guys. Especially not from me. He always wants to take me on ski trips and stuff but like i said, i don't even KNOW HIM. And this summer, our school is taking some kids to Europe for a big learning experiance. It's a lot of money though so i'm not going. He offered to pay for my trip and i keep having to tell him NO THANKS. I went on the Washington D.C. trip last year with my friends. Funnest time ever. Me and Kelley bonded and now she's one of my best friends. One of those "i'll beat up your ex's" friends. Love those kind. :)

But anyways... Thats all i can come up with.

Thanks for reading this super boring post :P




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