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Submitted: July 12, 2011

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Submitted: July 12, 2011



You hitched a ride on the back of her wagon

She drags both of you so far with your kiss

Her legs will be shaky from trying to carry

the weight of the world, just like I tried to do


But when night rolls around, you won't unhitch yourself

As she lays so weary from the Earth on her shoulder

Now you slip past the bars with your hand's nervous shaking

She's yours for the taking, you think afterall


So you take her and have something warm and cheap

While I, in my bedroom, turn on the TV

And think of the weight that you put on her shoulders

Knowing quite grateful, I'm glad that's not me


In the morning, you gaze at her endless beauty

But you won't bother to look past her skin

She gave up too easy when you told her you loved her

But you got what you wanted, although meaningless


Under the cocaine tree, the ropes are all dangling

You convince yourself it was her that saved you

And awake her again to unstrap all your dead weight

She will remain nameless to me, months to come


Wagons all wheeling, she pushes on

And gazes so nervous and your tight-bound hitch

And whispers her praying, she closes her lips

You break down, in sweating, she drives into the ditch

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