March 3, 2011

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Can't find my journals. So I'll type instead:P

Submitted: March 03, 2011

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Submitted: March 03, 2011



March 3, 2011

Today hasn't been.... I dont know. Nevermind.

I keep getting stomach aches. They're like... It feels like I have butterflies. But not the good kind. And I'm shaky a lot. Keep losing my appetite. I dont really know what's wrong with me and I dont really care that much. I don't want to look it up online because whenever I do that, they give me weird results. I think maybe I'm just stressed out or something. I can't sleep because I keep getting nightmares. And my skin hurts. I must be sick or something. mmkaye so On a lighter note, Chance just randomly texted me telling me that he was going camping and he was going to go fishing for "ALL DAY FOR THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!:)" Hahahahaha! That made me laugh cause it was like... so out of the blue. I haven't talked to him in months. He's gunna get his driving permit soon XD In august, cause that's when his birthday is. And he might come visit! I asked him if he would and he said "Duh lol" so that means yesssss :D He's not the most exciting person to text though. Cause his replies are really short. butttt whatever. I can be boring tooooo :P Probably like right now. Sorry readers :/ But this is more for my personal venting than for your enjoyment.

Hmmmm... lets talk about Olivia. Cause yesterday has been on my mind. How do I start? How about.... December. When she and my best friend Peyton had sex in a church. And she got pregnant. Why would you have sex in a church? Why would you get pregnant at thirteen? (or fourteen, I dont know how old she is.) Then yesterday, she came to school.... drunk. Why would you come to school drunk? Why would you get drunk at her age? Why would you drink when you're pregnant? There are so many things going wrong in this scenario. I can't even... stomach it. I feel bad for her. I mean, we weren't ever really close friends or anything. But no one deserves that kind of pressure at this age. Not that its not her fault or anything. I mean, its not ALL her fault. It takes two to tango, right? LOL!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS. It just sounded right. Mmkaye well I dont know what is going to happen to her or whatever. Cause the teachers knew she was drunk. BUt they didn't suspend her or anything. I dont know why.

Lets talk aboutttttt.... Troy. Nah. Let's not. He's dumb.


So at school, he always takes pictures of girls with his phone. AND I KNOW IT! And its creepy. And I wanted to talk to him about it cause it creeps me out. Cause he has like, a billion pictures of me+my friends. But then I was like "nahhhhh" cause he's creepy and stuff. but my friend Rajiv went to talk to him for me. and the creepy guy just walked away. Oh welllll

MANNNN I really wanna go bowling. I dont know why. I'm really bad at bowling. but I like the shoeessss! :D If they weren't slippery and stuff, I would buy a pair and wear them to school and then everyone would want to be my friend! :D just kidding. Everyone would think i'm weird. I mean... they already do I guess.

Oh my gosh! Yesterday was Chris's birthday and I felt sooo badd that I forgot! :( like, everyone forgot. But I told him happy birthday :D He likes Keri hahahahhahahahahhhahahaha!!!!!!!! Its hilarious. hmmm...

I'm running out of stuff to say. But I like typing.

I have so many movies that I want to see! Source Code, The Adjustment Bureau, that one where the guy gets buried alive with nothing but a cell phone... And Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.!!! It looks cutteee :D

Haha... Gabe says he's going to post something about me. I bet he's reading this right. NOW.!  I'll bet a million dollars. Just kidding. I dont have a million dollars. And if I did, I would be in Greece right now. With Gabe LOLLOLLOL.

blahhhhhhhh I want to go to bed! But I cant sleep! Buuuttt I dont have school tomorrow 8-)

Mmkaye well I dont have anything else to sayyyyyyyyy. That I would post on the internet.

Much love,


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