Loving A Thief

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A 17 year old, Tabitha Coles gets asked out by 17 year old, bad boy; Trevor Perry. Everything goes great until Tabitha finds out about a deep dark secret, Trevor has been hiding from her. *THIS STORY CONTAINS SEXUAL, DESCRIPTIVE CONTENT*

Submitted: January 19, 2012

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Submitted: January 19, 2012




 Brown-medium cut hair. Brown eyes. Black t-shirt. He was 17 and he was extremely hypnotizing. Every time I looked at him, he would look away, then I would turn away, because I get shy around him. I can't help it. If you look into those gorgeous eyes of his, you would fall in love with him. He was bad. Well, that's what I realized. He would drive his motorcycle on school property and act like nothing happened afterwards. I find it funny. I have to laugh at him. He would get in trouble by the Principal Jenkins and end up thrown in Detention. He would always act like he didn't care by rolling his eyes or flipping his hair back. His name was Trevor Perry.

  All the girls wanted him. All the guys wanted to be him... well except for his guy friends. They were bad boys too. They would smoke on school property, put toilet paper on the trees surrounding the school during Halloween, graffiti the outside of the school, and even scare Principal Jenkins. The principal was like a target to the whole gang of bad boys. I don't know why. They would all really end up in Detention, and then they would act like they didn't care about any of it.

  I wanted to ask Trevor out, but I never had the guts to. He was just so cute! My girlfriends all wanted to date him. Whenever I said that he was cute, they would give me a dirty-look. It was like they already owned him. I understood half of it though. I don't think I am pretty at all. I am 17 years old. I have black curly hair, tan skin, brown eyes; I have to wear glasses, and I am kinda chubby. I wore a white t-shirt, and khaki capris, but seriously... Trevor wouldn't want to date me at all, but it was all a risk I was willing to take.

  I was in class. Trevor's in my class too. It was a Math class. I hate Math, but I loved the fact that I could see Trevor in it; as it kept me happy. I would always stare at the back of his neck. Imagining me becoming a vampire and sucking his blood right out of him. I loved imagining that. Jessica, one of my best friends kept staring at him too. She had red hair, freckles, green eyes, a blue tank-top and shorts on. She was very pretty. I would tell her that everyday.

  Jessica passed a note to me. You know what we're having for lunch? Ooh. You should ask Trevor. Maybe you would get into a huge conversation. It sounds like a great idea. You should totally do it.

  I wrote one back. No way Jess. I ain't going to do that. I'm too shy. I don't want to get in a huge conversation with Trevor. THAT'S A BAD IDEA!

  Jess passed the note back. Stop being shy and do it! Big conversations end up in long-lasting relationships... I think. It's a GREAT idea.

  I wrote the note back. No! Stop writing notes to me, before I end up in-

  Mr. Evans called my name. " Oh Tabitha. Maybe you should pay more attention in class than passing notes to Jessica. That way you can pass this class. You're already failing."

  I was embarrassed. I didn't want to be recognized as the dumb girl. I wanted to be recognized as an intelligent girl and Mr. Evans wasn't helping at all. Trevor looked at once Mr. Evans called my name. Really the whole class. It was weird. Having 23 people looking at you with little eyes. Some of the students wore glasses though. Trevor looked at me though!

  I wonder what he thought about me. Did he think I was cute?

  The bell rang and I went to get up, but Trevor didn't let me. He was leaning over my desk pretending that he was constipated. He was very good at pretending though. He had himself sweating and his face was all red. He was awesome at it!

  I stared at Trevor. I tried to speak, but I was tongue-tied, so he spoke instead.

  " Uggh... I'm constipated. Can you help me?"

  Say something.

  " Do you always do this to get a girl's attention?"

  He looked at me confused. " What?"

  That was mean.

  " I'm sorry. Umm... what I mean is... do you always do that just to look cute. I say your very good at it."

  There we go.

  Trevor laughed. " Thanks, but that's how I say hello." He made his face grow red. " Hello."

  I pushed Trevor away from me.

  " Oww... you have strong hands. Why?"

  Why did he just ask that?

  " Why do you ask such a silly question?"

  Who uses the word silly nowadays? Uggh... I'm so stupid.

  Trevor smiled at me. " You're a silly girl."


  I chuckled. " Thanks."

  Trevor looked around, then he looked at me. He put his hands in both his back pockets. " Are you going to the dance tomorrow night?"

  Oh my god! He's gonna ask me!

  " I don't know. I don't have anyone to go with. Well... my best friend Jessica, but that's all."

  He flipped his hair back. " Will you go with me?"


I laughed. " What was with that hair flipping thing? And as a date?"

  " I always do that and yeah. I mean, not really as a date. Just... uggh... it's a date." Trevor laughed.

  A big smile appeared on my face. I could feel it actually. I couldn't believe that he asked me out to the dance. I was all blushing. I was trembling. I had butterflies in my stomach. It was like a romance novel. I was in love with Trevor and he did catch me when I fell, even though I thought he wouldn't. I was so excited, but nervous at the same time. What would Jessica think? Well... she would be happy for me, but what would my other friends think? Would they be jealous? I hope not. 

  " Alright Trevor. I'll see you at the dance tomorrow night. Wait! Are you going to pick me up?"

  Trevor rolled his eyes and smiled at me. " Well, yeah. It's what us guys do."

  That was a stupid question that I asked.

  " Okay. See you later."

  Trevor walked out of the classroom waving me goodbye.

  I ran out of the classroom hoping to meet up with Jessica and there she was... at her locked putting away some of her school supplies. There was a tall tan guy standing beside her. He had on a Los Angeles Lakes jersey, a South Park hat, and baggy jeans on. I walked towards them both. They were in the middle of a conversation.

  I tapped Jessica on the shoulder. " Hey Jess!"

  Jessica turned around and looked at me angrily. " What?"

  Ooh. Something's wrong.

  " What's wrong?"

  She laughed and smiled.

" Nothing!"

  I was wrong.

  " Did Trevor ask you out yet Tabitha?"

  The tall guy that was standing beside Jessica looked at me confused. " Trevor? Trevor Perry?"

  Oh no.

  " What about him? And who is this guy Jess?"

  Jessica giggled. " This is Chris Way. Meet Tabitha Coles, Chris. She's my best friend."

  That's funny.

  Chris waved "hi" to me. " Hi Tabitha. Nice to meet you. Now... Trevor Perry is a bad boy, but I know you already know that. Trevor is a thief. He robbed a farmer's house before, when he was sleeping and took all jewelry and money. It's funny, because the kid's like a Ninja."


  " That's not that bad."

  " I didn't tell you the other part too. He killed a teenage boy that was in his father's barn to get money from him. He slit his throat with a switchblade he had. Trevor is bad news. I don't think you should go out with him."

  Maybe I should ignore Chris.

  " I don't care Chris. I've been wanting to date Trevor for so long, and this is my chance. I love him. He caught me when I fell. I'm so glad." I walked away from Jessica and Chris both.

  The bell rang and it was time to go home. I went outside to the parking lot to get on my bus. Trevor was waiting in a parking space. He was on his motorcycle, and talking to his friends. He noticed me and waved me to go other there with him. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to miss my bus and end up walking home. 

  Trevor yelled out my name. " Tabitha! Come over here!" 

  Here we go.

  " I can't! I'll be late to get on my bus!"

  " You can hop on my motorcycle and I can take you home!"


  I walked over to Trevor and his friends. They all waved at me. " Nice ride."

  Trevor grinned. " Thanks. Harley Davidson. This is my baby." He patted the seat of his motorcycle. " Get on and hold onto my waist, tight."

  I knew that already.

  Trevor started up the motorcycle, and we drove off to my house. He walked me to the front door, where we each stood looking at each other. I tried to say something, but there was nothing else I could say.

  Kiss him.

  I leaned over to kiss him.

  He turned away. " Well... goodbye Tabitha." He smiled, and then he left.

  I wanted to kiss him so bad, but it was too late. I am so mad at myself at letting it not happen. What will he think of me? Will he kiss me next time? Will I be able to kiss him? What will it feel like? Will I mess up? I kept on asking myself these questions. When it comes to kissing Trevor, I want it to be absolutely perfect.

  I walked upstairs and laid down on my bed. I put some music on and increased the volume to maximum 100. I was used to my music being this high. I did it all the time. My parents fought every single day. I would always end up locking myself in my bedroom, making sure that no one came in. I will block the world. It would be like nothing ever existed. Music solved everything. I shut everything off and fell asleep.

  Oh Tabitha. You're the girl that I've always wanted. You're the girl I've been waiting for. I love you Tabitha. I want to die with you. I want to be with you forever. I promise to love you always.

  But Austin, I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. I'm in love with Trevor Perry.

  Yeah she's in love with me dude, so go find another girl. I want her.

  Trevor Perry. So nice to finally meet you. 

  You're the one I stabbed on your father's farm. Now get! The girl is mine! I gave you what you deserved.

  I didn't deserve it.

  I woke up to my alarm clock going off. I could remember the dream that I was having. The teenage boy's name was Austin. He was good-looking too. Blonde-curly hair, freckles, light-blue eyes, nice smile, and he wore blue overalls. He looked like a normal country boy. I saw the blood spot on his overalls followed by a deep wound. I could see his flesh. I didn't want to see that. It made me sick to my stomach.

  My mother yelled on me. " Tabitha! Get down here and eat your breakfast!"

  I slipped on some high-tops, skinny jeans, a black tank-top and I put my hair up in a high pony-tail. I brushed my teeth and got everything gathered up, then I ran downstairs. 

  I could see my beautiful mom. She had long, silky, black hair, a blouse and blue jeans on. Her name was Chanel. I loved my mom so much. She was like my best friend. We did everything together. She made the best pancakes, waffles, ice-cream, cake, cookies, brownies, and so much more. I sat down at the table and ate the pancakes that she made. They were blue-berry flavored with strawberries on top. They even had that blue-berry smell to them. I ate them all, then said, " Goodbye" to my mom and headed out the door to catch the bus.

  There was no bus. Just Trevor on his motorcycle again. I was confused. I thought there was school today. Was there something wrong with the bus? Did the bus driver have a heart attack? Did they wreck? Did the bus get stuck in a ditch? Did the bus get caught in traffic?

  Trevor waved at me. " Come on!"

  As soon as he said that, Chanel walked out the door and I already knew what she was thinking. 

  She stood beside me and stared at Trevor. " Who is this cutie-pie?"

  I looked up at Chanel and smiled. " Trevor Perry. He asked me out to the dance. That we're having tonight at school."

  " Tabitha. I don't want you to go with him. I heard that the FBI found fingerprints on a switchblade that they found lying beside this teenage boy's body, and it was Trevor's. I don't want you to go with him. I need to call the police to arrest him. He gets what he deserves."

  What? Mom turned into not a best friend anymore.

  " No mom. I love him. Maybe he changed. It seems like he's not that kind of guy anymore."

  Chanel sighed. " Alright. Be careful though. I don't want you hurt."

  Best friend.

  " Thanks mom."

  I ran towards Trevor, hopped on his motorcycle, and then grabbed onto his waist.

  " The bus broke down Tabitha. So I'm taking you somewhere else besides school."

  This should be good.

  Trevor started the motorcycle up and we drove off. We arrived at an abandoned cabin. Trevor hopped off and walked towards the cabin, then he kneeled down. 

  I looked at him sadly. What was wrong with him? Did someone die here? " Trevor. What's wrong?"

  He looked down at the ground and started to sob. " Each time I look at this place. I can remember. My father killed my mom. I wasn't able to stop him. He was too strong. I was 15 years old. My mom and I didn't get along. I'm bad! I do bad things. Just like what happened with that farmer's son. I killed him. I watched as my father beat my mom to death."

  No! No! Trevor please go! 

  Hold still!

  No I won't let you hurt me anymore Sean!

  Is that right? You're pathetic. Pathetic people like you don't deserve to live.

  No! Get away from him!


  Shut up Trevor! You're just like your mother! You will watch everything and if you don't you will join her!


  " I still suffer from the bad memories Tabitha. I can never get them out of my mind."

  I kneeled down to Trevor and held his chin up, looking into his eyes.

  " They why did you decide to bring me here?"

  Trevor pulled away from me. " I... I thought that you might want to do something."

  " Like what?"

  He said nothing.

  Now I know.

  " I know. Trevor I've been dating you ever since yesterday. Take it slow. You're rushing things."

  Trevor flew his hands up in the air. " My whole life is a rush Tabitha! It's like it's flying by! Everyone is either dying or catching some sort of disease! Everything's happening at once."

  I walked up to Trevor and hugged him. " I'm sorry. You just need to take things slow for me. Really. I don't like to be rushed or forced to do something I don't want to do."

  " I'm not forcing you. I do agree with rushing you though. I am doing that. I don't mean to though. "

  " I forgive you Trevor and I believe you. The thing is... when you killed that teenage boy. Why didn't you tell me about it? Jessica's new boyfriend, Chris told me about you killing him. I even had a dream about it."

  Trevor laughed. " You're friends don't even know me! I mean... yeah I killed that boy, but that was only because I needed money!"

  " Money for what?"

  Trevor walked away from me and looked back. " I can't believe this. You're ask me that stupid question and expect me to answer? Well, I'm not!" 

  What am I going to do now?

  I walked towards Trevor and kissed him on the lips. " You don't have to answer. That was a stupid question. I'm so sorry for everything. I don't want to lose you. You're the best boyfriend any girl could have." 

  Trevor looked at me happy. " I don't want to lose you either. I love you so much."

  We spent minutes kissing each other, and then, all of a sudden, it had to rain. I didn't know if it was good luck or bad luck. I just blame it on Mother Nature. I hate Mother Nature. Each time I kissed him, I didn't want to stop. My heart would beat faster and faster every time. When I came near him, I would get all nervous, and start to tremble. I felt safe with him. I was comfortable with him than any other guy. I loved him. That will always stay the same.

  Trevor stopped kissing me and looked at me. " Do you want to go somewhere?"


  I looked at him shocked. " I told you-

  " It has nothing to do with sex."


  " Okay. Yeah I do. Where are we going to go?"

  " It's a surprise. First, we need to find you some cool clothes. You are not wearing those that you got on."

  But I like the clothes I have on.

  " Why can't I just wear these?"

  Trevor sighed. " Fine. You can wear them."


  He hopped on his motorcycle and started it up. " Come on."

" But it's pouring down rain."

  Trevor rolled his eyes and stared at me.

  He was making me feel awkward, even though I loved his gorgeous eyes. " Fine." I hopped on the back of the motorcycle and we drove off.

  It was raining and cold outside. Even though it was in the morning I was still freezing. I hate cold weather. It always gave me a sick feeling. I didn't know what it was. I hate the cold. Anything cold actually, but me being up against Trevor on his motorcycle kept me warm.

  We arrived in the middle of the woods, with a path that was lit with fireflies. It was so much like a romance novel. When I hopped off the motorcycle, I began to look around then I turned around when Trevor hopped of the motorcycle too.

  He gave me a blind fold. " I'm going to tie this around your head, and make sure you don't peek. I'll be right behind you controlling you."


  I could hear the sound of music blaring and people talking. It sounded like a huge party. Trevor took the blind fold off me and my mouth dropped.

  " A party? I'm not dressed or anything."

  Oh boy.

  Trevor looked at me and laughed. " I told you to change. Now everyone's going to be laughing at you. I'm probably gonna laugh along, because I can't help it. I laugh when people laugh."

  " Seriously Trevor. I'm not going. Thanks for the surprise though." I smiled and started to walk away.

  Trevor walked in front of me and pushed me backward carefully. " I guess I will have to carry you." He picked me up and put me on top of his shoulder.

  " Trevor! Put me down! I'm not going!"

  " Yeah... just so you know your butt's in my face and please don't fart. I want to be able to smell good, plus my friends are going to be here."

  You have to be kidding me.

  " What! It'll be your fault if I end up farting in your face! What, you got a girl you want to smell good for?"

  Trevor put me down gently and looked at me angrily. " Is that what you think Tabitha? It's a party. I want to smell good. Plus, when I'm dancing with you."


  " Sorry... but I don't dance."

  " I'll show you how to."


  I smiled. " Really? Okay. I don't want to go though."

  Trevor smiled. " Yeah and you're going to the party." He put me on his shoulders again.

  I don't know why I have to go to some party. It sucks. I can't dance. I will look like an idiot. I seriously don't want to go to this dance. Trevor's friends will be there! What will they think of me? Well... I met them all in the parking lot at school. They all seemed nice to me. They were all cute, but no one could beat Trevor.

  We arrived at the party and Trevor put me down. Once he did, one of his friends walked up to us. He was holding a beer.

  " Hey! What's up Trevor my man?" He gave him a high-five.

  Trevor high-fived him back. " Just decided to come to this party with my girl." He held me close. I could smell the AXE cologne on him.

  " Nice. What's her name?"

  " Sorry. I didn't introduce you guys. This is Tabitha, Jock." He shook me gently

  I smiled a crooked smiled. " Hey."

  " And this is Jock." He looked at me, then looked at Jock who was staring at me.

  Jock laughed. " Is that what she's wearing?" He pointed at my clothes.

  " Yeah. I told her to change. You got a problem with the clothes that she's wearing?"

  All of us grew silent. Trevor and Jock were staring at each other angrily.

  " Nah man."

  Trevor snapped. " Well maybe you should tell your girl to change her slutty clothes, because it seems like every guy is hitting on  her right now and it seems like she doesn't care. She's enjoying it." He looked at the pretty blonde girl who was getting hit on by a group of stoner-looking guys. 

  Jock turned around and stared at his girlfriend. " What is she doing?"

  " Like I said."

  Jock rushed and went over to the group of guys. Then, he punched a guy with a black hat on. 

  Trevor ran over and I decided to run over with him. " What the hell are you doing Jock! You can't just start beating the crap out of people!" 

  Jock got up and his face was all red. " These fucking douche-bags were hitting on my girl. I saw this one touch her first."

  " I don't care! Maybe you should stick with your girlfriend next time, so there wouldn't be any trouble!" 

  I watched as Jock and Trevor argued. 

  " No! I don't have to!"

  " Then she shouldn't even be your girlfriend!" Trevor helped the stoner-looking guy up from the ground. " Sorry about that dude. What's your name?"

  " Travis."

  Jock got up in Travis's face. " Travis you better not touch my girl again!"

  " I can touch her if I want. This a party and I'm really horny. Maybe I can get some from her. She seems like that type of girl."

  Oh no.

  " What did you just say?" 

  " I said-

  Jock punched Travis and Travis tackled Jock knocking the pretty blonde girl down. Trevor rushed over to Travis and Jock. 

  I rushed over to the girl. " Are you okay?"

  She looked up at me and brushed the thin blonde-hair out of her face. " No I'm not okay. Just leave me alone." She began to cry.

  I put my hand on her back and gave her a hug. " I'm really sorry about that. I didn't know it would get outta control. I just got to this party." 

  She stopped crying, and then laughed. " Neither did I. I didn't even see it coming. I've been here for... like two hours."

  " Wow. Say... what's your name?"

  " Cindy."

  I smiled. " Well it's nice to meet you Cindy. I'm Tabitha."

  Cindy smiled. " It's nice to meet you too."

  " Where are you-

  All of a sudden I heard a scream. I looked at Trevor and Jock. Their heads were both down. Cindy and I rushed over and stopped once we neared a body. It was Travis's. There was blood on the ground. There was a wound on his neck. 

  I looked up at Jock. " Did you do this?"

  Jock looked at me, and then stared at Cindy with a switchblade in his hand. His hand was all covered in blood. He slowly walked to Cindy, then he stabbed her. She slowly collapsed to the floor holding her stomach. 

  I rushed to Cindy's side and held her hand while she slowly faded away. " Trevor! Trevor! I need you!"

  Trevor slowly walked towards me and Cindy with his eyes wide. 

  I pulled Trevor down. " How could you let this happen?"

  Trevor had nothing to say.

  " Trevor's the one who told me to kill Travis and Cindy. He could care less about them even though it seemed like he did." Jock walked up to us both.

  I looked up at Trevor. " Is that true?"

  Trevor still said nothing.

  I smacked him across the face and got up. " I'm leaving. I'm gonna leave you here and let the cops arrest you. I don't even know if you would care about that, but I hope you do. You just killed two innocent people Trevor. I never want to see or hear from you again." I walked away and into the lighted paths, then I started up Trevor's motorcycle and drove off.

  How could you do this Trevor? You knew you would get caught. So, why did you do it?

  I didn't do anything Jock. You killed them both.

  Yes, but you told me to. You didn't care about Cindy or Travis. 

  I did. They were both innocent. You killed them. I didn't tell you to. 

  The police are here Trevor. They're here to arrest you. What can you do? Nothing. You can't do anything about it. You know... you were wanted. Wanted by the sheriff. When you killed that farmer's son in that barn, they spent everyday really, tracking you. They gave up. They couldn't find you.

  Hand's up Trevor Perry. You're under arrest. Anything you say or do, will be used against you in the court-of-law, do you understand?

  Have fun in prison Trevor.

  I couldn't keep Trevor off my mind. It was hurting me inside what I said about him, but he deserved it. He killed Cindy and Travis. They were innocent. So was that farmer's son; Austin, but that was still in the past. I know no one won't be able to get over that. I didn't have a problem with moving on though. Thoughts were going in and out of my head. I thought about moving on with my life without Trevor, but a part of me didn't want to let him go. I hate that part. I tried so hard to forget about him, and then... I was thinking about someone else. 

  I was lying in my bed alone with my bedroom door shut and locked. I had my music blaring again. I was listening to rock music. Rock music is the best, whenever you feel upset or angry about something or someone. It gets everything off your mind. Music was basically my life. Another thing I wanted in my life was Trevor. God, I couldn't stop thinking about him.

  All of a sudden, Trevor's guy friend, Jock entered my bedroom through the window. I screamed. Chanel came in and Jock hurried up and rushed beside my bed so he didn't see her.

  " Are you alright Tabitha?"

  I nodded my head. " I saw a spider. It's gone now."

  I hated spiders.

  Chanel rubbed her neck like she was in pain. " I'm gonna have to call an exterminator. I've seen bugs all through this house."

  " That's a great idea mom."

  She nodded and left my bedroom. 

  Jock got up and sat on the end on my bed. " Hi."


  " What are you doing here?" I rubbed my eyes.

  " Okay... no hi. Anyhow. I wanted to see you. See how you were doing." He smiled.


  " How do you know where I live? I mean.. how'd you find my place?" 

  Jock hesitated. " Trevor told me where you lived."

  I put my hand on my forehead. " Great. Now you're gonna be my stalker." 

  " Not really. If so, then I will be a cute stalker."

  " Stop... you're making me blush."

  " I'm good at that."

  I laughed. " Really. Stop. You better get your cute butt out of here, before my mom walks in again."

  Jock moved closer to me. " And now you think my butt is cute."

  I pushed Jock away from me. " Can you stop talking about butts now?"

  " Well you started it."

  Wow he's cute.

  " I didn't start anything."

  " So you're innocent?"

  " Maybe. I can be a real bad boy."

  " I already know that."

  " How?"

  I looked up, then back down at Jock. " You do some crazy stuff with Trevor and your other friends."

  " Like?"

  " Wreak havoc." 

  " Oh... you know. It's not the actions that we do that make us bad. It's whatever's inside of us that determines that."

  I smiled. " Really nice. Did you make that up yourself?"

  Jock shook his head and raised his eyebrows. " Straight from the heart."

  I stared at Jock. He had short brown hair with blonde highlights  along with spiky bangs, a left eyebrow piercing, and one nose piercing. He had hazel eyes. He wore a white tank-top that showed off his muscles and denim jeans. 

  I leaned over to kiss him and he followed my movements. We made-out and started to get out of control. We ended up making love. Luckily, my mother didn't hear anything. We were silent and everything was still. I don't know if I made the right choice to do it. I wouldn't make love to Trevor, and that might have been the worst mistake.

  I looked at Jock worried. " You should get out of here. You have to leave."

  He stared at me confused. " Why?"

  Oh my god.

  " Just go. I got a lot of stuff on my mind right now."

  " Okay... I understand." He bit his lip, climbed out of the window and jumped.

  I laid down and put my hand on my forehead. I had a headache. I wondered if I had made a mistake. I think I did make a mistake, but I wasn't with Trevor. I didn't break up with him. I just kinda said my goodbyes. Hopefully he will understand once I tell him about it. Maybe I shouldn't tell him. Maybe I should keep it a secret.

  The next morning came and I walked outside. Surprised to see Jock in his car waiting on me. I walked towards his car and he rolled down the window. " What are you doing here Jock?"

  " I just came to see you Tabitha."

  Yeah right.

  " I'm sure that you didn't come to see me Jock. So what are you doing here?"

  Jock looked at me angrily. " Well you are my girlfriend now."


  " I never agreed to be your girlfriend Jock."

  " Yes you did! Last night you did! You don't remember?"

  I rolled my eyes. " If I agreed to be your girlfriend, I would've remembered."

  Jock started up his car. " Whatever Tabitha." He drove away. 

  I stood in the driveway watching as he drove away. I picked up the Morning Newspaper that the mailman left on the driveway and walked back into the house. The phone rang. I rushed and picked it up. " Hello?"

  " Tabitha. I'm gonna need you to bail me out. I didn't tell Jock to kill Cindy or Travis. Jock lied."

  Should I believe him?

  " I'm sorry Trevor, but it's over between us." I hung up the phone before Trevor could say anything else. I cried, then the phone rang again. I ignored it.

  I fixed something for me to eat and sat down on the incline-chair, and began to watch TV. 

  Trevor Perry. You are now bailed. Jessica Knowles bailed you out.

  Oh thank you Jessica! Can you take me to Tabitha's house? The cops took my money and motorcycle. I don't have anyway I can get there.

  I heard about what you did to Cindy and Travis, Trevor. You're lucky I even bailed you out.

  I didn't tell Jock to kill Cindy and Travis! The whole thing was made-up! I did not, whatsoever, kill them both! Jock killed them. Cindy; because she was getting hit on by a group of guys and she liked it. Travis; because he touched her. I watched the whole thing. I was so shocked when it happened. I couldn't speak, but Jock killed them, Jessica. Please... believe me.

  Why didn't you do something?

  Jock is strong. Just like me. He would end up killing me though, because I'm not going to kill my best friend.

  I believe you Trevor. I'll take you to Tabitha's house. She's gonna be shocked when she sees you. She has nothing to do with you anymore.

  I figured that out on my own.

  I sat staring at the TV, then at the door. It was cold-looking. The wreath that was on it was dusty-looking. There was nothing on the TV that was entertaining. I decided to go upstairs and into my bedroom to lay down.

  There was a knock on the door. I stopped and looked at it, then walked towards it and looked to see who it was. It was Jessica. I opened the door. " Hey Jess."

  She looked at me and smiled. " Hi Tabitha! I got a present for you! His name is-

  " Yeah... I can see him Jess. Go ahead and say what you wanna say Trevor."

  Trevor walked up from behind Jessica and looked at me sadly. " In private. Jessica."

  " I'm gonna leave."

  Trevor put his hand on her chest and pushed her gently backwards. " No.  You're gonna stay. If she still doesn't believe me, I'm gonna need a ride home."

  Jessica stayed put.

  Trevor walked up to me. " Look. I don't care if you don't believe me, but I did not tell Jock to kill Cindy or Travis. The whole thing was made-up.  Whatever Jock said to you is not the truth. He's a liar. I didn't do anything, because Jock would've killed me. I was shocked about the whole thing. That's why I couldn't say anything, and that's why I didn't say anything to you. I didn't know Jock would take it that far and go killing two innocent people. I love you Tabitha. And I want to be with you"

  I began to cry, but this time... it was happy-crying. Then, I thought about what I did with Jock. " I gotta tell you something very important. I don't want to keep this a secret from you. I will be filled with guilt. I did sleep with Jock, but we were over."

 Trevor's expression was blank. " You-

  " Please don't be mad at me."

  " It's alright. I'm glad you didn't hide it from me. Thanks for the honesty."

  I smiled. " I love you."

  He smiled back and kissed me.

  Jessica's expression was happy. " Well... I'm gonna leave." As soon as she left she saw another car drive up to the house. A guy opened the cardoor and looked at Jessica. " Who are you?"

  " I'm Jock Givens. Tabitha's boyfriend."

  Jessica's mouth dropped. " Trevor's her boyfriend."

  Jock was angry. " Trevor's here? Since when did he get bailed out?"

  " I bailed him out and I found out that you were lying to Tabitha all along. Trevor was always telling the truth."

  " Beat it!"

  Jessica got into her car and started it up. She decided to watch Jock. He ran up to Trevor and I and separated us from each other. " That's enough lovey-dovey. Trevor. I didn't know that you got bailed out."

  Trevor looked at Jock and snapped. " Jessica bailed me out you liar! You deserve to go to prison for what you did and I am going to call the cops."

Jock grabbed Trevor's neck, pulled out his switchblade, and held it up to Trevor's throat. " Do that and I will slit your throat."

  I screamed. " Jock don't! You can't just go around killing people!"

  Jock laughed and grabbed my throat. " I  will kill you then. You don't mean nothing to me."

  Trevor ran up to Jock, and Jock stabbed him in the stomach.

  I pushed Jock away from me, ran up to Trevor and kneeled on the ground, placing my hands under his head. He chocked with blood, and looked up to me. " I will always love you Tabitha. Don't ever forget that. I will forever be in your heart."

  I cried and stared at Jock who was smiling at both of us. I ran up to him and grabbed the switchblade from Trevor's stomach and stabbed him in the stomach too and I watched him collapse to the ground. Jessica ran up to me and rushed to get me into the car. We drove off and we never came back.

  Forever and ever. You will be in my heart forever and ever Trevor. I will always love you.




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