Heard above the misery ( used to be Crystal tears can't shatter)

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Trisha-Gabrielle Stoke has been living with her brother forever now, her parents died so he looks after her, when a new family moves into a different side of the town,she finds herself defending them...but what is their secrate. When her friend Kyle is kidnapped she must overcome an age old war between two sides, and make an impossible desicion...

Table of Contents

Crystal tears can't shatter

A different start to the story "see you last year"
i may not continue it depending if you like it or not.
Any way same plot different characters and names. Read Chapter

Chapter 2 “ Alex?” I whispered as I picked up the letter, I feared the worst, he couldn't have left me, no...not someone els... Read Chapter

Chapter three I finally reached the school, I was still shaken up by this morning, wondering if that child had run into the guys agai... Read Chapter

Chapter Four “Hi” he said , cheerfully . I turned and looked at him meaningfully, he wasn't supposed to be here. “ I know t... Read Chapter

Running and Relief

Chapter five “Alex?...w...w...wha?” “Trish, it's okay there is nothing wrong we wont hurt you!” he said he started t... Read Chapter

I arrived at the yellow shop, and pushed the door open, a high jangling above me made it impossible to slip in unnoticed. I expected Sylv... Read Chapter

Far away

“ Aw, fucket!” Violet moaned for the millionth time. We ended up hiring a whole team of cleaners to come and clean the place and now ... Read Chapter

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